Water Crystal photos were originally published and released as individual photographs, but later we succeed in video recording the images.
The video of “Messages from Water” was released and the media, including some documentary film producers featured the video footage.

Video “Message from Water”

Messages from Water VideoThe video featured how the water crystal photos were taken, and showcased many beautiful water crystal growing images; a prayer experiment with parents and children; plus an interview with Dr. Emoto himself.
Even if you have already read the book “Messages from Water” you will find this video interesting and something new and exciting!
It was produced in 2002 and has been translated into several different languages.

Movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”

What the Bleep Do We Know!?Water crystal images are playing an important role in this movie.
The premier of the film was shown in a local movie theater in Oregon USA. After that, the movie spread out throughout the country via “word of mouth” and in the end the movie ranked no. 6 for the sales in the all time box office hits.
This movie was the first movie to be accepted by people as a movie to feature spiritualism and more than 2 million DVDs were sold around the world. This movie was said to be the pioneer of the New Age movies that would be released in the future.

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

Movie “WATER”

dvd-water“Water” was produced by Master Skaya in Russia in 2006. This movie shows different masses of water on earth through beautiful footage. In addition to these beautiful water images, a total of 23 specialists including researchers, religious experts, and Masaru Emoto are featured.
They speak about the mystery of water and the new science of water through their experiments, experiences, intuition and so on.
Researches done by the researchers and religious specialists were different but there was also something in common between them. This common factor was that “water can memorize information” also “Human consciousness can affect water” and “We are connected through water”.

The documentary film “Water – the Mystery of Life”

waterthemysteryofliferOver the last several years the belief was renewed concerning the powers of water that go beyond our conclusions which are based on its chemical structure. Water, as many researchers believe, has a certain power of memory.
The documentary film “Water – the Mystery of Life” deals with the problematic of the water exploitation, contamination and manipulation.
The documentary points to the realizations and discoveries that water memorizes and that it is conscious. Therefore, we are obliged to pay respect to our creator of life!
Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has proved through his method of photographing water crystals that water not only can memorize information but that it can even react to diverse emotions and stimuli.

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Another World

A documentary about mankind’s journey to discover our true force and identity, challenging the modern view of the world and reconsidering the world view and value systems of ancient societies.
It’s a quest through science and consciousness, individual and planetary, exploring our relationships with ourselves, the world around us and the universe as a whole. It demonstrates how connected we really are and how unnatural today’s sense of separation really is as opposed to the understanding of unity and oneness found in many ancient traditions. It’s a transcendental pilgrimage of repossession and empowerment, affirming our place in the universe and asserting mankind as a conscious mankind with real power as individuals and as a collective to create our own reality.

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