After we played music with beautiful melody and comfortable rhythms to water, the water showed beautiful water crystals.
Music is Hado and below is nice and beautiful music that we recommend.

CD Book

Alan Roubik

AlanRoubik-photoScientifically tested and endorsed by an independent research laboratory in Tokyo by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Alan’s music is said to have the most healing properties of any modern music. His music is used and recommended by doctors, professional athletes and trainers, health, fitness and yoga instructors, as well as spiritual healers. The “Four Seasons” was originally released in Japan under the title “Hado Music: Series 1,” targeting the immune system and pain relief.

Ryusuke and Hanayo Seto

Aman Ryusuke Seto & Luvian Hanayo SetoRyusuke made and sings “Water Song” with his daughter Hanayo. The song is all about water and Dr. Emoto initially created the original lyrics and Aman Ryusuke created
the song based on that. It is a beautiful song and Dr. Emoto always plays this song at the end of his seminar.

Water Crystal Healing

Water Crystal Healing
Water Crystal Healing
Full-color images of beautiful, astounding water crystals are accompanied by two CDs full of music to improve your health and vitality.
The CDs include beautiful classical music which are related to water. Masaru Emoto’s beautiful high-speed photographs capture water at the precise moment it freezes
and his research demonstrates how words, music, and thoughts can influence the structure of its crystals. Released from Beyond Words Publishing.

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  2. Hello – do you have a mailing list? Would love to join your mailing list. I just “found” your song Ho’oponopono Song by Hanayo, Aman & Susan Osborn on YouTube and I instantly fell in love with this song. It’s so beautiful and just wells up in my soul. Thank you for such a beautiful song. Was this song ever done live by Hanayo, Aman and Susan? Would love to see a video.

    Thanks so much. 🙂

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