The Truth of Hado [4]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.


(Check poison with poison, Set a thief to catch a thief)

After studying Hado with MRA for many years, I have come to understand the real meaning of a several of ancient proverbs and sayings.
For example, “The mind rules the body” (Illness comes from the rnind.), “The child is father of the man” (The soul of a three year old stays the person is until a hundred.) “Birds of a feather flock together”, “Medicine and food share the same root”, “Good fortune enters through the gate of laughter”.
In this issue, I would like to focus on the saying “Fighting fire with fire”, and share with you my comments on this.

Have you heard of the word homeopathy?
This word is becoming more familiar, but it still sounds new to most of the general public. Actually this word is a medical term, but even among doctors and physicians it was not used until about 10 years ago.

However, the concept of homeopathy has existed since the time of the so called Father of Medicine, Hippocrates .It is a therapy that has been utilized for 2,500 years.
If you look up the word homeopathy in a general dictionary, it simply says “Poison poison therapy”. If you look it up in a medical dictionary, you find the following description:


A therapeutic system established by Samuel Hahnemann based on the following theory When a large quantity of a certain medicine is applied to a healthy person, that person may be cured by using only a very small quantity of the same medicine when the person falls ill.”

This is called “The law of analogies”, and is a therapy true to the proverb “Fight fire with fire”, or “Diseases can be cured by like symptoms”. One feature of this school is “Incremental Effect Theory (The medical effect of medicine is increased by repeated use)”. The true value of homeopathy lies in the clarification of the therapeutic effects of placebos, that is, the generation of natural healing power.

Therefore, when a person falls ill due to a certain toxic substance, dilute solutions containing the toxin are given to the patient, and the toxin disappears.
The Patient is cured. It is “fighting fire with fire” or “fighting poison with poison”.
This therapy has been performed for thousands of years .It disappeared superficially in the modem times due to the establishment of

Western medicine, but it is still utilized in many districts. And recently it is being reevaluated.”
From a Hado perspective, this therapy is completely understandable. For example, the evening edition of the Yomiuri Newspaper on April 10, 1991, carried the following article under the title “Eliminate sound with sound.”:

“Dr. Yoshio Yamazaki of Waseda University Science Engineering Research Institute succeeded in an experiment to create a soundless space inside a room filled with loud music. The a new silencer method creates sound that cancels noise, a technology we can expect to see in karaoke bars and officers. to make quiet space around telephones.
Each piece of music or human voice has a unique wave form. The new silencer method perceives the peaks and the valleys of the sound wave, then creates exactly opposite waveforms with peaks and valleys inverted… ”

As already described in this article, all waveforms, including sound waves, can be neutralized by waveforms with opposite peaks and valleys of the same shapes, as illustrated in Diagram 3.

Actual waveform, same shape but opposite waveform

Dr. Yamasaki reproduced wave forms artificially and overlapped them on the sound wave to create silence. If we related this phenomenon to disease, there are so many factors determining why and how people become ill, it becomes quite complex. For instance, it could be a negative emotional Hado, metal toxin Hado, harmful chemical compounds, or agricultural chemicals. Theoretically, it can be said that the best Hado to detoxify those Hado and to neutralize the negative effects would be those Hado themselves, inverted. The issue is how to apply those opposite waveforms.

If the waves cannot be set as opposite forms, the result would not neutralize the toxin but rather amplify the negative effect.
As seen in homeopathy the toxin is diluted extensively, and I believe that point contains a valuable hint .
And at this point, I have come to think a great deal about the principles of Yin and Yang.
The two ultimate fields, yin and yang (or, plus and negative, or negative and positive) are the two minimum fields generated by our great Creator to create material in this world. Both fields are essential to generate and maintain energy.

Therefore, all material substances are either yin or yang even to the smallest units of their structure. When both fields maintain their respective original fields, that defines a normal situation. For a human being, that would mean that he/she is healthy in body and mind. However, r m afraid that situation is not permanent. Yin and yang have polarities, so when the two fields reverse themselves due to one cause or another, that creates an abnormal, unhealthy situation.

When homeopathy theory is observed from the above perspective, one can say that any toxin or poison has two poles, yin and yang. Let’s say a certain toxin enters the body and has a very bad influence on the person’s health .Ifthe toxin enters the body in a yang wax, biologically activating the body, then by sending in the same toxin as a yin field that toxin can be neutralized. This can be accomplished by diluting the toxin to an extremely low concentration. This produces a field opposite to that of the toxin in its material form.

In answering why the opposite field can be produced by highly diluting the solution, it may be best to begin with the concept of real versus imaginary images. At this point, my understanding of this issue is still abstract and obscure, but if I should try an explanation with my limited understanding, it would be as follows:

As there are imaginary numbers in mathematics, there is also an imaginary image for any substance or phenomenon The best example is the image of yourself reflected in a mirror as opposed to the shadow of your own body. Any toxic substance also has a real image and false image, and by creating the imaginary image of the toxin, the toxin can be neutralized when the two images are overlapped.

Water has a special Hado conducting function. In the internationally prominent science magazine “Natural” Vo1.333, an article presents a study in which a substance was diluted with water to an astronomical rate of 10 -126, yet that water retained the original biological and scientifically features of the substance. Of course in this case, whatever chemical detection method was utilized, the imaginary image of the substance was produced through water’s special function .Otherwise, the presence of the substance could not have been detected at all.

It was the special function of water, through which the imaginary image of that substance was detected.
So is the concept of polarity the same as real versus imaginary images? Is that the physical property of each Hado? I do not yet have answers to those questions. But I am confident that both of the above concepts are true. If I could clearly solve the relationship between these two concepts, I believe that would be the end of the first
phase of my journey into the world of Hado. (May, 1992)

(To be continued)

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