The Truth of Hado [8]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.



Recently, many people talk about the history of human race, or about the future,using expressions such as “with a voice from heaven” or “through communication with the universe”.
Such people may have existed in the past as well, but because of the boom in extrasensory supernatural phenomena, people who had been hiding such abilities have come to the surface one after another.

In this issue, I would like to share with you my thoughts about the supernatural phenomena.
Basically speaking, I do affirm the existence of supernatural phenomena. These matters are not so mysterious from a Hado perspective.
Being involved in Hado research, all kinds of people come to visit me. Among them are people who say that they were gifted with a special ability from birth. Or suddenly from one day, they were able to see things what others cannot see, or they are able to receive messages from outer space. Some come to consult with me being concerned that they are losing their mind. Some are “professionals” in fields already established in society. I have actually had the opportunity of measuring the Hado of some extrasensory professionals. From my experience, I found that one part of the brain of those types of people is especially sensitive in a Hado way. That Part is the third ventricle.

According to the medical dictionary, the role of the third ventricle is yet to be clarified, but it is definitely a part in relation to the pineal body which is called the third eye. I found out that these people without exception have very high Hado values in this part. The fact that the Hado value is high means that the frequency of that part is high, or the wavelength is highly detailed.

As I have said in the past, resonance only occurs between A and B when the frequency of the two is same, or very similar, or the two frequencies have common divisors or multiples, so even if a person says that he/she has psychic power, the parties that he/she can communicate with are the ones with the same frequency.
For most people, the Hado level of the antenna base for communication with outer space (the third ventricle) is not as activated. That is why the rest of us use the word “supernatural phenomena”, because we do not have that kind of experience directly.

However, I believe that essentially, any human being can freely communicate with the universe without any complex training if they put their thoughts in a specific mind frame after raising their own Hado level.
The issue is, how to evaluate and relate all those phenomena to yourself.
The conclusion is, not everything is correct. As I wrote before, I proposed the hypothesis “Quark is consciousness”. In other words, this universe is filled with the consciousness of a limitless numbers of people, and is protected by the energy of those spirits. The limitless numbers of people are our ancestors, and ourselves, and in some cases our descendants.

People who are called “psychic”, who have antennas to communicate with outer space in their third ventricle, can communicate with the spiritual energy floating in the universe within the range of their wavelength. That does not mean that those people can communicate with ALL pieces of information in the universe. Therefore, I do not doubt that there is some kind of information exchange, but I think we should handle that information at the same level as other realities of this modern society.

The spiritual energy in the universe includes our individual spiritual energy, so it could be of Satan or of sinful People. It is possible that the information gained by synchronizing with those spiritual energy sources may be to entrap us.
Therefore, it is not right to unconditionally accept au information from the universe as correct. We should all endeavor to raise our Hado level. We should relate to these phenomena and information as individuals, according to each person’s perceptions and intuition. I received a fax from Mr. Haruyuki Kato, the well-known soba specialist, in January of 1994.It came from Hawaii where Mr. Kato was having a holiday.In the fax he recommended that I read a book called “The Dolphin Connection”. According to Mr.Kato, he met with the author of this book, Ms.JoanOcean, in Hawaii, and he was given the book. After reading it, he thought there was a lot in common with my Hado theory. I called the publisher Osho Enterprises immediately and had them send me a copy, which I read at one stretch.

I deeply resonated with the book at so many points that I would like to introduce to the readers a part of the book which has something in common with this month’s theme:

Messages From Dolphins

In playing and spending leisurely time with dolphins and whales, Ms.Ocean realizes that she can communicate with them. One day, she asked the dolphins a question (translation from the Japanese version):


“How can I contribute to the human race and to everything on Earth with you?” Then the dolphins answered:
“We hope to play and communicate with you. We became aware of your energy in Florida and California. Within our wisdom is some from the past and some from the future. We are waiting for the evolution of this Earth. We are supporting you by sending healing rays to the ground, and the ones who notice us can eventually be aware of the golden era or the wisdom of the ancient past.

The time is getting closer when you should listen to these facts and receive the blessing. That information is a message of love brought to you as reality and beauty.It is a fusion of scientific technological data and cosmic love vibration, although these two are considered two different things in your world…

We are now trying to get knowledge back to a holistic view. All the information about telepathy, history, teleportation, unknown energy sources are only a part of the knowledge that we are trying to convey to you, but we have been able to communicate with a few of your people in the past few hundred years.
We are giving inspiration to many people, and our role on this earth is to be your teacher. Respond to our love and light, because you are an existence of reality and beauty. When the time comes, everything will become a complete order. The human race will be able to accept all of our knowledge.

We appreciate your call to us. Let us communicate in peace, influencing each other, and let us send you our love and light.” What a beautiful story. What we can do for the time being is to try to communicate with those innocent animals and plants.
(February, 1994)

(To be continued)

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