International HADO Instructor School

International HADO Instructor School

Three days of 'deep understanding and knowledge' about waves, water and consciousness.
Fellowship to deepen learning in preparation for the new coming era of integration.

International HADO Instructor School


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35th INTERNATIONAL HADO INSTRUCTOR SCHOOL IN TOKYO What you can get by participating in the Hado Instructor School -Become certified as an International Hado Instructor. -Learn the latest knowledge about Hado, water and consciousness. -Learn...


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In the current chaotic times, I believe that it is the understanding of “water” and “Hado” that can shed light on the future.
Let us walk forward together to take on the challenge of making my father’s dream of “world peace” a reality by deepening and enhancing the world opened up by my father, the late Masaru Emoto, and by sharing it with people around the world.

Hello everyone, my name is Hiro Emoto, and I am the president of IHM Corporation and Office Masaru Emoto, LLC om Tokyo.

As you know, my father, Dr. Masaru Emoto, published the first book on water crystal photography, “Message from Water,” which gained him many supporters around the world, and went around giving lectures in more than 60 countries around the world, explaining the truth of “water,” the importance of “Hado,” the importance of “words,” the need to improve our “consciousness”

Dr. Emoto traveled around the world sharing these things because he sincerely wished for the realization of “world peace” and a “future for children filled with hope,” and for that reason he wanted as many people as possible to understand the “the way of thinking necessary for the coming age.”

I believe that the “way of thinking necessary for the future” pioneered by Masaru Emoto are becoming even more important and necessary in this day and age. The Corona pandemic has begun to subside to a certain degree, but on the other hand, the world is beginning to experience the intense birth pangs of a whole new era, including the conflict in the Ukraine and between Israel and Pakistain. I believe that we should recognize that these changes are not merely transient, but are so far beyond conventional wisdom that, depending on one’s perspective, they may be considered to be rooted in evolution on a cosmic scale.

In order for each of us to adapt to this new era and survive to live a happy life, and to keep the smiles on the faces of children around the world forever, I sincerely hope that as many people as possible will understand this “way of thinking necessary for the future” and make effective use of it in their daily lives and in their lives.

The “International Hado Instructor School” provides a place for this purpose.

We hope that many people will join us.

Hiro Emoto


The History of Hado Instructor School

Certified Hado Instructors working active worldwide

In 1995, the “Hado Instructor System” was established in Japan for the purpose of creating a system for researching the concept of “Hado,” which had never existed before, and also for the purpose of spreading this concept.

In Japan, about 500 certified Hdo instructors have been born, and many of them are still active in Hado research and activities.

In 2004, the first overseas school was held in Los Angeles, U.S.A., and more than 30 people attended at the first school. Since then, the program has been held in various countries, including the United States, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK and Japan, with a total of nearly 500 international Hado instructors working in various parts of the world.

The original reason for holding the Hado school was to train people who would cooperate with each other and work together in various countries, as it was impossible for Masaru Emoto to conduct activities on a global scale by himself alone, given the incessant requests for lectures from all over the world at that time.

Today, its activities have further expanded to the training and dissemination of Hado counselors with amazing achievements, stepping into the deeper and more advanced world of Hado and utilizing the latest Hado measuring equipments, and excellent Hado counselors are being developed from among the Hado instructors. In addition, by establishing a non-profit organization (EPP: Emoto Peace Project), the company has published dozens of language versions of the picture book “Messages from Water,” intended for children’s education, to convey to children around the world the importance of language, the wonder of Hado, and what crystal pictures of water convey in a gentle and easy-to-understand manner. We are also focusing on activities to convey to children around the world the “importance of language,” the “wonder of water,” and “what crystal water photos tell us” in an easy-to-understand manner. The base of our activities is the existence of “Hado Instructors”.

Although Masaru Emoto unfortunately passed away in October 2014, we strongly hope to continue his legacy and work with all Hado instructors around the world.

The following are some of the ideas that Masaru Emoto emphasized and cherished in his school. We would like to introduce them to you.

Words are Hado

Ancient human beings probably created language by listening to the various vibrations and sounds emitted by nature, imitating them, and transmitting them to their fellow human beings. For example, the sound of a flowing brook would be a “gentle word,” while the sound of a storm or thunder would be a warning of danger. By uttering these words, we reproduce these signs and vibrations, so it is natural that words have power.

Law of Similarity

There are sounds that we can hear and cannot hear, but all sounds are vibrating. Everything has a nucleus, which vibrates. Sounds can be described, for example, by the way it resonates in the keys of a piano. And it is the repetitive world of the do-re-mi-fa-sola-sido, whether it is low or high. The higher the frequency, the smaller the body that resonates to make the sound, and the lower the frequency, the larger the body. You can see this in the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

The human body is also called the microcosm. The universe as a whole is always working in a certain way, and our body, on the other hand, always maintains its environment in a constant state of homeostasis, which is similar to the way the universe works. It is also similar that in the Yin-Yang Five Elements theory, the five organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys) correspond to water, wood, fire, earth, and gold.


It is said that the Egyptian pyramids were built as antennas to communicate with the universe. For this reason, they may have had to be shaped in such a way that energy, known as pyramid power, could ideally flow through them. In fact, it was the shape that allowed that energy to be generated. Masaru Emoto said that the crystal photo shows two of these pyramid shapes overlapping to form a three-dimensional hexagon. The pyramid is a shape that has a very high capacity for information transmission. So shape is important for Hado to be transmit.

Yin and Yang

Positive and negative, good and evil are concepts that represent opposite directions and opposing events. Yin and yang represent these things, and everything in the universe is balanced by yin and yang. In Hado technology, there is a waveform of vibration, and by adding the exact opposite waveform, the wave is neutralized and the phenomenon disappears. Masaru Emoto said that this technique is the best medical method that can eliminate the waveforms of disharmony in our body.


The members of a lecturer

Specialists who inherit the will of Masaru Emoto

At the International Hado Instructor School, frontier specialists in various fields, who were trained by Masaru Emoto and have inherited his specialized skills, give “fun, easy-to-understand, yet profound” lectures directly to the participants. Here are the main lecturers

Hiromasa Emoto
Hiromasa is a second son of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He was a vice president of Hado Life USA which organized many Hado Instructor Schools in the U.S since 2004. After he was back in Japan, he has been working for international division of I.H.M and now CEO of I.H.M Corporation which he took over from his great father. He carries on the mission to spread Messages from Water and spread Hado technology to the world.

Yasuyuki Nemoto
Yasuyuki received a Doctor of Science in Biology from University of Tokyo in 1988. After working for several universities in Japan, Miami and Honolulu in the fields of biology and biotechnology, he started to work for Dr. Masaru Emoto in 2002 as his international secretary. Yasuyuki has been also in charge of the scientific aspect of Dr. Emoto’s work. His theme is to integrate science and spirituality through the study of water. Now he is the Advisor of I.H.M General Research Institute.

Josua Oki
Josua is a head of Hado technology department of I.H.M Smile corporation. He has studied and practiced Hado for many years and he came to work together with Dr. Emoto in 2011. Right after he started to work for I.H.M, the big earthquake happened in Tohoku area of Japan and he has visited many affected places together with Dr. Emoto and treated many local people with Hado devices. He developed his own style of Hado counseling with using Hado Astrea and Kazutama Therapy System and it became so popular. He is also a photographer who captured a lot of spiritual photographs.

Seichiro Yoshinouchi
Seichiro is the president of I.H.M Dolphins and also I.H.M Smile. He is Dr. Emoto’s top disciple. He has consulted more than 10,000 clients as a Hado counselor with using Hado device since 1996. As he consulted clients with Hado device, he started to search “True meaning of Hado codes” and he came up with his own theory called “Kazutama” (spirit of numbers) theory. He even created a new Hado device called Kazutama System with using this theory. He will talk about the “Law of Kazutama” and demonstrate his Kazutama System at the Hado Instructor School.

Rev. Sotetsu Matsumura
Sotetsu is a long time friend of Dr. Emoto. He was a colleague of Dr. Emoto at a same company more than 30 years ago. Now he is a 37th generation Buddhist priest of Fumonzan-Kisshoin Seitokuji temple since 1982. He has made an effort to spread the world of Kannon steadfast faith and practice of esoteric Buddhism. He will practice group Zazen meditation together wth students at the Tokyo Hado Instructor School.

Michiko Hayashi
Michiko started to work as Dr. Masaru Emoto’s personal assistant in 2004. Since then she has been working with Dr. Emoto trying to make this world the better place. In July, 2011, Dr. Emoto established a Non-Profit Organization, EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, where Dr. Emoto was the chairman and she was the general secretary of the organization. In October, 2014, she became the global director of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT.

Takahiko Mochizuki
Representative of Spiral LLC, joined I.H.M. in 1996. He was a Hado Instructor for 21 terms.
After working in the wave instructor section, editing the monthly magazine “Hado”, sales, events/seminars, and webmaster, she became independent in 2003. Since then, he has supported IHM’s work from the outside, and has been editor-in-chief of “I.H.M.WORLD” and “Resonant Magnetic Field” since the May 2015 issue.
He has produced “Message from Water Vol. 3” and many other IHM-related works. He is also the developer of the 4th Water, a vortex water purification system, and the shower head.

Yasuyuki Aso
Director of the World Water Festival. After working as a karate instructor, fitness instructor, and flower essence importer and distributor, YASUHIKO ASO began to spread wave technology under the late Masaru Emoto, learning the importance of consciousness, language, and water. 2013, he began to promote the ancient art of court rituals and “prayer” technology, which has been handed down since ancient times. He is responsible for the production of the book “Water Design”, which covers everything from water rituals to the latest water science. He is also a member of the Shirakawa Gakkan (general incorporated association) and a lecturer of rituals and workshops.

Lisa Itakura
Lisa is a professional actress and dancer. She started to learn modern ballet at the age of two. She attended various kinds of peace festivals and events in Japan and abroad and also played in Bollywood movie. She has been a performer for the water blessing ceremony together with Dr. Emoto since 2012. Her beautiful dance touches a lot of people’s hearts.



What you can get by participating in the Hado Instructor School

-Become certified as an International Hado Instructor.
-Learn the latest knowledge about Hado, water and consciousness.
-Learn how to use Hado techniques to balance the body and mind.
-You can utilize water crystal phots and other data to convey Hado theories.
-Make friends with the same consciousness worldwide.
-You will be able to pass on deeper truth to future generations.
-Acquire the foundation to apply the concept of Hado to your home and business.
-Experience wonderful Japanese cultures and food!

The first day is the Day of Water and the second day is the Day of Hado, and the last day is the Day of Prayer.

The three days of lectures are divided into three categories. This is not only to make it easier to understand what is being taught at the school, but the order itself also has a strong meaning to “promote your understanding”.

A Day of Water

First of all, we know that the place where Hado is active in our body and mind, is the water in the body (body fluid, interstitial fluid, intracellular fluid, blood, etc.). It has also been “scientifically” proven that water memorize information. Hence, it is important that the truth of water be understood first. You will gain a deeper understanding of water crystal photography as expressed in the book “Messages from Water”.

You will also participate in a hands-on experience that is unique to our school: taking water crystal photographs by yourself with direct advice from professional water crystal photographers. Each time, many participants have told us, “I was very moved to be able to take crystal photos by myself. It was a good memory for me.” You can also learn about the latest science of water and vortex theory on the same day.

Dr. Emoto always told people that “We need to study about water. Without understanding of water, we will never understand where we come from, where we are going and what we are” So let’s study the truth of water!

A Day of Hado

With that understanding of water, you will learn about Hado on the following day.
From the basic concept of Hado to how to understand how Hado works in actual Hado measuring counseling, you will have a deeper understanding of Hado than you have ever had before.
Furthermore, through the theory of Kazutama (Numbers in spirits), the content will expand to the laws of the universe. We are confident that you will be thrilled to learn the content of this course.

This day is the most amount of information among the three days.

Day of Prayer

On the last day, based on the understanding of water and Hado, you will learn the essence of Yin-Yang theory and practice Zazen meditation from a Buddhist monk who is a close friend of Masaru Emoto.
Then, you will learn about prayer, a practice to deliver good Hado. Afterwards, we will go outdoors to the Sumida River near our office for a water prayer ceremony, where everyone will actually pray together.
You will have a completely different experience of praying, as you will be stimulated to change your consciousness through the various courses.
Finally, you will reconfirm the significance of this school by understanding the activities of the Emoto Peace Project.

Dinner Party

After the lectures on the first and second days, there will be a “dinner party” so that you can enjoy a precious and fun time of exchange with the participants from various countries while enjoying delicious food and Japanese sake.
We have received many positive feedbacks such as “It was the best memory,” “I was so motivated,” and “I unexpectedly made friends from abroad who share the same thoughts with me. These social gatherings are, so to speak, the “behind-the-scenes menu” of the Hado school.”

The get-togethers are also known as “night science” events, and are actually something that Masaru Emoto considered very important.


Location: The meeting place, IHM Seminar Room
office Address: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, higashinihonbashi 2-6-11 NS Building 2F
Gathering point: I.H.M Office
Address: 2 F NS Bldg, 2-6-11 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

May 10th, 2024 -Day of Water
May 11th, 2024 -Day of Hado
May 12th, 2024 -Day of Prayer
May 14th-15th Advanced Hado device Workshop

May 10th, 2024 –Day of Water–

10:00-10:40 /Opening Ceremony
10:40-12:10 /Message from Water – Hiro Emoto
12:10-13:20 /Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 /Observation of Water Crystal
15:00-17:00 /The Latest Science of Water – Yasuyuki Nemoto
17:10-18:10 /Research on Vortex – Takahiko Mochizuki
18:30 /Dinner Party

May 11th, 2024 –Day of Hado–

10:00-11:00 /The Principals of Hado – Hiro Emoto
11:10-12:40 /The Forefront of Hado Measuring – Seichiro Yoshinouchi
12:40-13:50 /Lunch Break
13:50-15:20 /The Law of Kazutama (Spirit of Numbers) – Seichiro Yoshinouchi
15:30-17:00 /Eastern Medicine & Hado Measurement – Joshua Oki
17:00-18:30 /Introduction of Hado Kaizen Program – Joshua Oki
18:30-18-45 /Information
19:00- /Dinner Party

May 12th, 2024 –Day of Prayer–

10:00-12:00 /Essence of Japanese Mind and Zen – Rev. Sotetsu Matsumura
12:00-13:15 /Lunch
13:30-15:00 /Power of Prayers – Yasuhiko Aso
15:00-15:45 /Prayer Ceremony at Sumida River
16:10-17:40 /Activities of Emoto Peace Project – Michiko Hayashi
17:50- /Closing Ceremony

Fee: 1700USD for the Hado Instructor School

Early Bird Special
300USD OFF for registered and paid by the end of January, 2024
200USD OFF for registered and paid by the end of February, 2024
100USD OFF for registered and paid by the end of March, 2024

Hado advanced workshop

May 14th-15th
10:00-18:00 Advanced Hado device workshop Day 1
18:00- Dinner Party
10:00-17:00 Advanced Hado device workshop Day 2

850USD for the Advanced Hado device Workshop

* HADO School Schedule Subject To Change *

Hado School Registration & Payment Form

Hado certification course registration fees do NOT include:
Transportation or hotel accommodation. Both transportation and hotel accommodation should be arranged by each participant.If you need assistance, we can provide you with transportation options or help you to find a reasonable hotel around the venue. Hado School registration does not include advanced Hado workshop fee or optional tour fee.

Hado certification course registration fees include:
The three day schedule and 2 dinners listed. All students will have the opportunity to observe water crystals through microscope at the Office Masaru Emoto, LLC. Upon completion of the Hado Instructor School: All certified Hado instructors will become a part of our Hado instructor organization, receiving a certified Hado Instructor certificate, Dr. Emoto’s PowerPoint presentation data and water crystal photography images on a USB rom with the right to use this information and data in your own seminars or workshops.

Only 12 applicants will be accepted.

– Payment is accepted by Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal or Bank Wire –
– No Checks Accepted –

Contact: Office Masaru Emoto, LLC
Contact person: Hiro Emoto
Tel: +81-33863-0211 Fax: +81-33866-5353

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