Experiment of Words

Dear my precious friends,
I’m Masaru Emoto.

Summer provides all kids a long vacation and it’s time when they can do things that they can’t while in school.
But they can’t spend all day and every day just playing. They may have assignment for summer.

experiment of wordsNow I have a suggestion for children.
It may be interesting for children to do an experiment of words with their family!
Learning something new can be a great discovery and great fun.
Of course being with other kids and sharing fun time with friends are very important, too!

I’ll show you how to do it. It’s simple.

Prepare 4 jars. Choose any word you feel is very loving or friendly and write that word on a paper and glue it on one jar.
For the second jar, choose a bad word that you think could hurt others, write it on a paper, and glue it on the jar.
For the third jar, you just write “ignoring” on a paper and glue it.
For the fourth jar, write “Love and gratitude” on a paper and glue it.

experiment of wordsPlease sterilize inside of all 4 jars before glueing the words. Then you can put some kind of food in each jar.
The food to put inside can be bread, vegetable, fruit, or anything!
But I recommend you to put the same food in the 4 jars so you can see the differences better.
In my country, Japan, we eat rice a lot, so many people use rice to do the experiment.
It doesn’t have to be food. There are people who have done it with flowers.

You say the word that you wrote on the jar to the food once a day.
Remember to ignore the food that you wrote “ignoring” to the jar. You need to ignore for the experiment, so you don’t say anything to the food.

Please repeat it every day and observe them.
If possible you may want to take photos every day and make report.
Please observe them 1 week, 2 weekend, 1 month, and longer.
How do you think the foods in the 4 different jars will change?

I enjoyed doing this experiment and many friends around the world had fun doing it, too.
And many cases, the results are very interesting.
Would you like to try the experiment, too?
What kind of result do you think you will have?

Please share your results with us! You can upload your experiment on YouTube, if you’d like.
You may want to submit the report of this experiment to your school after your summer vacation.

Please remember what you have inside the jars are foods that someone made with hard work, so let’s do the experiment sincerely and with feelings of gratitude.

Have fun with the experiment!

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto

4 thoughts on “Experiment of Words”

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