The Truth of Hado [3]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.

Chapter 3
The International Hado Membership Association

As mentioned previously, I lead an organization called “The International Hado Membership Association”. The conclusion derived from my past research with MRA is that all things lie within your own consciousness. Therefore I feel that it is my mission to let as many people as possible know about that in an easy-to-understand, concrete way, including the scientific basis.

However, history has shown that my conclusion is an awkward one for the people in authority.
This movement from material to spiritual is a revolution, perhaps the biggest, most important revolution that we human beings have ever experienced. It is important because if this revolution ends in failure, we will be sorted out by a revolution conducted by Mother Nature.

A hasty revolution would shed blood, producing many victims. But that is against the truth of Hado. Therefore it must be done in a natural, but prompt way. The method necessary in such occasions is a grass- root movement, as have been shown by many activities throughout history. I chose the same method, and that is the mission of the International Hado Membership Association.
Currently, there are 3,500 members, and since my previous book “Studies of the Human through Hado” was published, the number is rapidly increasing. I’m sure the number will continue to grow.

The objectives for the members to enroll are as follows:

  1. To maintain and improve the health of yourself and your family
  2. To improve one’s humanity and spirit
  3. To cooperate with me (Emoto)
  4. To study more about Hado
  5. For physicians and healers, to introduce Hado in their treatment
  6. To contribute to society
  7. To apply the technology and concepts in company management
  8. To lead a hopeful, fulfilling life
  9. To seek for the genuine things
  10. To apply the technology and concept in environmental issues
  11. For better education, especially for handicapped children
  12. For research in agriculture

Initially, a majority of members were focused on the first objective, but since the publication of “Studies of the Human through Hado”, people with a variety of objectives have enrolled, which makes me very happy.
In addition, we established the Hado Instructor System. This is the realization of the plan referred to on page 232 of” Studies of the Human through Hado”, the item on ”Training Hado Operators”.

All tools must be controlled by people. We often come across situations where machines and tools become the dominant character, but that is very dangerous. It incorporate a world we cannot see with our own eyes. One ofmy urgent tasks is to cultivate Hado operators with good, sincere character and train them thoroughly in Hado theory. To this end, my hope is to establish, eventually, a Hado University, but to start with, I am considering the establishment of a Hado Operator Training Course.

Participants of the wave school in recent years

In the past five years, I have sold 15 MRA Originals, and 15 MRA Specials. Rather than “selling” those devices, I think it is more correct to say that half the people who bought the devices were like sponsors. They were people expecting great things from the technology. The other half of the people were eager to purchase the device having waited some time for this technology to be developed.

Interestingly, the people who bought MRA Originals rarely contacted me after receiving instructions on how to handle the machines. Actually, they did contact me when the device was out of order, but other than that, they did not ask many questions about the operation or new ways to do Hado checks. I was busy myself, so, although I was somewhat surprised, I did not take the initiative to give them special instruction or advice. That was a mistake. Each person established his/her own way of operating the machine, and some of those methods have drifted far from the intended use.

I had not had the opportunity to confirm their directions or methods, but now and then I receive information about some cases that make me groan. This was something that I needed to contemplate deeply as the person introducing MRA technology to Japan. It made my heart sink to see that as MRA receives greater attention, it could be used by some inconsiderate people in selfish or otherwise improper ways.

The Hado Instructor System was established based on the contemplation mentioned above. Let me quote a few pages from our newsletter Hado, March issue, 1994 to explain about the system:

“The Start of Hado instruction”

On Saturday, March 5, the First Hado Instructor training Session was held at the I.H.M Head Once. Nineteen people participated, and all passed the Hado test. Each received the Hado Instructor Certificate, and was assigned to continuing tasks according to their own objectives.

The Hado Instructor System was established to accelerate Hado education.
The specific tasks of the Hado instructors are as follows:

  1. Acquire Hado theory
  2. Acquire proper operating techniques for Hado equipments
  3. Acquire knowledge regarding health
  4. Acquire knowledge regarding health consultation
  5. Plan and implement events, seminars, and lectures
  6. Assist in recruiting members
  7. Acquire accurate understanding of all products authorized by head quarters and sales methods to those products
  8. Assist in applying Hado technology in industry
  9. Report on Hado related activities to be published in the member newsletter, Hado, Hado Instructor Newsletter and other publications
  10. Perform Hado related research and lecture on topics of interest
  11. Other activities necessary for disseminating Hado education

As you can see, this is a system to train an action team in all the ideas I have been talking about in meetings and seminars.
One of the reasons I initiated such a system is because I felt the need to convey the Hado concept to as many people as possible, as soon as possible. Another reason is that we are beginning to see self-centered people who are gaining unreasonably large profits by using Hado in business without properly understanding the essential aspects of Hado.

For example, some people sell goods using clever but meaningless words to convince people that certain logos or signs or equipment have good Hado or good energy or good power, but they show no evidence or basis for their claims. They just say that such and such a disease was cured. They do demonstrations using Fu-chi (dowsing), which rotates in any direction we wish, and say, “Good, the Fu-chi (dowsing) rotated to the right”, or “This is bad. It turned left.”

People who handle Hado products should have proper basic knowledge about Hado.
They need to learn that no one Hado is a panacea for all devices or shapes, and that a given Hado can be good for one person but bad for another.
As the old proverb says, “Faith can be based on the head of a sardine”. Or as I put it, “Quarks are consciousness”. The ability to change bad Hado to good Hado is only given to those who can live good lives according to the law of Hado after understanding the Hado principles.

As this is about a world which cannot be physically seen, we are beginning to see fake Hado goods taking advantage of this Hado boom. Most of the people who view Hado as a means of business are those types of people .If you truly understand Hado, you realize that there are much more important things in life than making money. Even if, in the process, a certain disease is cured or a mental problem solved, it is far more important to understand why those results were obtained.
The Hado Instructor Systems born from such thoughts.

The First Hado Instructor Training Course proceeded according to the following program. I share this for your reference:

10 a.m. Assemble at I.H.M. head office
Objectives and tasks for Hado instructors
Directions for Hado instructors (refer to page 28)
Basic knowledge for Hado instructors
Basic procedures for Hado instructor tasks
12 noon Lunch break
Hado test
(test with MRA to evaluate aptitude as Hado instructor)
1 p.m. Explanation of the rules and organization of International Hado Membership Association
Explanation of Hado products
Outline of Hado measurement techniques
Explanation of MRA
6 to 8 p.m, Q&A, reception

The ages of the participants ranged from 23 to 62, and the range of vocations included housewives, female once clerks, office workers, and company owners. It was a diversified group, just as I had wished. I was quite surprised by the results of the Hado test. I humbly performed MRA aptitude tests for participants looking at three items;

  1. Sincerity
  2. Richness of mind
  3. Aptitude as an MRA operator

None of the participants showed non-resonance with these items, and all scored a very high by average of 78.5 points. I was much impressed thinking that the people who responded swift to my appeal are wonderful people.
During the reception after the course, the participants introduced themselves and shared with each other the nature of their commitments. While I was listening to them speak, I was so touched that I had to fight back my tears. Each and every one of them was so modest, with noble love for others, and each told us they were committed to convey Hado in whatever way they can.

The activities of each would differ. There was one instructor who shared with us his wish to introduce Hado technology in his organic farming. Another instructor wanted to help other people by becoming a competent MRA operator. Another instructor was a housewife wanting to take social action .Another said he wanted to convey the Hado theory to his colleagues and
friends .Each had his or her own objective.

Thus, the First Hado Instructor training Course ended in great success .Some of them are already pursuing their activities. It seems that many more will follow With this trend I am sure that the 21st century will be a peaceful era.
I am sincerely grateful for the birth of each Hado instructor, and would like to give them all three cheers. Join me in the cheers!!

Please observe the following in pursuing your tasks as a Hado Instructor:

  1. Always try to understand more about what Hado is.
  2. Keep in mind the Hado perspective in interpreting all the phenomena that happens in the world (eg., political issues, economic issues, social issues, etc.)
  3. Make it a custom to tell others what you learn and what ideas you are working on .Do not keep it in your mind alone.
  4. Make it a custom to write your thoughts down.
  5. Never worry about people laughing at your thoughts.
  6. Be willing to share any ideas and know-how you develop.
  7. Always consider the significance and the role of your being. Never think “I don’t have to do this, someone else can do it.”
  8. Never give in to despair, but always cling to your mission.
  9. Try never to speak ill of others.
  10. Have as your motto “Let those who leave go, welcome all newcomers”, and proceed with your tasks in a relaxed frame of mind.
  11. Keep in touch with as many people as possible, communicate with your friends, absorb their Hado, and learn from them.
  12. Decide on one theme in the field that you most enjoy studying, and conduct thorough investigations of that subject from a Hado perspective.
  13. Care for all animals and plants, stones and rocks, and all the natural blessings with love Hado.
  14. Children are presents from God. Therefore work to create a society where children can grow without being contaminated by bad influences.
  15. Always be both proud and grateful that we are born as human being, a superb work of art.

(To be continued)

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