[2016.7.23] Hado counseling in Thailand
[2014.12.11] Masaru Emoto in YouTube
[2014.11.21] radio interview of Michiko Hayashi, who is in charge of Emoto Peace Project, and Yasuyuki Nemoto
[2014.11.20] Legendary Water Researcher, Author and Emissary for Peace Dr. Masaru Emoto Passes Away at the age of 71
[2014.7.22] 25th July is a day to offer up love and gratitude for water
[2014.6.9] Gwyneth Paltrow Supports Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Theory. Please take a look at the following link.
[2014.5.31] Hong Kong Internet TV
[2014.5.30] Documentary movie, “Another World” by Thomas Torelli
[2014.3.18] Documentary movie, WATER, THE MYSTERY OF LIFE will be on TV in Croatia!
[2014.3.11] Let’s fill the earth with love and gratitude (free)

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