Rice Experiments

Many people are conducting rice experiments all around the world and upload their experiment videos in YouTube.
Regardless of languages, the results are very similar. By watching everyone’s experiments, we are really convinced that words are very powerful in all languages whether they are just written or said.
Here is the one we would like to share today!

Medical doctors at Saxia Hospital in Rome, Italy, are doing Rice Experiment. The rice on the left (with blue arrow) has the word “sciocco (meaning “silly”) and the one on the right (with yellow arrow) has the word “grazie”) How wonderful that medical doctors are doing this kind of experiment! I really admire them!!! We are looking forward to seeing the results in about 3 to 6 months from now!

emoto masaru
I would like to share a wonderful experiment done by Ms. Rebecca Cecilia Yip.

Here is a link to the rice experiment that someone uploaded on April 6th, 2014.
He said in the video that it was disturbing him to hear ugly words such as “I kill you”, so he decided to do the rice experiment of Dr. Emoto’s himself.
He seems to have done it with his son who is about 4 or 5 years old. The video is only 4 minutes, and you can see the result as well.
This little boy who conducted the experiment is blessed and he will always be careful with the language he uses.

Anyone who has done the experiments with rice, bread, vegetables, fruits, or with anything, please contact us so we can share it with other friends.
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10 thoughts on “Rice Experiments”

  1. Is the experiment on rice also able to predict the future? for example, if good rice means “yes” and if it rot it means “no” ?

    1. Apologies for not being able to get back to you earlier. Unfortunately we have no datas of rice experiment and
      future predictability.

      1. In India there were many learned saints, priests etc. who have this power or you can say knowledge which can treat people with just water.
        They chant several holy Matras in water to treat people or to destroy evil.
        I know one saint personally, he treated many mentally ill people with his water Holy Matras. Western modern medicine has no treatment for such diseases.
        Water is holy in all religions of the world. After prayer they give holy water to drink to the fellows. This holy water is considered as Godly water.
        Evil people used this technique to do Evil things in India.
        But God balances everything.
        I am a Scientist, a Researcher, a PhD from world’s top university. I have firm belief that ancient science and technology was much more advance than what we know today………………………

  2. I would like to locate the video previous to this with the young boy and his father. Could you please Re-post it? Thank you!!

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