The Kazutama Reiwa creates the vibratory hado rate that is optimal for the maximum enhancement of your immunity and wellness.

As we enter the new era for humanity of great harmony, The Kazutama Reiwa is a new and extraordinary device for this novel era. This unique vibrational instrument is made in Japan and is derived in part from ancient Japanese teachings.

The Kazutama Reiwa is compact, portable, easy to use, and offers multi-functional profound programming. The Kazutama extends the highest performance in both efficacy and design. This one-of-a-kind device helps ensure the balance, harmony and hado in your life.

The Kazutama is a powerful ally to help create your physical and mental balance, restoring you to your optimal, original healthy human condition. This Kazutama also strongly supports the fulfillment of your wishes and helps you manifest your positive desires. Incredibly easy to operate, the Kazutama produces results that are likely to exceed your expectations.

The Kazutama provides a complete hado measurement and then transcribes this measurement all within the handheld unit. By scanning the hado (frequencies) of a person (or even a pet!), balancing frequencies can then be sent to the subject by a variety of ways. There is no external computer or programming necessary.

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto called the name of this vibration hado (frequency waves of vibratory rates). Since Dr. Emoto’s work, the term of hado became more popular and is now widely used across our planet.

Developed by Seiichiro Yoshinouchi, Dr. Emoto’s top hado disciple and operator, the Kazutama Reiwa’s Japanese origins produce this vibrational instrument.

Some of the benefits of the Kazutama include:

✓ Convenient hand-held size.
✓ Works independently, without the need for any other computers or other devices.
✓ Easy to use. No technical skills required. Simply push a few buttons to operate!
✓ 35 different settings in the menu allow for a broad range of support.
✓ The Kazutama measuring accuracy is smooth and quick.
✓ Hado works on the fourth phase of water in your body.
✓ Capable of remote measuring and assists in vibrational healing.
✓ Assists in physical and mental well-being as well as spiritual growth.
✓ Supports the manifestation of your intentions and provides mindfulness from your inner consciousness.
✓ Based on profound and original ancient Japanese wisdom.
✓ The origins of Kazutama are based on secret teachings of the ancient Lumerian civilization.


      *Designed to suit your needs, offering 35 specific modalities.
      *Dynamically measures state of body and mind (vibrational consciousnesses) according to your purpose and intention.
      *Hado is measured and either imprinted or sent directly to the recipient of the measurement. By using a handprint or a photograph.
      *Thousands of hado codes assist in a very wide variety of frequency vibrational healing for the users as well as recipients of healing hado energy.
      *Choose to transfer the hado energy to either drinking water or directly to the body for healing.
      *Working at long distances across the planet. You can literally program and send healing to recipients across the globe.
      *Allowing users to take the device outdoors and use it in nature as well. Additionally, it comes with a travel case that is compact and fits in most carry bags.
      *No experience or previous training is required to operate the Kazutama Reiwa.
      *Safe and easy to handle, even for children and the elderly and even our pets!

Providing menus offering 35 specific modalities.

Mental Well-being
Pain Treatment
Fundamental Treatment, (GENERAL WELL BEING)
Hormonal Balance
Home and Land Energy
Overcome Tobacco Dependency
Financial Abundance
Respiratory System
Oral Health
Skeletal Health
Academic Progress and Achievement
Female Affability
Competitiveness (Luck in Games)
Digestive System
Nervous System
Chakra System
Male Affability
Urological System
Love and Marriage
World Peace
Life Work (VOCATION)
EM Wave Countermeasures (EMF/5G!! RF/MICROWAVE)
Infection Countermeasures

With the purchase of the KAZUTAMA REIWA, you become your own hado operator.


Weight : 600g
Price : 2,000 USD