Dai Dangen

Someone made music of the “Grand Invocation”(Dai Dangen) that Dr. Emoto chants every time when he offers the prayer to water.
It’s on YouTube, and we would like to share it with you.

Happy 11th water ceremony day! I wanted to share with you this beautiful Grand Invocation Water Blessing Song please watch.
Also I not sure who is on the MY HADO mailing list and already received this but I wanted to share with the newsletter I just sent out.
Thank you and I love YOU!

with love and gratitude,
lindsay kemp

2 thoughts on “Dai Dangen”

  1. I agree It is beautiful and I too would like to see the lyrics in english if possible, Unless the part we pray fro shining rivers, etc…we pray for crystal purity, are the lyrics in english. Thanks

  2. So beautiful, would you please provide the lyrics in American so we can understand all the beautiful words you lovely ladies are singing?

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