Messages from Water the Final

introduces the culmination of twenty years of work, focusing on new crystal photographs that have not been published so far, along with the teachings of Masaru Emoto. We have also introduced wonderful messages from researchers and celebrities who have resonated with Masaru Emoto’s activities. In addition, the latest research results of water science that were not included in the previous series have been included. Thanks to the development of this field of “water science,” the theory of “water memory” that Masaru Emoto had been conveying to everyone in his book “Messages from Water” has been proven.

Masaru Emoto used to always say this: “We are water, but we don’t know much about water. So, we don’t understand ourselves either. If we could understand water better, we would also come to know ourselves, where we have come from and where we are going. That is why we must study water.”

Now, with the development of “water science,” we are finally getting closer to the day when we can really understand ourselves. I invite everyone to join us in understanding the truth of water, to accept the messages that water conveys, and to advance together into a new era. May your encounter with this book be a key to unlock a new door in life for you and your loved ones.

With love & gratitude,
Hiromasa Emoto

English and Japanese
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Contents of Messages from Water the Final

Foreword Hiromasa Emoto


Legendary photographs of water crystals.
“ARIGATOU” Words shown to water /“YOU FOOL” Words shown to water /“Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky Music played to water / “LOVE & GRATITUDE” Words shown to water / An interview with Masaya Sato, the legendary photographer /“Symphony No.40” by Mozart Music played to water/ “Imagine” Music played to water/ Chi of love exposed to water

CHAPTER 2 Travel Around the World of Water

Panther Meadows at Mount Shasta, UNITED STATES / Journey of “Messages from Water”by Masaru Emoto in Mt. Shasta / Stewart Mineral Springs, UNITED STATES / Machu Picchu, PERU / Titicaca Lake, PERU / The Amazon River, COLOMBIA / Huilo-Huilo Falls, CHILE / The Mystery of Water in Bama, the China’s Longevity Village / Victoria Falls, CENTRAL AFRICA / Nordenau, GERMANY / Snow near 4500m height of the Great Mount Ararat, TURKEY / Lourdes, FRANCE / Zamzam Water, SAUDI ARABIA, / Ganges River, INDIA / The holy water of Tirta Empul Temple, INDONESIA / Sougi Water, Gifu / Tamaki Shrine, Nara / Manai-no-Mizu Fountain of Izumo Daijingu Shrine, Kyoko / Chitose Shrine, Hokkaido / Kingoryu Shrine, Hokkaido / Sakatsura Isozaki Shirine / Shirakawa Suigen, Kumamoto / Oshino Hakkai Springs, Yamanashi / Sanbuichi Spring Water, Yamanashi / Special message from Kean Etro

CHAPTER 3 Water Exposed to Music and Tones

“Ode to Joy”, Beethoven / Turkish March by Mozart / Madam Butterfly / Madam Butterfly / Born This Way by Lady Gaga We / WE ARE THE WORLD / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / Kōjō no Tsuki (Moon over the Ruined Castle) / Water Song / Life Symphony: Song of Joy from Souls by One Drop Choir 061 The Peace Bell at the Shotoku-ji / Healing Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz / Interview with Kazuya Ishibashi / Message from Dr. Konstantin Korotkov / How to Take a Water Crystal Photography

CHAPTER 4 Water Exposed to Words

“Thank You” Around the World / World Peace / Dream /Diversity / Singularity / Realization / Forgiveness / Here and Now / Laughter / Action / Freedom / Blessing / Unity of Heaven and Earth / Emotions / Reiwa / Heisei /Magnetic Resonance Field / Heart Sutra/ Message from Bruce Lipton

CHAPTER 5 Water Exposed to Pictures and symbols

Masaru Emoto / Symbol of Japanese WA art / Flower of Life / Seed of Life / Tree of Life / Heart Symbol / Ancient Egyptian Emblem “Ankh” / Hopi Emblem of Shield / Ancient Celtic Symbol “Triskel” / Mitsudomoe (three comma-shaped figures in a circle) / Message from Yoko Ono

CHAPTER6 Water Crystals of Prayer

Water Crystals from Fujiwara Dam After Prayer / Water Crystals after Prayer at a Seminar in Vancouver / Joint Experiment between the Institute of Noetic Science and IHM Laboratory / The Lake Biwa Experiment By Lynne McTaggart / Prayer at Sun Moon Lake / Special Message from Lin Hsien Tsung

CHAPTER 7 Collaboration of Light, Hemp x Water

Water Bathed in Light of Full Moon/ Water Bathed in Light of New Moon / Water Wrapped with Hemp / Water Directly Irradiated with Far Infrared Rays / Hado-Imprinted Water / Crystal world of European Water ~the latest Reports from the European laboratory~ / Message from Dr. Higa /Music Tomato Juice diluted 10,000 time / Water exposed to The statue of Ashura

CHAPTER 8 Evolved this far! The Latest Science of Water

Newest Science of Water by Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto / Finding of Forth Phase of Water Dr. Gerald Pollack / Warning from Water Masaru Emoto/ Knowing the relationship between “Love & Gratitude” changes the world / Afterward Hiromasa Emoto

Messages from Water the Final

Messages from Water the Final

Messages from Water the Final

Messages from Water the Final

Messages from Water the Final