The Truth of Hado [1]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.

Chapter 1
It All Started From My “Curiosity About Water”

A Fascinating Encounter with Water

Truth of HadoI am currently 51 years old (At the time of 1994). Until six years ago, I was an ordinary middle-aged man, just like you, your husband, or your father. However, at the request of a publishing company, I am now asked to write a book. This is the first chapter of that book. In fact, this is the third book I have published in the past two years.

My first book was called “Prelude to the Hado Era”, published by Sun Road Publishing Company in November of 1992. My second book was called “Studies of the Human through Hado” published by Business Sha. That was in April of 1994. That publishing company is related to Mr. Yukio Funai of Funai Research Institute who introduced me to the company.

Since the first publisher had a limited volume of sales in bookstores, they planned the book for a single printing. They priced it fairly high, giving it a high quality binding. The price was 3,000yen, a usual price for academic books. However, as of August 12, 1994, the book is in its ninth printing, and we will soon see the tenth.
“Studies of the Human through Hado” published by Business Sha in April of 1994 allowed me to feel the joy and excitement of being a writer. The book was displayed in major bookstores throughout the country so that my book could reach a wide audience. Surprisingly, my book was among the best selling books in some stores throughout Japan, a fact that was reported in newspapers and other printed media.

A book that I have put my soul into was printed and displayed in bookstores. And the book is warmly accepted by many readers, reaching the ranks of the best sellers.
This was the best feeling of joy and excitement.

It all started five and a half years ago with my encounter with an American couple and a device that they had made. His name was Ronald J. Weinstock; her name was Sigrid Lipsett. He was 28 years old and she was … Anyway, she was a lovely woman, a little older than her husband. She had been supporting her young and talented husband spiritually and economically.

I met this wonderful couple because through my dear friend and business partner, Dr. Lee H. Lorenzen, a biochemist in California. At that time, I was a liaison on the Japanese side of a project for importing goods from the U.S.A through a small company I established called I.H.M. And Dr. Lorenzen was the liaison on the American side. We originally started out as business partners, but I was soon attracted by his family’s warmness, and we ended up becoming good friends.

Dr. Lorenzen has a wide network of friends and associates on the West Coast. Even before introducing me to Mr. and Mrs. Weinstock, he introduced me to many scientists and researchers. Among them was another pair, Rod Quinn and Lauren Zaniel. I met them seven years ago and was told that they had developed a special type of water with a particular function.

I first met Mr. Quinn and Mr. Zaniel at a public golf course in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Being a terrible golf player, I had to run around more distance within the course than they did. Thanks to my poor golf skills, my left ankle, which I hurt during a rugby game in my university years, started to ache. I was in considerable pain by the time we reached the Club House.
Drinking a cold beer, sliver haired Mr. Quinn, who was almost 60, said, “Mr. Emoto, you were limping on during the last few holes. Which part of your body aches?” I answered, “Well yes, my ankle hurts. I hurt my left ankle playing rugby years ago. It bothers me now and then…” “Oh I see. This is a good opportunity. Please try this on the part where you are hurting,” he said as he passed me an ordinary looking small 120 cc plastic container filled with water. I received the bottle, took off my shoe and sock, and poured the water on the ankle. As usual, my ankle joint was hot and swollen. It was still throbbing. “Does your ankle still ache?” “Yes, well, wait a minute,” I said and slowly moved my left ankle this way and that. The terrible pain was completely gone!

The Lesson I Learned from “All About Rod Water” Symposium

In those years, we were beginning to see an increase in the popularity of Pi water. I was also getting interested in Pi water and had read a little about it. Therefore, I assumed that Mr. Quinn’s water must be the American version of Pi water. I made contact with them many times to try to obtain the distribution rights in Japan. After a several months, we signed an agreement.

It was half a year after the agreement was signed that we held a series of seminars called “All About Rod Water” in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Today we see quite a variety of seminars and events having to do with water. Many are rather expensive.
But in those days, there were no seminars organized by a private company about water. We had many problems to solve. How do we gather people to attend the seminars? How should we prepare for the American scientists who would be coming to Japan with their wives?

We eventually decided to eliminate the admission fee. We acquired a list of companies throughout the country with more than one million yen of capital, and directly sent invitations to about 3,000 company’s New Project Planning Division.
Surprisingly, about 15% (450 people) responded saying they would attend our seminar.

However, the seminars in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka were terrible failures. Even now, I feel so relieved that I did not charge an admission fee because that would have been even a bigger disaster. The reason for the failure was, first of all, that I did not have a good understanding of Rod water myself. Secondly, we could not find an interpreter who could interpret advanced theories of new age science. I still think that it was close to impossible to find an interpreter who could interpret correctly, but even if I did find one, I do not think the audience would have understood the content. Many participants left in the middle of the seminar, and a good half of the audience was asleep.

This experience was a good lesson. I at least learned that many people were interested in water. I also learned that we know next to nothing about water, which we cannot live without. Water was a new field of study even in university research institutes.

How can this be so? I believed until then that science had developed enough that it seemed odd that there was such a discrepancy between researches in other areas and direct research on water. I wondered why. I recently realized that this question “why” is one of my strengths. Without this simple question, I would not be where I am now.
I have since had the pleasure of communicating with some of the people who participated in the seminars, and each time I saw them, I asked that question over and over again.

And one time, one of them said to me, “Science starts with a hypothesis. Then, the theory is tested and proven with measuring devices and analysis. Maybe the difficult part for water is that there is no device to measure its features.”
The moment I heard this comment, I mumbled to myself, “yes, a measuring device!” and this lead to my encounter with a device called MRA.

My Predestined Encounter With MRA

I immediately contacted my good friend Lee Lorenzen and thoroughly explained my intention to him. I asked him if he could think of anyone who would be able to develop such a device. I took this action because at the time, Dr. Lorenzen and I were handling advanced electronic treatment devices developed by a scientist exiled from Czechoslovakia, and I had been introduced to many prominent scientists and researcher. We both knew that there were many competent engineers with extraordinary talent, especially on the West coast of the U.S.

Dr. Lorenzen willingly supported my intention and a few weeks after my call, he got in touch with me. Allow me to quote a part from my first book “Prelude to the Hado Era” to describe that incident:

On February l5, l989, I visited an office of a small company called MRDC with a wooden two-story office located at two minutes from the free way exit of Thousand Oaks, Ventura, California.

My American partner, Lee Lorenzen, guided me to the place saying that he had found a person who had developed a device with intriguing technology. The person’s name was Ronald J. Weinstock, a man with a well-built body, a hooked nose, and other apparently Jewish features.
He welcomed us in a warm, friendly manner. I noticed that he had prepared assorted cookies, soft drinks and sandwiches for us.

During our conversation over lunch, I discovered that he was only 29 years old.I could understand only a third of what he was saying because of my poor English, but with the help of Dr. Lorenzen ( I was already used to Dr. Lorenzen’s English through three years of friendship) I learned about Mr. Weinstock’s work, technology, and profile as follows:

He began studying medicine when he was 14 years old. At the age of 17, he was admitted as a trainee at Los Angeles Coroner’s Office, the youngest trainee ever. He entered the Medical Department of the State University of California in San Diego, but felt limited by modern medicine. He concentrated on working with computers and developing machines to detect toxins. Ultimately, he chose a career as inventor and researcher rather than a physician.

After graduating from the university, he went to Europe and learned about electric diagnostic systems. He came back to the U.S. when he was 24 and spent the next five years on research and development of a diagnostic device called Bi Cellular Analyzer, a device at last completed.He was looking for a sponsor to help him refine the technology.

After lunch, we were led to his small laboratory. There was a small machine on a large desk. lt was obvious that the machine was handmade. It looked rather unsophisticated, and to be honest I was a little disappointed. Accompanying me in the lab were two business acquaintances other than Dr. Lorenzen.

The two became the subjects for the test, and the tests were conducted one after another. The machine let out sounds like “Veee, veee” or sometimes “Veeeeeee, veeeeee”, as if setting the frequency of an old crystal radio.

One of the two associates was an acupuncturist and moxa-cauterizer who was the head doctor of my company’s clinic. With his professional background, he had exact information about his own body. After going through many tests for about 20 minutes, he received a treatment for his backache with that machine.

Then in only three minutes, the pain in his back disappeared. He said, “Mr. Emoto, this is really something!”
One week later, we were leaving the U.S. for Japan having signed a contract with Mr. Ronald J. Weinstock. lt was an agreement for sole distribution rights for the device in Japan.

The name of the device written in the agreement was Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, revised at my wish from the former name Bio Cellular Analyzer. That was my encounter with MRA, a speedy marriage which took only one week from the first date to the meeting.

And I never dreamed that it would have such a huge difference on how I look at my life and on life in general.

(To be continued)

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