Evolution of Hado Theory – from 4 to 5 Principles

Masaru Emoto


As the pioneer who first spread the ancient concept of Hado into the modern context, I am proud to see it being used widely in various settings. Both as a word in conversation to describe the feeling of a place or the state of a person, but also in furthering our understanding of the human body, health, medicine, and the larger world around us.
When I was using the first Hado device known as a magnetic resonance analyzer (MRA) on patients to give Hado counseling, the term “Hado medicine” or “Vibrational medicine” was not recognized or known at all. It was at the time, an unfamiliar concept. However, today it is often referred to as “Quantum medicine” and is being incorporated into parts of modern medicine.

Dr. Akira Kawashima of Tokyo Women’s Medical University and Dr. Masaru Hagiwara of Ihatov Clinic are two medical doctors who have put their hearts and minds toward applying “the unseen” into their allopathic medical practice. Thankfully, it seems my book may have contributed as a model for them to refer to when treating their patients.
Even today, the content of my first book “Prelude of Hado Era” remains evident, and it has never been disproven.
I believe that my hypothesis is correct, and from the beginning until now, the content and foundations are consistent. My Hado theory is continually evolving and developing, so much so that the importance of conveying the truth of water and Hado theory to the world at large has led me to establish Hado Instructor Schools, and to stage events, and conferences at various places in Japan.
I’d like people from around the world to come and participate in these world class sessions.

From 4 Principles of Hado to 5 Principles of Hado

Whilst the foundations of my work remain, as an example of the evolution and development, I’d like to revise the existing 4 Principles of Hado to be 5 Principles of Hado.
The following principles I’ve explained regularly in my lectures:

4 Principles of Hado

Law of Vibration

  1. Resonance: This is the most important point out of the 4 principles. Everything is resonating. Without resonance, nothing can stay alive.
  2. Purity: To resonate, purity is very important. Conversely, how resonant it is depends on how pure it is.
  3. Law of Similarity: The world of micro represents the world of macro. The world of macro is the amplified form of the micro. For example, solar system symbolizes the micro-world where electrons are running around nuclei. What happens to the body of human beings is the miniature of what happens to the nature.
  4. Shape: Why is the pyramid that form? Why are water crystals hexagonal? Everything on earth has its own shape, and as you study, you will learn that the shape of all things has the profound meanings. We cannot help but think that there is some kind of power of“something great” or law of the Universe. Each shape must have the power necessary to deliver the information in and of itself.

This world consists of “Yin and Yang” – the 5th element.

Yin and yangNow I’d like to add the 5th principle. It is “Yin and Yang”. There is a good explanation of “Yin and Yang” in my book entitled “Hado no Ningen Gaku (Human studies of Hado)”, and I’d like to quote the part that explains it well.

“When you study Hado, you end up getting to the way of thinking of Yin-Yang. Furthermore, as you study Yin-Yang, and when you come to understand this difficult teaching, you will also understand all about Hado. Lately I find my thoughts on Hado resonating with this.

The reason why I say that, in relation to Hado, as you study further you will learn “Yin-Yang theory” is based on my own experience. For example, I learned that there are things of Yin fields and things of Yang fields in various conditions. I also discovered that each part of the body, metal toxic Hado, bacterial Hado, elemental Hado, and disease Hado have their Yin and Yang fields, and I could see that they were all in a state of being entwined by certain law.

I also learned that all human beings, animals, plants, and minerals have Yin and Yang, however, exceptionally, there are certain elements that maintain the middle field as they get periodic property. What I also found out was that in the case of human beings, the Yin and Yang are not always stable, but the fields transform depending on the environment where the person is. Furthermore, giving foods or water of Yin field to the person who has Yin field results in an adverse effect. In other words, we need to give foods and water of Yang field to such a person.
Through this experience, I learned the importance of interpretation of Yin and Yang theory. It is said that Yin and Yang theory was born in ancient China, but there are also theories that the origin of Yin and Yang theory was from back in the era of Hebrew or Babylonia.”  From “Hado no Ningen Gaku [Human studies of Hado]”

In other words, “Yin and Yang” is “good and evil”, “positive and negative”, and is “in and out” of all things. These two aspects always countervail and keep the balance. Everything on earth consists of Yin and Yang.

Thus, transmitting the opposite Hado will neutralize (everything). In the industrial field, this particular Hado theory has been applied as a sound absorber in which the sound with the opposite Hado (waveform) is utilized. On the 10th of April, 1991, there was the article “Control sound with sound” in the evening paper of Yomiuri Shinbun. In this case Yin and Yang was applied.

Wave form

“Dr.Yoshio Yamazaki of Science and Engineering department of Waseda University succeeded in executing an experiment where he created a silent space in a room where music was playing at high volume. It is a new type of noise canceling method, that is, to emit a sound toward the noise, which then cancels the noise. You can use this noise canceling mechanism in Karaoke bars and offices. We can expect to apply it to make silence around telephones during calls. All sound has its own waveform. The basic mechanism of the new noise canceling method is to study and discover the peaks and troughs of the sound wave that you want to cancel, then emit the wave form that is the opposite of such sound wave.

As you can see, it seems to me that the addition of the 5th principle to the existing 4 Principles of Hado, will cover the iron law of Hado in the three dimensional world where we live.

Yang is Yin as it reaches a breaking point.
Yin is Yang as it reaches a braking point.

In my book, “The Truth of Hado (Hado no Jyomaku)”, I mentioned that the world of Yin and Yang might be the law created by an evil. The reason is based on the following. The true meaning of “Yang is Yin as it reaches a breaking point” is that something exists, and such something reaches a breaking point, then it will go on toward non-existing. In another word, it will lapse into the world of non-existence. As the world of non-existence reaches a breaking point, it will move on to the world of existence, and will reverse to the world where we are facing presently.

Mobius stripMobius strip came across my mind. As you may know, Mobius strip is a loop figure that a long and thin band is once twisted (180 degrees) and both ends are glued together. It is an example of an aspect where there is no in and out, and it will rotate on and on forever, infinitely. From the point of view of Yin and Yang theory, the Yin and Yang are inextricably linked, two sides of the same coin, and thus there is no entrance or exit. According to this theory, and as we follow such thought, I fear that human beings repeat the history and make the same mistakes. Eventually, the scenario of annihilation goes through my mind. Yin and Yang theory is somehow a matter of power balance, so the current world changes depending on whether good wins or evil wins.

How can we make an escape from Mobius strip? To share my thoughts, I think a “departure from Yin and Yang theory” is “departure from the third dimension”. That is to say, we can probably make a way out from the world of Yin and Yang by going toward next stage as all human beings ascend to the next dimension. If we keep ascending the dimensions; to 4th dimension and to 5th dimension, a world without the control of any one thing or person will be there if we are not bound by Yin and Yang. It may be very easy to make a warp to the next dimension, and it could be just behind a curtain.

The key to solve all problems is “Water”.

The reality is that the earth consists of Yin-Yang balance. What is my role in a situation where power is currently out of balance? It is definitely to convey the truth of water to people all around the world.
After treating 10,000 people with the Hado MRA device, I discovered that water has memory and retains a lot of information. If I were a traditional scientist, I would find it difficult to convey to others this kind of hypothesis. Before this extensive work, I probably would not come up with such a hypothesis. However, having continued my work with water and Hado, I’ve experienced many incidents one after another which have always convinced me to see that water has memory, and to this day this theory continues to surprise me. The incidents may have happened because I am not a conventional scientist but rather I’m a person with imagination, intuition, and purity. This unconventionality may be why I was able to discover them. In my lectures and seminars in the past several years, I’ve said that “water is God’s messenger”. This comes from my long time study, experiences, and my intuition.

To learn more about our world, we need to observe the recent extreme weather events occurring around the world in 2013. In Japan, a massive landslide on the Izu Oshima Island in October, 2013 killed 35 people and 4 people are still missing.
When we look at the places outside of Japan, a super typhoon struck Philippines in November, 2013. The definite number is uncertain, but it is reported that the precious lives of several thousand people have been sacrificed.

What on earth could be causing the catastrophic convulsions of nature all around the world? There are experts who say that global warming is the culprit, but is it really the only culprit? The phenomenon of global warming certainly causes serious destruction of the environment. As industry develops, the population increases, and we have continued to poison the beautiful earth without hesitation, even though we consider that our civilization has evolved.
It is time to admit that over the past several years a big powerful force, a “force majeure”, has been attacking us globally all at once. Is this kind of destruction the price we have to pay for irreparably devastating our world through senseless acts?

However, I trust and know that the true answer to this problem is in water. We human beings take water, the source of our life and all life on this planet, for granted. We have neglected it and poisoned it. Without water, we would have been unable to enter the world. Without water, we cannot survive. We will cease to exist. So we must appreciate, send love to, and take care of water, which accounts for approximately 70% of our human body.

Today, as we have seen the horrific damage caused by water such as massive typhoons, tsunamis, and torrential rain, we stand aghast, struck in awe at the crazy acts of water whose face has completely changed from its normal persona of harmonic ebb and flow. We are transfixed by these horrific acts of excessive destruction.
This may be the warning from water to the modern people and the modern world. It is time we take notice.

Population growth is a powerful energy if our consciousness lifts.

There are experts who are issuing warnings about population growth as one of the causes of global warming. However, I don’t think that population increase is as bad as they describe. In the 1900’s, the world population was about 1.6 billion. Currently it has grown to 7 billion. When the population increases, and the area of the land does not change, instead it becomes saturated with people, then it is inevitable that a food crisis will occur. This may be one of the reasons population increase is deemed as a negative impact. However, as population increases, the collective energy of human beings will increase accordingly. Conversely, in the case of Japan with the declining birth rate and aging of society, as the population decreases, the collective energy of people and country will decrease as well.
Einstein’s well-known formula, E=MC2 [Energy =(Mass x Speed of light) squared]the theory of relativity has relevance here. If we translate it as C = consciousness and M=man as the number of people with consciousness (population), the bigger the population is, the more the collective energy increases. This kind of energy is inexhaustible.

Energy = (Man x Consciousness)2


However, even though population increases haphazardly, there is no benefit to us, or our world, if C (consciousness) has not caught up. If people around the world are able to become conscious and learn or at least hear the truth and message of water, the population growth is no longer a threat. This becomes a way to increase world energy, while making some much-needed repairs to the damage we have already caused.

Even today, there are breakouts of wars, riots, and violence around the world, and many people are suffering in their physical and spiritual distance from the word “peace”. Why are these tragedies being constantly repeated, in a civilization that has supposedly evolved? From my point of view, it is because we human beings have stopped pursuing our ‘essentiality’. When we gave up thinking and pursuing the path toward self-awareness, finding deeper meaning and connection through asking such questions as “What is human being?” “What is quality of life?” “What is God?” I think the human evolution stopped. We turned, whether consciously or unconsciously from understanding our true essence, instead toward living a material existence. No road toward success exists without becoming more in tune with, and attuned to, self-awareness and consciousness. In other words, in order to be truly successful, we must become aware of our true essence.

Shamans and leaders of respective villages are deeply aware of the law of universe through their own experiences, and live in harmony with nature. Somehow, over time they were banished by the people in power of their era. It might be one of the reasons why Mu and Atlantis vanished.

“When Water is non-resonant” = “Human beings are non-resonant”

We will not be able to solve the current catastrophes, conflicts, and unnecessary wars between different races without facing water. When the entire water on earth is in harmony, the water inside people will be in harmony. Everything will be settled nicely in the world. Since human beings are made of water, when the water on earth is not resonant, it is a clear indication that people are non resonant, and vice versa.
As per the first Hado principle: Without resonance, nothing can stay alive.

I have traveled around the world to deliver the truth of water, and will continue to give my lectures. I will also distribute 650 million copies of the picture book, “Message from Water”, to all children in the world free of charge as I declared in my keynote speech at the United Nations. I will continue to evolve the study of Hado so that we can ensure our children; grand children, and next generations have a chance to inherit a beautiful earth and future.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Proofread by Emma Sargent

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