Why Photographs of Water Crystals are Welcomed by Religions All Around the World [2/3]

Masaru Emoto


Raising the Consciousness Level in China will Lead to World Peace

Putting religions aside, there are many nations that could cast problems to the world but I think the photos of water crystals and people’s consciousness will bring the solution to world peace. China is one of the countries that I am working on.

As many of the readers know, I became ill last Autumn and had to cancel many of the overseas events. During that time I stayed in Japan to bring my health back. Many people visited me from all over the world. One of the visitors was Dr. Lei who came to see me in May. Dr. Lei is specialised in neuroscience and educating people about the brain. We have become good friends.

Dr. Lei told me that she would like to create 1000 Hado instructors in China in the next five years. We will collaborate together and will hold the Hado International School and many other events in China. China has the population of 1300 million with many different peoples. The problems they have are in many forms with some pretty serious issues. Some of the recent problems include the hygiene of a chicken factory and the terrorism in the Xinjiang and Uyghur Autonomous Region. There are many other problems with Japan too such as issues related to the historic past and economic conflicts. There are tonnes of problems that China has just with Japan alone.

In a situation like this, a talk event in Shanghai in September and a Hado International School in December have been decided. It is very important to proactively organize seminars and Hado School. Creating 1000 Hado instructors, I believe, will help raise the consciousness of Chinese people and lead us toward world peace itself. The issues between China have been attracting international attention for some time. It seems to me that the answer to the improvement of relationship between China and Japan and world peace is in water.

In fact my books such as “ Message from Water” and “The Hidden Messages in Water” have sold well in China and the number of people, Chinese people, who acknowledge my concept of “ Message from Water” has steadily increased. This is a very good thing and gives us hope. Not only for the relationship between China and Japan but also for world peace. One drop of water is tiny but if drops of water gather themselves it becomes a powerful river and flows into the ocean. The world is connected by oceans and seas. Connect each drop of water and then it becomes a huge flow. In this way we can change the world into something more beautiful.

Successfully finished the 18th International Hado Instructor School held for the first time in Tokyo in May 2014

Double rainbow, a propitious sign, appeared after offering the Water Ceremony at the Lake Baikal

The Concept of “Message From Water” is Spreading Around the World

It is not only in China but all around the world, that more and more people are willing to dedicate their time or even their life to support and spread the concept of “Message from Water”.

In May this year we held the Hado Instructor School in Tokyo. It was the first time the School was held in Tokyo. Twenty-six people from fourteen countries attended and they became the new Hado International Instructors. They all went back to their own countries where they started their actions. For example, in Germany, Italy and the UK active plans for Emoto Peace Project have started. I am invited to those countries to give talks in September. There will be a lot of opportunities for me to meet prominent people in those countries.

Russia is another country who faces serious problems. Russia has been criticized by the surrounding countries and has been in a very difficult situation.

Movie “WATER”I have a close relationship with Russia as well. I believe people in Russia have quite a high level of consciousness. In 2006 a Russian film production company called Masterskaya created a film called “ Water”, which was well received by the people in the country. Thanks to this film I had an opportunity to give a talk in Russia and also organized a ceremony to offer prayers to Lake Baikal. After the ceremony a huge double rainbow appeared. It was truly memorable. Mr Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minster, his wife and their daughter are all great fans of the film “Water”.

A few years ago when I went to Russia, Mr.Lavrov invited myself and my wife to his office. We talked with him for about twenty minutes. He said it was the first time he’d invited a Japanese person into his office. I still remember he was a nice gentleman. As Russia faces many difficult problems, sometimes the media criticises that Mr.Lavrov as a cold person but I only have a very good impression of him. In my opinion, because of his fine personality he has continuously been the Foreign Minister of Russia since 2004. Moreover, the fact that he loves the film “Water” really shows how caring he is about water and people. I believe those various problems that Russia has will be solved in ideal ways.

What Each Person Can Do to Realize World Peace

My work has been accepted by many people beyond religions, countries and races. I believe that my work can contribute to peaceful solutions to solve international conflicts or problems between different races. However, it is impossible to do such work all by myself. People’s help is absolutely essential.

With the Foreign Minister of Russia, Mr. Sergey Lavrov“I want to do something for world peace. But what can I do?” There must be a lot of people who think this way. The thought may be only in the subconscious level for some people, but still, there must be so many people who have the same wish. The reality is that those people don’t know what to do and eventually they give up on pursuing their wish. If you are one of them, I would strongly recommend you to join the International Hado Instructor School and work closely with us to improve our planet. At least I want you to know there is an opportunity like this.

As the readers may know radiation and electromagnetic fields are also Hado. In order to cancel out this kind of toxic Hado, we need to produce Hado of good quality. Everything fits into the law of Yin and Yang which rules the universe. Humans are no exception. When people with good Hado gather up, the place will be filled with good Hado. If such a place of gathering increases in size, the whole earth will be embraced with Hado of beautiful light.

Then we can rebalance the dark energy. When we manage to rebalance the dark energy, I believe, we can also gradually remove civil wars, terrorism, poverty, famine, diseases, virus outbreaks, etc. Therefore, it is vital that we positively use our consciousness and shine the light on the world. Let’s work together to create a wonderful Earth where people can live happily, together.

(To be continued)

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  1. As I am starting to read ” The miracle of water” thank to my therapist of NAET since a week, I wish to give you thanks for having the opportunity to get in touch with your wonderful Organisation.

    Cecilia Durieux

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