The Truth of Hado [2]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.

Chapter 2


This device MRA changed how I view life and my life itself greatly. I will not discuss the details of MRA as I have already done so in my two previous two books, but the outline of the device can be descried as follows:

  1. What does MRA stand for?
  2. Magnetic Resonance Analyzermra

  3. What is a magnetic resonance field?
  4. A field of magnetic resonance is always present wherever Hado exists (Hado is the specific vibrating wave generated by the electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom).
    Therefore, it is not wrong to interpret Hado as the magnetic resonance field itself. This magnetic resonance field is one type of electromagnetic wave.

  5. What can MRA measure?
  6. MRA can measure the magnetic resonance, that is, Hado.

  7. How can you measure Hado with MRA?
  8. All substances and phenomena have their own unique magnetic resonance field.
    The field is converted electromagnetically, and made into four or five-digit numbers through a spectroscopy.
    The numbers are the so called MRA codes. When the codes are entered into the MRA device. The magnetic resonance field for that code is generated and applied to the subject by two contact probes. The measurements are expressed in sound and or figures tell the operator whether or not the subject is resonating and to what extent.

  9. What functions does MRA have?
    1) To check human organs and tissues
    The software installed in this system carries information regarding organs and issues of healthy persons.
    The similarities and the differences of the degree of resonance are analyzed to determine abnormalities of each organ.

    2) Checking for bacteria toxins, fungi toxins, virus toxins
    The vibration required to neutralize the vibration of specific toxins can be set in the software, establishing the hypothesis that those toxins do not exist. When a non-resonating response is seen, it can be assumed that toxins are present.The same process is applicable to the degree of the toxins.

    3) Checking for specific diseases
    ln cases of cancer or diabetes, the vibration that neutralizes the vibrationspecific to the cells of diseased tissue is set, and the resonance tells us whetherthe disease is present or not. The degree of the disease can also be confirmed.

    4) Checking for other toxins
    Checks for other toxins harmful to the human body, such as mercury, lead, or aluminium, can be performed with the same method as in above 2.

    5) Locating toxins or pathogens
    When it is determined that certain toxins or pathogens exist after the tests in the above method 2, 3, and 4, MRA can be used to see which parts of the body are affected.

    6) Water quality inspection
    By placing a water sample on the device and by setting the code for the actualsubstance you wish to test for, it is possible to discover whether or not thesample contains that substance and to what degree.

    7) Food quality tests
    MRA can check the functions water of or food. It can identify foods with high anti-carcinogenic character, or high carcinogenic character, foods good for a specific disease or bad for that disease, etc. By standardizing that information, it is possible to conduct food quality management testing during the food manufacturing process.

    8) Testing the degree of resonance between substances
    By setting a code or using the actual substance, it is possible to confirm the degrees of resonance. By doing so, one can check for expected chemical eactions, or if a combination of substances is a riskful one or not. Also, by checking the degree of resonance between a substance and a person, one can obtain data regarding the side effects of cosmetics or medicines.

    9) Imprinting a specific vibration
    When a harmful Hado is detected in various essential substances such as water and food, vibrations to neutralize the specific harmful vibrations can be imprinted. By doing so, one can obtain safe food and water, and prevent chemical pollution.

    10) Copying specific vibrations
    There are two inlets on top of the machine, IN WELL and OUT WEIL. The Hado of a substance placed in the IN WELL can be copied onto a substance placed in the OUT WEIL.
    The intensity of this function can be adjusted.

  11. Is it difficult to learn to conduct Hado measurements? How reproducibile are the results?

Because this device is completely different from conventional scientirlc instruments, the operator must:

a) be sincere and honest
b) abandon selfish desires
c) be free of the framework of conventional common sense
d) be enthusiastic and patient
e) have set a powerful goal

Anyone who fulfills the above requirements can master the operating technology within three month. Reproducibility stabilizes with improvement in technique.


I encountered MRA when I was seeking a good device to measure the properties of water. But that was not the intention of Mr. Weinstock as he developed the device.
His intention was a preliminary diagnostic device for medical use.
His way of thinking is truly a vision of the future, an epoch-making leap for modern medicine. Without doubt, the medicine of the 21st century will be based on this sort of thinking and technology.
Modern medicine today is just a set of therapies responding to symptoms. The methods remove or alleviate the patient’s symptoms, mainly by prescribing medicines and by surgical operations.

As a result, the symptoms may appear to have vanished, but the possibility of recurrence of the disease in other parts of the body remains. How is this so? Because there is little research into why certain people contract a specific disease.
If you don’t understand the real cause of a disease, it is tremendously difficult to cure the disease completely. Why is it that no fundamental solution to disease has been found in this modern era, even after spending trillions of yen on medical expenses and installing the most advanced facilities and equipments utilizing the latest electronics?
There must be something wrong with the approach.
I believe it is a problem of scale. Modern medicine is based on observations at the molecular level, but molecules are not small enough.

I can imagine that it might be difficult to switch to a new scale when molecular biology is one of the most advanced scientific fields, but I propose that our observations must go much deeper, to the atomic level or even the micro particle level. Otherwise, we cannot understand anything about disease.
Science is where various fields of physics should have evolved in accordance with the physical principles of the Universal truth.However, physics developed in parallel with the other general sciences, all trying to compete with each other. This is due to the passivity of physicists in the past.
I can illustrate my thinking with a drawing of Mt.Fuji, as shown in Diagram

1. Diagram 2 is a diagram of what science should be.

The mainstream of modern physics is a category called quantum physics, which describes laws of energy at the quantum level (molecules, atoms, nucleus,micro particles). This field of science was based on the viewpoint that the phenomena of this world cannot be explained without discovering the laws that govern the ultimate micro world. But most people do not realize that this field had dominated the attention of physicists throughout the world beginning early in this century, nor that this field already has more than 80 years of history.
A look at the list of Nobel Prize laureates in physics reveals that most of the recipients are in this field, since Planck in l918. Dr. Hideki Yukawa and Dr. Shinichiro Tomonaga are no exceptions.

Science today is highly sectarian at showing little collaboration, but if each field of science had aimed for fusion earlier, I am sure that many lives could be saved, especially with application of quantum theory in the medical field. Many people would have been saved from feelings of fear or anxiety regarding disease. Indeed, we continue to suffer. This is regrettable.

As mentioned previously, the reason modern medicine cannot clarify the real causes of diseases is because of the rough scale of its observations, though I am sure that physicians working very hard day and night would want to argue that point.
A doctor might say, “understand the theory, but how can we study about a world smaller than molecules? Without any specific measurements, nothing is feasible!”
This is where the MRA device comes to the picture.


I introduced MRA originally to measure water. However, as the basic concept of MRA is in the coding of Hado for parts of the human body, for diseases, and for metal element toxins and bacteria toxins which are thought to be one of the causes of diseases, I asked Mr. Weinstock how to operate the device and endeavored to learn the techniques trying the device on myself, family members, my company employees and friends.
In Mr. Weinstock’s laboratory, I came across Mr. Weinstock measuring the Hado of his friends and neighbors. When he found the Hado he was looking for, he imprinted the corrected Hado on the liquid inside a small bottle and gave it to the subject to drink.

When I asked him what that was all about, he answered, “It’s homeopathy. Herbal information is printed on an alcohol solution of about 30% concentration. By using MRA, I can print a Hado to cancel the bad Hado of that person, which is more effective than any medicine.”
I went through that procedure myself. He made a few bottles of solution for my homeopathy treatment, and on each occasion, he found out where I had problems, and the result was such a speedy improvement of my subjective problems. However, homeopathy is not approved in Japan.
Since then, I have studied homeopathy, and I have found that it is the only therapy in line with Hado theory, out of all the therapeutic treatments acknowledged as medicine. (Homeopathy was approved in Europe and in the U.S. more than 100 years ago. Homeopathy is utilized by the British Royal family) ( Please refer to PAT II “To fight fire with fire”)

I am neither a physician nor a doctor, so I am not permitted to use diluted alcohol solution, which is said to be the best for absorbing Hado, even for research purposes.
So I was faced with a problem. Even with the ability to conduct accurate Hado measurements, I had no method to express them, nor a means to prove the results.
So I was saying to myself, “Then I have to convince physicians to utilize this method. But how can I persuade them? I better accumulate some data on my own.” And a good idea came to my mind, “Yes! I can try using the Microcluster water developed by Dr. Lorenzen instead of alcohol!”


My idea turned out to be a great success. I used the MRA to conduct Hado measurements, and the imprinted results on Dr. Lorenzen’s Microcluster water. The water was diluted 1 to 200, and the subject would drink the solution. I had reports from all fields that a high rate of people with a variety of symptoms had their conditions greatly improved.
There are so many sick people in this world. I was doing my Hado measurements in a small room in an apartment in Gotanda, Tokyo. I repeatedly conducted the measurements for my acquaintances and gave them Hado water.
The news spread by word of mouth. Before long, I was receiving calls from all types of people requesting to have their Hado measured.

After I accumulated some data, I asked my friends and business associates to contact several hospitals and doctors.
I visited their offices taking along my heavy device. However, the response of these university hospital professors and doctors was so cold, I felt really miserable. With each rejection, I wondered, “Why don’t they understand me? Why do they cling to their pre-conceived notions?” Eventually I stopped approaching them. I decided to do whatever I could in whatever way possible, which is why I established the I.H.M. Health Association (currently International Hado Membership Association). This is, in a way, my challenge to those doctors and professors.

Since then, for four and a half years, I have been conducting Hado measurements for members at an average of six people a day. Recently, I am measuring three or four people a day on average, but in the past, especially during my visits to other parts of Japan, I often measured 10 to 15 people a day.
Thus, the average would be around six a day. During the past four and a half years I have been working so hard. Excluding the days that I worked as a company president and the days I spent visiting the U.S., I believe I spent about 200 days a year doing Hado measurements for our members. By simple calculation, 4.5 x 200×6=5400, so I have done Hado measurements for a total of 5,400 people.

During that time, I was extremely careful to work without violating, the Medical Act, or the Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Instruments Act. The number of members grew rapidly.Naturally, we had to increase our office space and staff, and that meant increasing expenses. If we were doing everything on a purely voluntary basis, there would be no legal problem, as long as there was no accident. But it was not possible.
I had to charge members a Hado measurement fee, and for the cost of Hado water.
And because I was the only operator able to measure Hado, the situation was far from cost effective.

Even if I carefully attended to all the details of the various documents and consultations, and even by collecting signed waives from the members, I could have been deceived by someone who intentionally wanted to overthrow me. It would have been easy for such a person to accuse me of violating the two acts.
History tells us that law can often be interpreted anyway one wants to interpret.
People who supported me often advised me regarding these two acts.

However, I was committed to what I was doing, and when considering the importance of my mission, I was confident that it is not for my own profit.
Therefore, I should not be afraid. As long as I am not arrogant, one day the world will be on my side. I have come to think that whatever happens, I should take what is given to me. In any case, I felt that the huge barrier I had to overcome was the barrier that stands in front of all innovative people they try to make something new happen.


Given the ability to fully operate the MRA, which can measure for the first time in our history quantum in micro levels smaller than molecules, I discovered why diseases occur and about many other issues unnoticed by modern medicine.
I expressed my learning in my first book “Prelude to the Hado Era” and “Studies of the Human through Hado.”

As mentioned in the beginning of this book, those books were well accepted by many readers. I received 3.500 letters and cards from the readers of “Studies of the Human through Hado” sharing their comments and encouraging me. Please allow me to share some of those letters. I believe it is worthwhile for readers of this book to understand how other people responded to the new technology and concepts.

“So intriguing. I feel the advent of an era of the genuine matters.” (K.K, Osaka)

“I learned so much about Hado. It was all so new. Astonishing. I would definitely want to lean more about Hado.” (S.Y, Arakawa, Tokyo)

“I truly appreciate this book, I felt myself resonating with every page. I would like to know more about the Hado instructor system and about operators.” (D.S, Yokohama)

“I was so surprised to lean that the world has advanced this far. So impressed by the content of this book. I regret that I did not study hard enough myself. I would like to learn much more about Hado.” (J.Y, Tokyo)

“l had always felt some kind of Power, some kind of Existence. lt is wonderful to be able to confirm and differentiate those feelings. I now understand why I live in this era.” (Y.M, Osaka)

“I am a computer engineer. I would like to understand and experience Hado as an engineer. I would also like to help disseminate the Hado technology through out our society.” (H.T, Tiba)

“I think there will soon be an emergence of a genuine super science, where the most advanced science and religious aspects blend. I do agree that many mysteries will be solved scientifically.” (S.0, Nagoya)

“An excellent book. Let me reiterate that I am not just saying this. I envy Mr. Emoto and Mr. Funai in that they are studying a new field of science. I wish I was born in their generation. However, I believe it is the mission of us young people to create a new era utilizing their technology.” (T.S, Kyoto)

“It is astonishing that one can understand the world so clearly with the Hado perspective.” (M. M, Kagawa)

“l felt as though light was shed on my worries and my ignorance. Now I know that philosophy is energy as well. I hope this concept is disseminated widely and deeply among many people. I will work hard to let my friends know about this.” (M.I, Kyoto)

“I was excited all through the book. My heart rejoiced to think of the huge potential of human beings. I was able to encounter Hado through my interest in Qi, and I would definitely like to feel the energy even more, to confirm the energy.” (M.T, Tiba)

“I was torn with two ultimate thoughts, half of me said ‘No! It couldn’t be! But the other half had to agree to the content. I felt as though my field of understanding broadened.” (K. M, Tokyo)

(To be continued)

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