Which planet are you from and where will you go when you die?


Masaru Emoto


Water comes from outer space!?

Over the years, throughout my long time research on water, I have often come to question, “Where did water come from?”
In June 1997, there was a big scientific announcement released, that seemed more important to humankind than Galileo’s heliocentric theory.
One of NASA’s staff and a professor at the University of Iowa, Dr. Louis Frank announced, “Water came from the Universe”!

At that time, Japanese newspapers released this subject and gave it massive coverage. Those who saw the news were stunned. This groundbreaking discovery meant that water, one of earth’s most unique features, is actually the substance that did not originate on the earth. Instead, it came bit by bit from space in the form of ice comets, about the size of 100 tons. When water enters the earth’s atmosphere as ice, it melts in the heat without hitting the earth. This evaporation then forms clouds and becomes rain or water vapor in the atmosphere, and then gradually distributes, reaching everywhere on the earth.

During this past 450 million years, the ice comets have arrived continuously, and we know that the amount of water in the oceans, lakes, and rivers on earth corresponds almost exactly to the amount of water from the ice comets.
The result of this research was reported for the first time on June 2, 1997 in the newspaper in Japan. However, for some reason, it then disappeared from the paper immediately after it was reported this one and only time.

newspaperA sequence of events like the trial of Galileo occurred. I imagine that some scientists who did not feel comfortable with his new discovery must have smothered it. By then, I had already been researching water for 10 years, so I understood this particular finding very well.

The more I studied, the more I learnt about the mysterious character and property of water, thus I had more and more questions and saw more complex mysteries relating to water. If the report was right (and I believe it was), water did not exist originally in the third dimension world, and if it were a gift sent from a higher dimension, the various mysteries would become quite clear.
Knowing this origin of our water changes the accepted history of biological evolution.

About 2,500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Thales said, “Water is the ARCHE” (which means water is the first material principle).
Where there is no water, there would not be any life, and any living creature would be unable to carry the life force. As 70% of our body is water, it can be said that human beings are also made of water.
With this in mind, we can consider that not only water but human beings and every living thing on the planet are not originally from the earth, instead were sent from the universe.
If this is correct, it is a major discovery, one where the foundations of past science would crumble. With this discovery, it is possible that the most important foundation of all the research theories connected to biological evolution, including Darwin’s theory of evolution, could be wrong.

Where are people from, and where are we going?

“Where do people come from, and where will we go when we die?”
This is the eternal question humankind has asked throughout the ages. Looking at it from this new perspective, we may be able to come one step closer to the answer.

At present, there is the accepted era of human creation. Following the announcement of Dr. Louis Frank where he mentions that the key to solving the questions surrounding what the era before the time of human creation was like, I felt that my eyes had been opened. I found the announcement shocking, and to me it seemed that the real journey to discover the origins of human beings really began with this announcement.

However, as mentioned above, it was reported just once and never again for unknown reasons. It was just like Dr. Jacques Benveniste’s case of 10 years before this report. A case that some scientists gave him an extreme bashing for, as he published a study supporting that water has a memory.
In a similar way to Dr Frank, scientists may have ignored him, discredited him, and the report may have been smothered. Many scientists, regardless of their areas of study, such as medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, science, biology, agriculture, etc, follow the golden and major accepted premise that every living being evolved on earth and that “water was present from the beginning. Therefore, it would be very inconvenient to have this foundation overturned completely.

The status, position, authority, interests and rights that they achieved after having worked very hard for a long time would face the risk of being eroded. I assume that they attack such reports and studies by ignoring or discrediting them to defend their positions at all costs.

Everyone has a home in the universe.

I had a strong interest in water and studied it in the beginning, though I knew how difficult and almost impossible it was to do research on water directly. Thus, instead of water, I studied the phenomenon called Hado as an approach to water. I gave Hado healing counseling to over 10,000 people, created their private Hado water and improved the clients’ energy, which allowed me to prove the fact that “water can be medicine”. There are thousands of cases where I cured various unmanageable diseases just by Hado water. This is the truth.

So, from my own experiences, I became convinced that this report on ice comets was true. I assumed that we came from a faraway universe as well because we are also water. Then I came to wonder, “Which planet did I come to the earth from?” I felt a powerful desire to know that “ Somewhere, there must be my home in the universe, and I want to know which planet it is!”

One day, I happened to hear a song called “Subaru” that Shinji Tanimura was singing, and I was deeply touched and had goose bumps. Whenever I heard it, I would ponder the meaning of the words, then I would be moved to tears. I felt intuitively, “I may have come from Subaru (the Pleiades).” Even now when I sing Subaru, I’m in tears. It could be because of the memories in my DNA of the days back in the Pleiades that respond to this song.

Let’s graduate from “Earth school” and ascend to the next planet!

I never deny any non-traditional or “unscientific” stories that are transmitted by word of mouth. I do not say, “It is 100% impossible”, even with the stories of reincarnation, ascension, Heaven and Hell, Noah’s ark, Atlantis and Mu.

On the presumption that human beings came to the earth from other planets, I wonder why we came here, and I think we are here to learn something. What I imagine is that human beings are probably sent to “Earth school” to learn to bring peace and ultimate harmony. Since it is a school, as you achieve your purpose and graduate from school, you can ascend to the next planet. If you fail, you will be born to come back to the earth and try it again, I think.
The purpose of this Earth school is “Graduation = Ascension”, so everyone must try hard, but if you cannot settle and clear your homework and karma that you brought to this world from your past life, I think you will fail unfortunately.

Why I would like to go to Mars.

According to a reading that a spiritual healer did for me, I was born 700 times on this earth in past lives, and there was a previous life when I was a guru of water. Because I was in such an important position at that time, it seems that I am to work as a missionary of water as a common man in this life. I failed in the graduation test 700 times in my past lives. If I can make it and graduate this time, I can finally ascend to go to the next planet.
I have already selected the planet I would like to go. It’s the Mars!

Why Mars?
It is the closest planet from the earth, but also because water is lacking according to the recent study. As there is not enough water on Mars, there is no green. Where there is no water, there is no life. As a water researcher, I would like to bring water to Mars. I happen to think that I can go there in the form of an ice comet as I am made of water.
space solar system
When I spearhead the journey, and succeed in moving to Mars, other human beings would be able to come to Mars one after another because of resonance phenomenon. I imagine that the level of Mars school is higher than Earth school, so I will have to overcome its high hurdle. It’s kind of fun to imagine which planet I would want to ascend to next when I pass the entrance examination to Mars school. Presently it is said that there are 8 planets in the solar system; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and they are most likely the options for the next place to go.

According to the “Law of Similarity” as one of the 5 Principles of Hado that I advocate, there must exist a similar kind of planet group in this infinite universe. Therefore, you will have an assignment on the planet where you go after graduating from Earth school. You won’t have to be afraid of the assignment and it should not be so difficult that you can pass the graduation test of that planet if you fulfill your job sincerely in a proper manner.

At the basis of this absurd idea, I assume that people are capable of becoming ‘god’ and obviously there have to be examinations and trainings to be qualified.

Like water, human beings are circulating the macrocosmos.

Long before we human beings came to live on the earth, there might have been eras when we lived on Mercury and Venus. However, there might have been a lot of conflicts, wars, and battles among ethnic groups.
We finally arrived on earth after a long time, yet human beings have not been given the conscious opportunity to reflect and instead continue to repeat wars, conflicts, and terrors around the world. In fact, we are destroying the great nature as well as polluting the water that heals and nurture us. I am afraid that the same type of tragedy as the era of Mu and Atlantis may occur again.

We all need to awaken now and learn to not repeat the same mistakes so we can graduate from Earth school and ascend to the next planet.
Unless we do so, this planet earth will be full of failed students. The universe is infinite, and it goes on forever. Even if all of human beings ascend and move to the universe, Space is infinite and thus there should not be any problem.

In the macrocosmos, water is circulating for an extensive amount of time among planets. It is possible that we, as we are water, are circulating the universe as well. In my own case, since I failed in the graduation exam 700 times, I would like to graduate from the earth any time now!

Let all of us make a journey to search for the truth together!

As I studied water and Hado for 26 years, I have been giving warnings. In 2014, as a culmination of this, I would like to create the foundations toward a proper outcome. It has been 27 years since IHM Co., Ltd. was established where sincere research on water and Hado have been made. I’d like to welcome new members and gather the force of everyone to overcome this difficult era. Anyone who would support my study and activities, who would like to search for the truth of water and Hado, who would like to solve mysteries of mankind and universe are welcome to become the members.

Let us all get together and work together so that we can maintain this beautiful planet earth for the children in the future and keep it the place where it is safe and in harmony.

Proofread by Emma Sargent

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