The 29th International Hado Instructor School in Tokyo

The Mission of Office Masaru Emoto’s International Hado Instructor Organization is to provide information on Truth of Water in an easy-to-understand manner to all citizens in the world. We are engaged in the research of water using Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Technology as well as other methods to provide new results and findings regarding water. We believe that, by deeply understanding Truth of Water, We human beings will be automatically able to build a society with peace and harmony, because “We are Water”

Another thing that you can learn from the Hado Instructor School is Hado (vibrational) measurement. As you know we all vibrate and we give out our instinct Hado (vibrations) and it affects not only your health but other people’s health too. So by studying about Hado, you will be able to know how you can stay your healthy life physically and consciously.

You can also learn the power of prayers and teaching of Zen Buddhism and join a water blessing ceremony.

The Hado Instructor School is a 3 day event, upon completion of Masaru, Emoto’s International Hado Instructor School, all the participants received a Certified Hado Instructor Certificate, Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystal Images, Lecture Material and the rights to present the information at your own lectures or workshops that are in support the Emoto Peace Project. Dr. Emoto established Hado Instructor School because he wanted to pass “the messages from water” on to generations to generations even after he dies so now it is time for Hado Instructors to be active to change the world better places for our children. This effort creates a ripple effect of Love & Gratitude around the world for Peace on Earth.

One man cannnot change the world but one man can deliver the message to change the world. We believe it is “The message from water”

Message from a certified Hado instructor, Matt Thornton from UK

Message from a certified Hado instructor, Adan Villarreal from Mexico

Location: The meeting place, IHM Seminar Room
office Address: Tokyo, Chuo-ku, higashinihonbashi 2-6-11 NS Building 2F

Friday,April 24th, 2020 –Day of Water–

10:00-10:45 / Opening Ceremony
11:00-13:00 / Message from Water – Hiro Emoto
13:00-14:15 / Lunch Break
14:15-16:15 / The Latest Science of Water – Yasuyuki Nemoto
16:30-18:30 / Observation of Water Crystal/ Demonstration of Hado measuring sessions
19:00 / Dinner Party

Saturday, April 25th, 2020 –Day of Hado–

10:00-11:00 / The Principals of Hado – Hiro Emoto
11:10-12:40 / The Forefront of Hado Measuring – Seichiro Yoshinouchi
12:40-14:00 / Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 / The Law of Kazutama (Spirit of Numbers) – Seichiro Yoshinouchi
15:40-17:10 / Eastern Medicine & Hado Measurement – Joshua Oki
17:20-18:50 / Introduction of Hado Kaizen Program – Joshua Oki
18:50-19:20 / Information
19:30 / Dinner Party

Sunday, April 26th, 2020 –Day of Prayer–

9:30-12:00 / Essence of Japanese Mind and Zen – Rev. Sotetsu Matsumura
12:00-13:15 / Lunch
13:30-15:00 / Power of Prayers – Tengoku Ito
15:15-16:15 / Prayer Ceremony at Sumida River
16:30-18:00 / Activities of Emoto Peace Project – Michiko Hayashi
18:00 / Closing Ceremony

April 27th, 2020 – A Tour to Kamakura

We take you to a beautiful historical city of Kamakura. We will be visiting Kotokuin temple where a statue of Buddha is, Hase temple where are beautiful spring flowers you can see and Hokoku temple which is known as bamboo temple. We prepare healthy delicious food for lunch at a restaurant which is owned by a local Hado instructor.

April 28th, 2020

10:00-18:00 / Advanced Hado device workshop Day 1
18:00 Dinner Party

April 29th, 2020

10:00-17:00 / Advanced Hado device workshop Day 2

* HADO School Schedule Subject To Change *

Hado School Registration & Payment Form:
Hado certification course registration fees do NOT include:
Transportation or hotel accommodation. Both transportation and hotel accommodation should be arranged by each participant.If you need assistance, we can provide you with transportation options or help you to find a reasonable hotel around the venue. Hado School registration does not include advanced Hado workshop fee or optional tour fee.

Hado certification course registration fees include:
The three day schedule and 2 dinners listed. All students will have the opportunity to observe water crystals through microscope at the Office Masaru Emoto, LLC. Upon completion of the Hado Instructor School: All certified Hado instructors will become a part of our Hado instructor organization, receiving a certified Hado Instructor certificate, Dr. Emoto’s PowerPoint presentation data and water crystal photography images on a CD rom with the right to use this information and data in your own seminars or workshops.

Only 12 applicants will be accepted.

Early bird special

Registration fee:
Registered by the end of Feb, 2020: $1,600USD
Registered after March 1st, 2020: $1,700USD

Registration for Returning Hado Instructors – $850USD

Registration Fee for an Optional Day – Sorry, no more space.
Registration Fee for an Advanced Hado Workshop – $850USD

– Payment is accepted by Paypal, Credit Card via Paypal or Bank Wire –
– No Checks Accepted –

Contact: Office Masaru Emoto, LLC
Contact person: Hiro Emoto
Tel: +81-33863-0211 Fax: +81-33866-5353

The members of a lecturer

hiromasa emotoHiromasa Emoto
Hiromasa is a second son of Dr. Masaru Emoto. He was a vice president of Hado Life USA which organized many Hado Instructor Schools in the U.S since 2004. After he was back in Japan, he has been working for international division of I.H.M and now CEO of I.H.M Corporation which he took over from his great father. He carries on the mission to spread Messages from Water and spread Hado technology to the world.

Dr. NemotoYasuyuki Nemoto
Yasuyuki received a Doctor of Science in Biology from University of Tokyo in 1988. After working for several universities in Japan, Miami and Honolulu in the fields of biology and biotechnology, he started to work for Dr. Masaru Emoto in 2002 as his international secretary. Yasuyuki has been also in charge of the scientific aspect of Dr. Emoto’s work. His theme is to integrate science and spirituality through the study of water. Now he is the Advisor of I.H.M General Research Institute.

Josua OkiJosua Oki
Josua is a head of Hado technology department of I.H.M Smile corporation. He has studied and practiced Hado for many years and he came to work together with Dr. Emoto in 2011. Right after he started to work for I.H.M, the big earthquake happened in Tohoku area of Japan and he has visited many affected places together with Dr. Emoto and treated many local people with Hado devices. He developed his own style of Hado counseling with using Hado Astrea and Kazutama Therapy System and it became so popular. He is also a photographer who captured a lot of spiritual photographs.

Seichiro YoshinouchiSeichiro Yoshinouchi
Seichiro is the president of I.H.M Dolphins and also I.H.M Smile. He is Dr. Emoto’s top disciple. He has consulted more than 10,000 clients as a Hado counselor with using Hado device since 1996. As he consulted clients with Hado device, he started to search “True meaning of Hado codes” and he came up with his own theory called “Kazutama” (spirit of numbers) theory. He even created a new Hado device called Kazutama System with using this theory. He will talk about the “Law of Kazutama” and demonstrate his Kazutama System at the Hado Instructor School.

Rev. Sotetsu MatsumuraRev. Sotetsu Matsumura
Sotetsu is a long time friend of Dr. Emoto. He was a colleague of Dr. Emoto at a same company more than 30 years ago. Now he is a 37th generation Buddhist priest of Fumonzan-Kisshoin Seitokuji temple since 1982. He has made an effort to spread the world of Kannon steadfast faith and practice of esoteric Buddhism. He will practice group Zazen meditation together wth students at the Tokyo Hado Instructor School.

Michiko Hayashi
Michiko started to work as Dr. Masaru Emoto’s personal assistant in 2004. Since then she has been working with Dr. Emoto trying to make this world the better place. In July, 2011, Dr. Emoto established a Non-Profit Organization, EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, where Dr. Emoto was the chairman and she was the general secretary of the organization. In October, 2014, she became the global director of the EMOTO PEACE PROJECT.

Tengoku Ito
Tengoku is a business owner, singing bowl player, Hado device operator, author, and certified Hado Instructor. He gives seminars about Hado and also live music performances with using singing bowls around Japan.

Lisa Itakura
Lisa is a professional actress and dancer. She started to learn modern ballet at the age of two. She attended various kinds of peace festivals and events in Japan and abroad and also played in Bollywood movie. She has been a performer for the water blessing ceremony together with Dr. Emoto since 2012. Her beautiful dance touches a lot of people’s hearts.

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