Water Crystals

We have taken water crystal photographs since 1994 and published them worldwide. In this page, we would like to introduce water crystals that have been published in the books.
In the pages for membership only, you can see latest water crystal images which may not have been published in the books yet.

It may take a little time to view all the images as there are many images. But it is for sure that it is worthwhile to wait to see them!

Natural Water


We played music to water and observed water crystals. Perhaps it is not a human who listen to music but it is water in the human listen to music.


We exposed words to water and obserbed water crystals. Words affected water very much.


We exposed photographs to water and water showed different faces depending on photographs.

Sacred Places, Religions, Symbols and etc..

How do sacred places in the world, sacred words and symbols which were spoken and showed in different religions affect water?

Power of Prayer

How will water change after we offer prayers to water? Will our prayers be reached?

32 thoughts on “Water Crystals”

  1. I am very interested in replicating Dr. Emoto’s work, but unable to find solid information on the microscope used. Some sites say “darkfield” – and that it probably correct, other sites say magnification was 10X, and the replication done with Dean Radin suggests 100X-200X, but would be interested in the microscope mfg., model, etc. – and any other modes used (e.g. polarization or phase contrast). Has anyone got the details?

  2. Has anyone else corroborated this very interesting experiment?

    Have scientists taken any interest in this new study?

    1. This concept is extremely complex. There is a strong possibility that if the “same” energy found in our healthy cells can be “mindfully” implanted in water then by drinking the water this induced energy will resynchronise damaged cells and restore health.
      The theory is sound but the process may need repeating many times for the effect to show. It took 9 months for a baby’s cells to be configured so its is unlikely that health could be restored over night by drinking “configured” water.

  3. This work is really wonderful. It is a gift to humanity and the world! Thank you, Dr. Emoto!

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    1. What kind crystals do you think money will grow?
      Mud, mud mud, dum, dum, dum
      Want to take good thing and make it evil.
      We should be trying to translate this argot language.

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  6. de Argentina, primero quisiera que lo puedan traducir y segundo seria mas significativo si fuera un vídeo. gracias!

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  8. I saw a book of yours once that had many photos of the water crystals affected by different words, etc…and I want to buy it, but now, I don’t remember which title it was. Can you please tell me? THANK YOU so much for such wonderful research! Amazing!! It truly gave me reason to stop and think about how we affect our world with our words and emotions. God is truly amazing!

      1. No, have some blurriness.
        But i suspect that is indication of the person’s reflection. When blurry, is reflection of the person’s level in comparison.
        I do find interesting that hard rock metal create mud. Because they make me happy and want to dance. So maybe dependent on the tester. Every snowflake is different as no two people are the same.

  9. Merci Monsieur Emoto pour ce beau travail philanthropique et unifier corps et esprit. Je demande la permission de prendre deux photos pour un livre qui traite de l’environnement externe et de nos pensées. merci pour aide,

  10. Thank You~ Thank You~ Thank You~
    You were a beautiful crystal Dr. Emoto
    Namaste~ In Joy Knowledge and Wisdom

  11. We cherish you for showing us the truth of the power of thought, and prayer and how it directly creates our reality. Rest in sweet beautiful peace, your work has changed the world. We pray your family, friends and colleagues may take solace in knowing such a remarkable man. May you always be surrounded by love and the infinite power of positive energy.

  12. Mr. Emoto : why don’t you take up the 1 billion $ James Randi Educ. Found challenge (since 2003, always valid) ?

  13. Cela fait de nombreuses années que je m’intéresse au pouvoir curatif de l’eau informée et que je crois en vos recherches avec beaucoup d’optimisme. Nous aussi en France nous allons régulièrement au bord de la Mer Méditerrannée avec une Chamane pour une grande Cérémonie de l’Eau et chaque année cet événement attire toujours plus de monde. Merci d’avoir été le premier à apporter de belles preuves sur la conscience de l’Eau !!! Vous pouvez voir la vidéo sur YOU TUBE en allant sur DIANE EYA et en choisissant le dernier film publié début août 2014…. très bonne chance pour la suite de vos recherches !!! Brigitte Mia

  14. I see the crystals and I feel their energy and I thank you my dearest brother and your hard working team for showing and telling us of the effects on water. I just wish I had money so that you dearest brother can share your time and energy with us in our Waitaha Water Gathering this October. I feel so ashamed.

  15. Cela me donne envie d’écouter de la musique,de ne dire que de jolis mots et de prier pour que l’eau dont je suis composée se transforme en d’aussi beaux cristaux Merci Mr Masaru Emoto .

    1. Hi
      I visited your site. Excellent you sharing your knowledge. Best do you doing work. This work is really wonderful. It is a gift to humanity and the world! Iam so glad. . Nice Water Crystals.
      Thanks Dr. Emoto

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