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  1. Hello, I sent email 2 x to crystal@hado.com and 1 x to German office but I don’t get a reply.

    I want to know if it is possible to print crystals on t-shirts/bags/and so on and donate percentage of every sale to institute. For a spiritual website. (NOT OPEN YET, ALMOST)


    1. Hi, Karen, thanks very much for your inquiry. We are sorry but we only have Japanese version of 2017 calendars.

  2. I would love to hang posters of water crystals on my wall please. Do you have poster templates or can I buy Hi Res images to create posters of my own please?

  3. is there any way to order copies of the crystal photographs to display as artwork in my home?

    Thank you,
    Dawn salina

  4. Thank you for your last reply. I am still having some issues placing my order though however.
    I have tried to place an order ( delivery to an Australian address), but one of the address data fields has the term prefecture listed there as well as American etc other countries but no area to tick for my country…..
    What do I need to enter in this area to allow the system to continue with my order request?

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please choose North America Central America Oceania and Middle E and fill out the form. If it does not work, please send what you would like to order to crystal@hado.com by email and we process your order. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. I would love to have specific details of how to arrange shipping to an Australian address for your products. When I went to try & do this from your site, it did not appear to have these options.

    1. There is no choice on the shipping method and all the products will be shipped out by an Express mail from a post office. If it is Australia, it takes about 3-4 days to be delivered after the products are shipped out here. Thank YOU.

  6. I am a fan of Dr Emoto’s work (Blessed Memories). Please I want to use this medium to seek for permission to share Dr Emoto’s works with my country people for the purpose of learning and self enlightenment.
    Thank you.

  7. Sadly I could not fulfill my 45.00 dollar order for the items I selectd because the prefecture area did not show the United states and the other options were in other countries , it would not let me process my order if someone can tell me how to bypass the prefecture section I would like to order items, or find another place online to access that
    Thanks angela

    1. Yes, we do. We ship by an express mail with a tracking number and it takes usually about 3-5 days after the shipment. Thank you.

    1. We use an express mail by a post office. They provide the tracking number so we should track where the parcel is so it should be OK. It should take just around 5 days to be your country. Thank you.

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