3 years from Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami…


We went to Fukushima once again.

February 6th, 2014, director of Non-Profit Organization EMOTO PEACE PROJECT (hereinafter “EPP”) and staff went to Fukushima. With a help of staff at EPP Fukushima branch, we had a gathering and conversation with the citizen. We asked “How in the world is the situation presently?” “How are people feeling now?” and “What kind of problems do they have?” We would like to report you how the gathering went and transmit their voice here.

In March this year, it will be 3 years from Hotoku massive Earthquake and Tsunami. However, even now approximately 100,000 people have no choice but to live in temporal shelters within Fukushima and about 50,000 people are living outside Fukushima. Furthermore, there are problems after problems even now. We have the serious problems occurred due to the Fukushima nuclear plant accident such as radiation-tainted water and land contamination. People are worried so much about the damage that may be affecting their health. This accident has made fishery workers and farmers’ life such a difficult one. People in Fukushima still have anxieties, sorrows, angers, etc, even after 3 years have past.
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Right after the disaster, EPP began to give Angel Water for free to people in Fukushima with the significant help of EPP supporting members. We have given more than 15,000 bottles so far.

Dr. Emoto and the EPP staff decided to go to Fukushima to give Angel Water and to talk with people there to learn the current situation and how they feel after 3 years have passed. The chief of EPP Fukushima branch, Mr. Michio Nagaoka helped gather mainly EPP supporting members, and more than 10 people joined us and shared their valuable opinions, trouble, and worries.

Gathering for conversation with Dr. Emoto and people in Fukushima

epp201403-3Mr. Michio Nagaoka, his son Hidetoshi, and other staff of EPP Fukushima branch Mrs. Yaginuma, and Mrs. Kabeya came to the meeting along with other people to Uchigo Community Center in Iwaki city, Fukushima. Firstly, Dr. Emoto gave his talk in which he mentioned, “Everything on the earth consists of Ying and Yan (positive and negative). The negative energy that the radiation emits is the same as Hado of resentment and hatred. To change such a feeling, it is important to have its opposite Hado which is to be in the mind of Love and Gratitude (Love and Gratitude = immunity).” He taught how we can change the feelings of fear, anxiety, and anger that people in Fukushima have toward radiation problem which even now we cannot see when and how it will end.

The participants in the meeting also exchanged their stories and questions with us. One of them said that the radiation dose differs depending on places even within Iwaki city (in Fukushima), for instance, the dose between next door neighbors is sometimes quite different and one is much higher than the other. Iwaki city is the place where the government is supposed to decontaminate, but there are cases that the local government has not still come to check, or the local government just brought a simple decontaminant and put it in the yard and they have not done anything further than that. So obviously there are big differences in the speed of decontamination and what the local governments do depending on places in Fukushima.

epp201403-2Another issue is, people outside Fukushima brought in many relief supplies right after the disaster, but there are some misunderstandings such as “they must have money after the nuclear accident”, and so the supplies that they used to receive have been stopped. The reality is that there are many cities and regions that have not received any money for a help at all, and so they have confronted a dilemma and stress and continue to live in such a situation. Living in places far from Fukushima, we can only learn what is happening from the mass media, and they are only reporting and showing one small part of Fukushima. We tend to believe what we see on TV and read in the paper. This time through this opportunity to talk directly with people in Fukushima, we learned the importance of knowing the reality directly from them.

Hado healing with HADO Astrea MMXI

epp201403-4The chief of EPP Fukushima branch, Mr. Michio Nagaoka and his son Hidetoshi own Hado devices “HADO Astrea MMXI” and “Kazutama Therapy System”. At the Community Center, they showed how Hado devices can help the participants’ health and negative feelings.

We also gave Angel Water to all the participants on that day. One person volunteered to transport Angel Water. He lives in Sukagawa, Fukushima, and is such a beautiful man with full of mercy and human love. (He prefers to be anonymous, so we would like to call him “Mr. K.”) He left home early in the morning with his own truck to come all the way to the warehouse in Tokyo where Angel Water is and brought them to the Community Center in Iwaki city, Fukushima on that day. We asked him to transport water for the first time, and it was such a sudden request, though he was very kind to accept it so nicely. We appreciate him with all our hearts and so deeply! Mr. K. also has the Hado device, HADO Astrea MMXI and gives treatments to his family and himself.

epp201403-5In the future, Mr. Nagaoka, his son, and Mr. K. will collaborate with each other and organize Hado healing events to help people in Fukushima. We are pleased to know it because it will give the light to many people and we hope more and more people will know about Hado healing. With the significant help of Hado devices, people’s anxieties, sorrows, and other negative feelings will be changed to positive energy. We understand that people in Fukushima are still in the midst of difficult time seeking ways to recover and reconstruct, and we’d like the Hado devices to help them as much as possible. We are grateful for Mr. Nagaoka, his son, and Mr. K. for their great contribution, and of course we will continue to do what we can!

We strongly felt that it is not “already 3 years” but “still 3 years”.

After the gathering, we gave Angel Water bottles to everyone at the parking lot. We came up with the idea to do this gathering just one week before that, and we truly appreciate all the participants for coming. It has been 3 years since the 3/11 disaster, and as Dr. Emoto and we saw the serious problems that Fukushima has even now, we strongly felt that it is not “already 3 years” but it is “still 3 years”.
We would like to continue to distribute Angel Water to people in Fukushima as part of EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, though the financial situation of EPP is very severe. We are short of fund to buy water and transport it to Fukushima. EPP solicits for monthly supporters and donations. We would like to ask you please support EPP for Fukushima.

Also various activity ideas are welcome, so please contact us if you have any. One person’s support and idea will become one big power and movement, and its energy will amplify to create this world a peaceful place.

EPP will continue to support Fukushima so that everyone including all animals and other beings will be able to live peacefully soon. We thank you very much for your understanding and kind cooperation.

To people who will kindly donate and/or become monthly supporter, please contact us at:
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