The law of KAZUTAMA Changing Subconscious Mind [1]

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi, I.H.M. Dolphin

Let’s realize your wishes using “the law of universe”!!


For All Those Having Any Trouble or Problem

To everyone who was born on the Earth and is living their own lives…
I would like to ask about one thing.

      “What do you have in your mind now while living your life?”
      “Do you have any problem now?”
      “Do you have any trouble now?”
      “Do you have any goal to aim for now?”
      “Do you have any hope to achieve?”
      “Do you have any wish to realize?”

I have lived my file with a mental trouble since I was a child.
I had an indescribable fear always following my heart. Why should I live my life having such a fear? I wondered.

I have lived my life while dialoguing with my heart and while heading my consciousness to the inside of my heart. Every time when I encountered various situations, I did not know how to deal with my feelings welling up from my inside and was at the mercy of energies of those feelings and could not control them.

I thought how happy I could be if I were more calmed down and could keep my senses without being at the mercy of feelings of anger and fear and without getting nervous in front of people. I have lived my life until now while wishing to be such a person.

I was very shy and quiet as a child. Simultaneously I hated such my personalities. I repeatedly made various efforts to change my personalities. How terrified speaking in front of people is for a person who is not good in that, those having the same personality will well understand that. While facing such a fear, I tried to change myself.
Now I have greatly changed my personalities.

The law of KAZUTAMA Changing Subconscious MindI am able to speak in front of many people in state of being calmed down without getting nervous. The current myself is a very my happiness. The pleasure of being able to do what was difficult to do…. Those who can do it from the beginning never feel this pleasure.
The reason why I could change my personalities is that I found one simple law and I have lived my life in accordance with the law.

We feel that the universe where we are living is incredibly large and very complicated. Our existence itself also seems to be similarly complicated as the universe. However, when investigating the nature, it is understood that even what apparently seems to be complicated is actually formed by a very simple mechanism.

Information describing a system of this universe which was received from the existences on a higher-dimensional planet than the Earth was very simple information. By utilizing this information, people are able to control their own minds efficiently and change their negative personalities.

I want to tell a method therefor to all the people in the world, so I decided to write this book. I will go ahead with this book while wishing that I could help those having many troubles and problems and those wanting to realize their wishes and goals. It would be my pleasure if you would read the whole of this book.

Further, when finishing this book, your mind already starts to change…. for realizing your wishes….

(To be continued)

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi

yoshinouchiSeichiro is the president of I.H.M. Dolphin and also I.H.M. Smile.
He is Dr. Emoto’s top disciple.
He has consulted more than 10,000 clients as a Hado counselor with using Hado device since 1996.
As he consulted clients with Hado device, he started to search “True meaning of Hado codes” and he came up with his own theory called “Kazutama” (spirit of numbers) theory.
He even created a new Hado device called Kazutama System with using this theory. He will talk about the “Law of Kazutama” and demonstrate his Kazutama System at the Hado Instructor School.
HP:Kazutama System (Japanese)

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    1. Thanks, Angelica for your interest. We will upload the series of the article from now on so please wait for that. Mr. Yoshinouchi will be present at the Hado Instructor School in Tokyo in May and teaching the theory as well. Thank you.

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