The law of KAZUTAMA Changing Subconscious Mind [3]

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi, I.H.M. Dolphin

Let’s realize your wishes using “the law of universe”!!

Chapter 1, MRA Vibration Detector Approaching Mind

1. Encounter with Vibration Detector MRA

I started vibration detection as a business in 1996.
Although a vibration detector was not generally known at that time, I had physical problems and mental problems and always searched a method for solving the problems and troubles.

One day, I picked up a book at a bookstore. The title “The Truth of Vibration” was written in large letters on the cover of the book. This book gave me an impression that it was a certain type of engineering book, but at that time I was drawn to the word “vibration” and picked up the book.

Because I get interested in the contents of the book by glancing through a few pages of the book, I bought the book and went home, and immediately started reading the book that night. The contents of the book were so interesting that I was fascinated and read the book through without stopping, and, before I knew it, the dawn was breaking.

The book introduced a device for measuring an invisible vibration energy, which was called “vibration detector MRA”, and described that there was the possibility that various symptoms and problems could be solved by measuring vibrations of body, toxins and feelings by means of that device and correcting distorting vibration.

The description that there was the possibility that it might be possible to approach even mental problems and solve them made me have hope that I might be able to change my own life which I had lived while feeling a sense of stagnation.

After I graduated from university, I joined a company in my hometown and worked as a salesman. I had about 40 fellows who joined the company at the same time, but at the beginning, all that I could do was to learn the way of working and I could not get around to thinking about other things. However, a few years later, I was accustomed to my job and since then I was gradually able to afford to think about the then job and my life.

It was my pleasure to talk with my co-workers about various things while drinking after work finished. Although work was a topic common to all of us and I think that we all shared the same sense of values, when the topic was changed to the future or life, most of them had interest in how to obtain promotion, marriage and a house and there were few people who, like me, were interested in how they would grow up through the job and how to maintain sprit when attending to people as a salesman, and therefore they and I could not talk the same language.

Although I worked with my co-workers at such workplace, because I had always felt that I had a feeling of fear in my heart, and I always felt a feeling of loneliness somewhere in my heart while feeling different from other people in the way of grasping or thinking about basic things and a sense of values in life itself.

After reading “The Truth of Vibration”, I immediately visited the place introduced in the book and underwent the vibration detection. I tried drinking the vibration water which was made for me.

In everything, it is very dangerous to swallow information written in books, and I think that it is possible that such information is wrong. So I make it a rule to confirm such information by trying by myself first. And I judge whether the information is true or not on the basis of the result of my try. As soon as I started drinking the vibration water made for me, I felt that my mind is changed. That was an effect better than I had expected rather than as I had expected.

At that time, although I worked as a salesman, I was not good at meeting people and talking with them in spite of being a salesman. I faced people while having a feeling of fear at the bottom of my heart.

However, after a while after starting drinking the vibration water, I felt that the feeling of fear was gradually being calmed. And, visiting clients and having business talks was changed to a pleasure day by day, rather than a distress.

This change was what I had never experienced in my life. And I felt that the vibration detector and the vibration water which were able to cause such a change in a mind had an infinite possibility.

I found out that it was possible to change a negative character, that is, a habit of mind which I had thought that could not be changed.

After I underwent such an electrifying experience, I was dying to do work relating to the vibration, and finally I tendered my resignation to the company and started a business. Probably, the vibration detection is the job which my soul sight for.

Because I suddenly tendered my resignation to the company where I had worked for 15 years and started a business with no assurance, looking back and thinking rationally now, I think that I was so reckless. But the feeling welling up from my soul at that time could not be suppressed by the thought I created in my head.

Therefore, I opened a salon for performing a vibration counseling. It was in 1996.

2. Heart and Mind Changing by Starting Business

That business is what I newly started with no connection, and I think that such a business is not likely to succeed from the beginning. I also ran the business in the red at the beginning.

Because I had a wife and two kids when I started the business, I had to obtain enough income for my family’s living through this business. While applying the savings I had made to the living expenses, I had to put my business on track before using up all my savings. Occasionally, it happened that I had neither telephone call nor visitor for several days in spite of the fact that I was at my salon throughout the day. As everyone think about negative things in such a situation, I wondered what to do if I would not have any clients forever, and I got depressed.

When I suffered such anxiety, I wondered to myself.

Although I now have anxiety about having started this business, if you could turn back time and get back to before tendering my resignation, do I choose a way to continue the previous job without starting this business? Does that choice make me happier?

The answer is “NO”. No matter how stable the income from the previous job is, it is the stability in the material world. I already noted that, no matter how much time has passed, I would never get stability of mind without change.

Therefore, I have no choice but to do the current work hard without looking back once I have chosen the vibration detection work. I try everything and do all I can do anyway, and, if the management still does not go well, then I can give up.

Because the fact that it does not go well in spite of doing my best means that I cannot do anything more than that, then I will completely give up and close my salon, I thought.

Once I made up my mind like that, the anxiety I always felt has gone without notice.

From that day, I itemized as many things necessary for management of my salon as possible, determined the priority among them, and put practicable things among them into action one after another. Doing so made me hardly feel anxiety and fear about the management, which I had felt, and the actual sales grew up smoothly.

Such various conflicts in my mind when starting my salon and such experiences about what to do against welling-up negative feelings were very helpful to counseling clients visiting my salon for undergoing the vibration detection.

Although many books about counseling are sold at bookstores, the contents of such books and what is learned at school are merely acquired as knowledge.
Such knowledge is not helpful until it is made possible to tell clients the knowledge as my words based on my experiences.

In that sense, starting the business and managing the salon while feeling various pain and anxiety means that I simultaneously underwent experiences necessary for counseling.
Now I can think rationally and accept that in this way, but at that time I could not see the future anyway and therefore I worked frantically at all.

(To be continued)

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi

yoshinouchiSeichiro is the president of I.H.M. Dolphin and also I.H.M. Smile.
He is Dr. Emoto’s top disciple.
He has consulted more than 10,000 clients as a Hado counselor with using Hado device since 1996.
As he consulted clients with Hado device, he started to search “True meaning of Hado codes” and he came up with his own theory called “Kazutama” (spirit of numbers) theory.
He even created a new Hado device called Kazutama System with using this theory. He will talk about the “Law of Kazutama” and demonstrate his Kazutama System at the Hado Instructor School.
HP:Kazutama System (Japanese)

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