The law of KAZUTAMA Changing Subconscious Mind [4]

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi, I.H.M. Dolphin

Let’s realize your wishes using “the law of universe”!!

Chapter 1, MRA Vibration Detector Approaching Mind

3. Mechanism of Human Mind

My clients visiting my salon now have various troubles. Certainly many clients want to overcome stage fright or a personality that they are not good at speaking in front of people, but a problem concerning health is the most in umber.

Particularly, there are various physical symptoms, and people having allergic symptoms such as hay fever and atopic dermatitis, life-style related diseases such as diabetes, and other various symptoms, which are called modern diseases, visit my salon.

Some people are troubled about marital relationship or wok relationship between boss and staff, and some people are troubled about income or work. Although it is not a trouble, other people want to achieve a goal or desire, for example, examination, employment, results of sports and love.

The most easily available information as a method for achieving a goal or desire is the so-called “know-how book”. When reading such books sold at bookstores, some books specifically describe what to do, such as a know-how to succeed in life and a method of becoming rich. And it seems that many people in the world read such books. This is seen from the fact that new “know-how books” are published one after another.

However, although it seems that many people read such books and understand the contents thereof, and believe that “I can achieve my desire by this way”, I hardly hear that such a person actually achieves his desire. Even if information written in books is true, a desire cannot be achieved only by knowing the information. Knowing information, practicing the information and taking an action makes it possible to achieve a desire.

Why is a desire achieved by taking an action?

As for a desire to obtain money, of course, working in the actual world leads to income and this is the most direct way to achieve the desire. However, know-how books hardly describe information which directly connects to the achievement of desire, and they recommend what everybody can do with consciousness, such as cleaning a toilet, putting shoes neatly, and picking up litter.

That is to say, it intends to produce experiences by making people actually undergo such actions. We take various actions in daily life and gain experiences accompanying the actions. Such experiences are recorded in our mind and remain there as information. This information has a power to change the state of mind, so a desire is achieved by gaining experiences.

The larger the amount of information in our mind which has been recorded through experiences is, the more our mind develops, and thereby we are able to deal with everything.

The “vibration counseling” performed using a vibration detector MRA is able to deal with various problems of various people. Why can it do that?

The fundamental cause of a problem that a person has is negative information being in his subconscious mind. In the vibration counseling using MRA, negative information that a client has in his subconscious mind is detected and picked up, and the “vibration water” provides support for canceling the information.

Because the fundamental cause of a problem that a person has in the actual world is negative information that he has in his subconscious mind and the state of his subconscious mind is changed by drinking the vibration water, the vibration counseling can deal with every trouble and solve problems.

4. The Nature of Us Is Mind

Now a human mind is considered in detail.

We are born with a body in this world and live. When recognizing our families and acquaintances, we first look at their faces and figures and thereby identify them. Therefore, it seems that many people believe that the nature of our existence is body. However, human is not an existence having only a body but an existence having a heart and a mind (soul). Energy that is called feeling is generated from a heart, so it is clear that we have invisible parts, such as a nature called personality, as well as a body.

Therefore, which of a body and a mind is the subject?

Body cells are replaced every day, but our faces and bodies are hardly changed. It never happens that I have a different face when I wake up and look at a mirror. Further, “death” will come to all of us someday. After a human dies, if his body is left as it is, his body gradually decomposes and finally returns to the soil.

When thinking about this, our present bodies cannot exist unless there is energy for forming our bodies. The energy making it possible for the forms of our bodies to exist is called “mind” or “soul”.

Based on these things, it can be understood that the nature of us is a mind and our bodies are maintained by the existence of the energy of mind.

5. Resonance Phenomenon (The Law of Attraction)

Our minds are the energy which forms our bodies, and our experiences which have been undergone through actions in life are stored as information in our minds. Depending on the difference of the stored information, the energy state of human mind varies.

As for energy, there is a law of universe which is called “resonance phenomenon”. It is a law that energies having the same frequency resound and are transmitted to each other or are gathered.

You probably have experimented using a diapason in a science class at school.

For example, two diapason of 440 Hz are prepared and one of them is hit. Thereupon, the other of them, which was not hit, also starts vibrating. In spite of the fact that the other diapason was never touched, it resounds with the sound transmitted from the hit diapason next thereto and therefore vibrates.

Now, when a diapason of 440 Hz and a diapason of 445 Hz are prepared instead, what happens? In this case, only the hit diapason sounds. With 5 Hz difference, the resonance phenomenon does not occur and the not hit diapason never vibrates. Because the frequency is determined depending on what information the energy of our mind has, information that resounds with our frequency gathers around us and our surrounding phenomena happen.

What type of job do we get? What type of friends do we have? Further, what type of happiness comes to us? Everything is determined depending on information in our mind. If the information is negative information, sometimes a disease or an accident will be attracted. Therefore, if you want to avoid such situations, you should cancel negative information in your mind before such a situations happens.

The book “The Secret” was a best seller and what is written in this book is exactly this.

What you feel or pray in your heart itself is an energy and will be achieved by the law of attraction (resonance phenomenon), and therefore we had better think about as many good things and things pleasing surrounding people as possible, which is written in the book.

I hear that many people read this book and tried for achieving their desires. Those who wanted to obtain much money continued to strongly wish to obtain money in their heart every day….. However, the result was that they could obtain money at all…

I am sorry that I often hear such things.

Many people were disappointed that their desires had not been achieved or no attraction had occurred in spite of the fact that they continued to wish every day. Accordingly, what is written in “The Secret” is a lie?

Now, the mechanism of our mind is considered.

According to the explanation made by Dr. Carl Yung who is famous in the field of psychology, a human mind is separated into a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Further, the subconscious mind is separated into a personal unconscious mind region and a universal unconscious mind region.

The unit of information is bit and a human receives information of 11 million bits per second. However, the information which is actually recognized in the conscious mind is only 5-40 bits. The remaining information is not recognized in the conscious mind but is received in the subconscious mind. That is to say, so huge amount of information is stored in the subconscious mind.

The above-mentioned minds can be expressed by other words, three-dimensional mind, four-dimensional mind and five-dimensional mind, respectively. The three-dimensional conscious mind is the world in which our bodies exist and which can be commonly recognized by all of us, that is, a “world of results”. The four-dimensional mind and five-dimensional subconscious mind, is an unconscious world, that is, a “world of causes”.

The information which causes phenomena appearing as three-dimensional results is in the four-dimensional and five-dimensional minds. That’s why if we want to change a three-dimensional result, it is necessary to change the information causing the result in the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension.

Probably, those who tried to obtain money using the law of attraction but failed in it wished only in the conscious mind.

No matter how strongly they wish to obtain much money in their conscious minds, they merely call for money in the three-dimensional “world of results”, and therefore they merely immobilize themselves being in trouble because of lack of money. For really obtaining money, it is necessary to cancel information that they have in their subconscious mind, that is, information that interferes with their obtaining money.

The vibration counseling performed in my salon provides a vibration water, “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water”, which works so that negative information a people has in his subconscious mind is cancelled. However, it is not true that everything can be achieved by only drinking the “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water”. It is also necessary to make an effort by themselves.

The effect of the “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water” is explained simply in the following diagram.

We all have negative information in our respective subconscious minds to a varying degree. An influence of the negative information which comes to the surface is what is called a negative personality or a habit of mind. With such negative information, we attract negative energies by the resonance phenomenon.

Such negative energies include virus, electromagnetic wave, toxin and spiritual obstacle, for example. When influenced by such a negative energy, the vibration of a physical portion is disturbed by the influence of the negative energy and it appears as various symptoms. Further negative feelings are generated and we draw further negative energies. It can be said that those who feel physically sick fall into just such a negative spiral.

When a person who is in such a state drinks the “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water”, he is able to shut out the negative energies he attracts. By only drinking the “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water”, his difficulty is reduced by 50 %. However, because the negative information in his subconscious mind still remains as it is, drinking the “KAUTAMA Therapy Water” is not a fundamental solution.

Further, the “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water” acts on his subconscious mind and brings it into a state where the negative information can be more easily cancelled. This aids cancelling of 45 % of the remaining difficulty, and therefore the last 5 % is cancelled by making an effort.

As has been mentioned, this effort for the last 5% is the effort which he has to make by himself. However, drinking the “KAZUTAMA Therapy Water” changes the state where it is necessary to make 100% effort by himself to the state where 5% effort is sufficient, which I think that is an abnormal aid.

(To be continued)

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi

yoshinouchiSeichiro is the president of I.H.M. Dolphin and also I.H.M. Smile.
He is Dr. Emoto’s top disciple.
He has consulted more than 10,000 clients as a Hado counselor with using Hado device since 1996.
As he consulted clients with Hado device, he started to search “True meaning of Hado codes” and he came up with his own theory called “Kazutama” (spirit of numbers) theory.
He even created a new Hado device called Kazutama System with using this theory. He will talk about the “Law of Kazutama” and demonstrate his Kazutama System at the Hado Instructor School.
HP:Kazutama System (Japanese)

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  2. Congratulations! Extremely interesting. I am a homeopath. Where can I get your Kazutama book from? With much thanks and appreciation, Gunda

    1. Dr. Gunda Paulin, if you would like to get his Kazutama book, we can send you his book (Japanese) and the translation of the book in English. Email me at for further more information. Thanks,

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