Miracle to Life by Hado

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi, I.H.M. Dolphin

It seems that there is a rhythm in each person’s life. It is not just one rhythm per person throughout their lifetime, but rather a combination of rhythms. These combinations of several rhythms create the active, and non-active, periods in a person’s life. We can say that these rhythms are the Hado of life.

In my case, my rhythms have a very clear 15 year cycle. My first 15 year cycle, from when I entered grade school until I graduated from university, was my “Stage of Learning”. It was during this time that I acquired a lot of academic knowledge at school and also experienced and learned how to form friendships and how to be with people. The next 15 year cycle was my “Stage of Patience” and began from the time I started work until the time that I established my own business. My experience of working taught me many rules in the business world that I didn’t know. I remember that I sometimes had to put up with very irrational matters, so it was my period of patience.


Since starting my own business, my current 15 year cycle seems to be the “Stage of Awakening”. During this time I have learned about the world of Hado for the first time since reading Dr. Emoto’s book, “Truth of Hado”. During this cycle, I left my previous job and opened my Hado treatment center. This has changed my life. While I was working as a business person in a corporation, my life was secure in the organization of the company, but since starting my own business, I have had to decide everything by myself. It is a lot of responsibility, but I have acquired more valuable freedom. The experiences through this work have helped me to remember the real purpose of why I was born into this world. This is my period of awakening.

In each stage, what I do and what I experience are all completely different. I never thought that my life stages would be so clearly different. However, at my current age of 52, when I look back at my life, each stage was very different. This year, I am beginning a new stage.

It is the 15th year since I started my own business and people around me have arranged my first book, “The Law of KAZUTAMA Changing Subconscious Mind”. It was published on 15th of March, 2011 which was right after the Tohoku earthquake disaster. I wrote about all the information in conjunction with Kazutama (spirit of numbers in accordance with the Law of Universe) that I studied in the years since I began Hado counseling work. At the same time, I have explained what I have personally learned by applying the theory of Kazutama.

yoshinouchiAs I started my own Hado counseling business, I have had some relationship with IHM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “IHM”). In 1996, I made a contract with HCC, and opened my Hado treatment centre. From 1999 to 2002, I worked for IHM as a sales manager. At that time, IHM was experiencing financial difficulties. It seems that people bring out unexpected subconscious when they are experiencing a severely critical time. Dr. Emoto, was the President of the company at the time and had a dream of publishing a picture book of frozen water crystal photographs. However, in Japan, the distribution of books to book stores are made by major agencies. In order to have your book circulated you need to have an account with one of these agencies. No agency would open a new account for Dr Emoto to publish his book. So he spent all the money that he had to publish, “MESSAGE FROM WATER” himself. This was a risk for him as the book would not be in bookstores. When he thought that it was hopeless, a miracle happened. The members of IHM started to place orders to buy the book. I was amazed because sometimes people bought 50 books while others bought 100 books, and so on. Then Dr. Emoto who survived and recovered started to give lectures all around the world with his book, “MESSAGE FROM WATER”.

Now, as if he was resonating with the Great Earthquake of Tohoku of 3・11 in 2011, I heard that there had been a big quake in IHM, and the company was almost devastated. It looked as it all was reset. I feel that there is not anyone whose life isn’t full of ups and downs. After experiencing the good and the bad, I decided to get back to the starting point when I was giving Hado counseling with MRA. At the same time, the monthly members’- magazine was renewed as “IHM WORLD” and started to be published just this month. The way that my book was introduced in this memorable first edition of IHM WORLD seems as if it was all set up from before.

As the 4th stage of my 15-year circle of my life has now begun, the IHM started its new system, and we are now heading in the same new direction. I am very pleased that we are sharing the same goal, and I trust that IHM will regenerate with a significant company structure. It’s because I feel that it was a promise that was made since the era of Atlantis.

I will be writing serial essays here such as my remembering and recalling the encounter with IHM 15 years ago, my encounter with Dr. Emoto back then and the excitement of the encounter with MRA and how I began my treatment center. I am pleased to be able to write about what I have learned from my clients through Hado counseling, experiments of my own in many places, and small interesting stories of Dr. Emoto’s. I would like to do my best to make this 4th stage of mine the “Stage of Success”. I hope you will enjoy my writings and stories from the next issue and for more to come!

Proofread by Mary-Lou Nouh

Seiichiro Yoshinouchi

yoshinouchiPresident of I.H.M. Dolphin Ltd. Chairman of Association of Subconscious Mind Reading. Certified MRA Operator of International Hado Membership.

Since 1996, he began to search for “what numbers indicate” while giving counseling to over 10,000 clients as a Hado Counselor because he was impressed with Masaru Emoto’s book, “Truth of Hado”. He discovered his own theory of “Kazutama”, meaning “number spirit”, and provides seminars in various places in Japan. He plans to develop Hado treatment centers all around Japan. Regular Speaker at Hado Instructor School.

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