Think of the real reason for a Quake, Rainfall and Hotness of such that we have never experienced before [Part 2]

Why are we now experiencing massive earthquakes, huge rainfalls and increased temperatures that we have not experienced before?

Masaru Emoto

The phrase, “rain and temperature beyond our experience”, which the Japan Meteorological Agency has started to use in recent years, does not make sense if the scientific premise of reproducibility is correct. The Japan Meteorological Agency, the most prestigious administration of a modern nation in its role to observe the weather conditions of great nature and to predict its phenomena, has started to use the phrase for real.

Now Is the Time to Rectify Mistakes Human Beings Have Been Making for the Past 500 Years

What I would like to say is that human beings have been following an extremely wrong path for the past 500 years. We should correct this direction, which has been turned out to be a mistake, immediately. What is nature? I think we need to rethink and explore the providence of God who created nature. It was with this in mind that I published the aforementioned idea as a starter. Let me discuss the conclusion now.

At this rate, the Japan Meteorological Agency will continue to use the phrase, “beyond our experience…,” next year, the year after and years to come. As a result, there will be a great number of victims in the general population every time. The only way to avoid these catastrophes and disasters that are beyond our realm of experience, is to apologize, beg forgiveness, appreciate, love and respect the force/element that plays a central part in great nature. The force that plays the central part in great nature is water.

It has been almost 20 years since I succeeded in freezing water and taking a picture of its crystal. The ideas mentioned above have come clearly with presence to my mind each and every time I observe and achieve the results from a variety of experiments.

Experiments of Frozen Water Crystal with the Use of Music, Photos and Power of Words

The experiments I derive my results from include:

  1. Play music to water: Design of water crystal observed was the design which vibration created.
  2. Show photos to water: Water memorizes the surrounding environment.
  3. Show written words to water: Good words create beautiful crystals and bad words create ugly crystals.
  4. Give prayers to water: Beautiful prayers create beautiful crystals. Water is a mirror of human consciousness and water tells it to us.

Freezing of water crystal experiment of four

As you know, I take photos of the same water before and after the variable is applied. We document the quality of the crystals, the number of the crystals and we offer a photograph of formed crystals or unformed crystals (in those cases where no crystal have formed) as the best pictorial representation of the experiment’s overall results. Every scientist must be able to provide a visual representation of what they are observing – just as the botanist draws flora and fauna, so does the biologist draw kidney and organ dissections. We, as water researchers, photograph what is happening to water at the microscopic level – where the eye is unable see. It amazes me how many people have trouble with this concept.

The ideas for these experiments came to my mind almost intuitively, and the outcome of the experiments over the decades is tens of thousands of water crystal photos. I have continued to take the photos and tally the data, since its first successful photo was taken in 1994 – twenty years ago. That is to say, I am not making up these results off the top of my head, or bending the facts to fit my theory as is the case with ‘confirmation bias’. These results and the accompanying data are what we received and compiled after many years of experiments in taking photos of the frozen water from each of the experiments listed above.

Water Is a Surrogate of God

I unveiled the idea of “water is a surrogate of God” for the first time at a lecture held in Brunei in May 2013. In doing this, I learned that there are many sayings similar to my ideas in their holy writings from the Koran, as well. They were very excited and happy to listen to me.

After the lecture, I visited 10 predominately Christian cities in the United States for about 3 weeks from July 2nd to the 21st. The experience in Brunei empowered me enough to make a speech about “water is the surrogate of God” consistently from the beginning of the tour to the end. Amazingly, the end of lectures at 9 sites came out with standing ovation, and my great hypothesis acquired empathy from great number of people.

Concept of Reproducibility Disturbs the Pursuit of Truth.

When the Japanese Meteorological Agency began to use the phrase, “beyond our experience…,” for me it was a timely moment of wisdom. In accepted scientific methodology, there is the line, “the most needed requirement to be validated as a science is to have reproducibility,” which the modern world of science had been saying like a rock-ribbed law.

On this occasion, I would like to ask all the scientists to throw out the concept of reproducibility. I guess you have already been vaguely conscious that wonderful ideas will be generated when you throw out the concept of this word from your excellent brains.

This earth and the universe are changing and progressing all the time. All is in flux.

If you continue to take the same stance from now on, rejecting messages from water and try to lead human society, there will be no way to avoid from going through far more terrifying experiences. I believe that the readers will understand easily that the story about abnormal weather in recent years, which I wanted to tell you this time, is not a needless fear but a strait-to-the-point truth.

I would like to get together with like-minded people who spread this story, those who feel crisis in the current circumstances of the earth and desire to rise up together, for change.

Reptilians Are Invading the Earth!?

There is another thing on my mind. It is a meaning of the picture shown here. Although there are different pictures of Adam and Eve, most of which have a snake drawn somewhere. I, who had been a snake hater since childhood, became greatly horrified by the snake’s existence when I first saw a picture of Adam and Eve. Since then, my dislike of snakes has remained the same up to the present.

Reptilians Are Invading the Earth!?In December 2007, I published a book, “To the Five-dimensional vibration, the structure of the universe will change in this way,” in collaboration with an English writer, Mr. David Icke who is famous for his theories on reptilians. The reason why I wrote the book in collaboration with Mr. Icke was because my hate toward snakes was inordinate enough to make myself question the emotion. It resulted with the understanding that it was occurring from an experience in my far distant past life, and I thought there should be some reasons in common. I asked Mr. Kenji Ishii (the current president of Hikaru Land), who, at that time, was in charge of the department of spirituality at Tokuma Shoten, for his cooperation to publish the book.

Mr. Icke told me about many things. When I began thinking over the direction and recent variety of mindless actions of earthian human beings, things they were not supposed to do, I started to have a thought something other than earthian human beings. In other words, what extraterrestrial biological entity may have been sending reptilians with quite high technologies to this earth for quite a while, in order to gain this earth. So, my interpretation of the aforementioned picture is as follows.

The Reason Why God First Dropped off Human Beings on This World

I guess the aim of what God dropped off human beings was to make them supervise the earth as his surrogate. I also guess that the God who takes care of this earth could not afford to spend time on only the earth, because he has to cover the whole solar system. This idea makes me think that the first human beings who were dropped on the earth were living things promised eternal life, which were neither male nor female.

However, reptilians sent from outer space in order to plunder the earth made an approach to the human beings, and used various ways to seduce Adam and Eve, even by forcing them to eat the forbidden fruit which had been sent to Eden in advance. Possibly because the fruit contained energetic information, such as a kind of dimension–lowering drug, the two were thrown into the hell of beasts instantly. That is, I think they lost their features as God.

Then, Adam developed male genitalia immediately, and for Eve, female genitalia. Birth canal and breasts were given to raise children like other animals. An extraordinary idea came to me again. Probably the picture is picture drawn of the scene that followed soon after they had eaten the forbidden fruit, where they found themselves mutating physically. The changes surprised and shamed them, so they reached for a leaf of fig and hid the mutated parts. Under the shade of the tree, a snake smiles inwardly after carrying out its mission.

The reason I had this kind of idea is because I had always wondered why only human beings were ashamed of sexual reproduction which is a sacred behavior in nature and never wanted to expose it to the others, and why there are still a lot of homosexual people called lesbians and gays. As if the idea of sexuality is dirty or forbidden. Without reproduction behavior in nature, we would be without food, plants and animals. Some plants and animals are asexual. The idea of homosexuality is a man-made concept, with its own man-made connotations attached to it.

Furthermore, as I mentioned above, when seeing the modern situation that the current human society executes a lot of mindless governmental actions that will cause long term conditions that even our descendants are not able to survive, I think the marrow of this earth has obviously been gripped by reptilians who have their advanced and smart technologies.

Water Knows All Answers

We have to think of a way to counter and avoid the destructive circumstances. In order to do that, I am taking the chance to be taught by water. The knowledge of the nature of water, I think, is the only glint of hope left in this human history, and remains one which has not been fully investigated or integrated into scientific thought. Or we have possibly been banned from looking at it by reptilian-like existence.

Water is described as the source of all creation, however we have never mastered what it actually is. Scientists have been unable to ‘create’ water by simply combining its elements. They can only make it as a by-product of an event. Those who succeed in gaining a better insight into the nature of water like I do will be able to find God inside water.

Although a lot of intellectuals, scientists searching for the ‘God’ particle, and the wise, have been chasing an answer of “what God is” until now. Still, nobody gets it. However, God has always been truly near us. Water inside our bodies and water inside a glass in front of us is the God itself or a surrogate. A physical manifestation or stand in for that which remains unseen. Therefore, we adults should have an interest in water as the first step. With this knowledge we can spread the importance of water to children – our future creators and thinkers.

In order to do that, I have been making free the distribution of a book, “The Message from Water/ Children’s version” for 7 years all over the world. Fortunately, cooperators and advocates have showed up in 30 countries up to the present and kindly distribute the book at a good pace. However, we have not made a big achievement in Japan unfortunately.

I really hope and appreciate your cooperation in distribution of the book if you empathize with this article. Earthians, let’s call for wisdom and help of God to protect our earth for our beloved descendents. Now, it’s time to start to pray to water with love and gratitude every day.

Here are four simple prayers or words you can say to water that will change everything dramatically.

Dear water (God), I am sorry I did not notice your existence until now.
Dear water, please forgive us.
Dear water, thank you very much.
Dear water, I love you.

What Brings about Breakthrough and Changes the World Is Conscious of Our Own

If water, which exists everywhere, vanished completely at this instant from this world, we, human beings, will not be able to survive. With this vanishing of water, it is understood that plants, animals and all entities currently with life will not be able to save their lives. We might have been conceited to believe that all civilizations were built by ourselves, and acting as if this world is a possession in our hands.

This narrow outlook has made us forget the great blessings water gives, which had been too close to us for us to fully respect and appreciate. Without water, we would never exist. We shall keep this fact in mind and give our love and gratitude to water. Just as many cultures around the world do when they participate in water ceremonies. If you change, everyone around you will change. If everyone around you changes, this world will change as a simple by-product of people changing.

This world will be changing to a place truly filled with love and peace, by doing simple things anyone can do easily every day. It is only us who, with utmost urgency, can change the current circumstances of the world.

Translation : Chisako Maekawa

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  1. This sure is a ton to try and comprehend and I am not sure if I am able to fully understand what you’re saying. Thank you for a awesome post. To be honest, when I first came to this blog last year I was just trying to find something funny to read but this blog has been really useful and insightful. This actually answered my problem. I’m always shocked that you’re somehow capable to create such top level content almost every week.

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