The Truth of Hado [10]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.



Re-encountering with “An Introduction to Hado Science”

Thanks to my readers, I received reports from the person in charge at the publisher Business Sha that “Studies of the Human through Hado” is selling well and gaining a good reputation. It has entered the top ten seller list in many well known bookstores.
Postcards were inserted in the books since the initial sales on April 12, 1994, for people to send for more information, and everyday, about 30 postcards arrive in my office with comments about the book. It is a great pleasure for me to read those cards everyday.

All the cards say good things, which encourage me deeply. Many of the cards say, for example, “I feel as though my eyes were opened. Thank you so much for a wonderful book”, “This book clarified what has long been an unclear thought”, “I read this book at one stretch. I am so excited”.
I was concerned about how well the results of my six years of Hado research will be understood by readers because my books contain rather bold hypotheses based on my intuition. That concern, happily, was unnecessary.

I am surprised by the change of consciousness. If this book were published five years ago, it would not have received this much acclaim. I feel strongly that people are seeking for answers to big questions that they have about modern society. In that sense, I am definitely lucky.
However, from another angle, some believe that everything occurs from necessity.
Perhaps all this was already written in God’s scenario. It did not happen accidentally out of nothing. I am fully aware that this phenomena is dependant on many valuable studies and books by my predecessors. I could come this far because of the “pretreatment” role played by the great people in the past.I thought of this especially when I re-encountered Dr. Masao Ohashi’s book, “The Introduction to Hado Science”(Tama Shuppan).

I found this book in a bookstore six years ago and purchased it, but as the content seemed quite difficult for me then, I put the book on the shelf after reading two or three pages. Then, probably because I moved my office several times, the book was not even found on the bookshelf any longer.
It is quite an exciting feeling to find your own books on the shelves in bookstores.
Since the publication of “Studies of The Human through Hado”, I have been walking around many bookstores to see how many of my books are placed in which corner.
One day, when I was in one of the bookstores checking my books, I noticed Dr.Ohashi’s book placed right next to mine. It had a different binding as the previous one, and the title of the book was now “The New Introduction to Hado Science”, and the following clause was included as the note from the editor:

This book “The Introduction to Hado Science” went out of print after the first printing in 1985, but due to requests from many readers, we have publish this book as revised edition, after modifying the title and with new binding.
This was my re-encounter with a book I had bought six years earlier and had lost somehow. I took the book thinking with nostalgia about receiving a letter from Dr. Ohashi, and when I was reading the contents page, I was so shocked that I almost shouted “Wow, is this the same book!” Six years ago, I could not understand most of what it said. Now. I could understand each and every word, and just by reading the contents page, I could tell that there are so many similarities with what I had written in my book, “Studies of The Human through Hado”.

According to the introduction of the book, the profile of Dr. Ohashi is as follows:
Masao Ohashi Born 1912, in Shizuoka-shi
Worked as the General Manager of Telegraph and Telephone Bureau, in Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation. After retirement, became a member of Japan Counselor Association, Super Psychology Research Group, and was a councillor of Japan Psi Science Academy. Established Hado Science, and died 1992.
Other books by the author include “The Introduction to Hado Science” (out of print), “Gorei No Ho (The Law of Spiritual Enlightenment)” (both from Tama Shuppan).
Regrettably, Dr.Ohashi passed away about two years ago, and I feel so sad that I never met him in person. As mentioned before, I received a letter from Dr.Ohashi after MRA gained a reputation, and we promised to meet each other. But I was extremely busy, and we never found the chance.

I wrote that I was shocked to read the contents page. I was especially moved by the following items:

  • From particles to activities
  • Understanding Hado Science (hypothesis)
  • There is only one hypothesis
  • Grasping the phenomena
  • The relationship with physical science
  • Hado and phenomena
  • Wavelength and phenomena
  • Waveform and phenomena
  • Resonance and beat and phenomena
  • Hado and the shapes of substances
  • The size of the universe
  • Hado and whirl
  • Hado and analogus form
  • Hado and linkage
  • Hado and mutual reaction
  • Media of electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic waves and energy
  • Discovery of electron waves
  • Psi phenomena and atomic waves
  • Hado and dimension
  • The law of balance in the universe
  • The principle of analogy
  • Assumption of image nature
  • Creation of energy
  • Creation of substances

I am sure that clever readers are already nodding their heads. I gave this book to Mr. Kazuya lshibash, who joined the MRA Research Institute from April of 1994, and assigned him to read the book thoroughly and be able to explain and present its contents to a general audience in an easy to understand my. He is a Doctor of Science, graduated from the Ph.D. course at Kumamoto University. As Dr.Ohashi was a scientist, his terms are still quite difficult for general readers to understand, so I thought that Mr.Ishibashi. with a similar scientific mind, with the enthusiasm to enter our research institute, and resonating with my Hado theory, would be able to make the presentation effectively.

After two weeks of hard work, Mr.Ishibashi conducted a one-hour presentation in front of the employees explaining to us about “The Introduction to Hado Science”.
The presentation was indeed a success. The audience understood the content of the book and the common ground between my Hado theory and Dr.Ohashi’s book. Just the other day, at the First Hado Instructor Training Course, Mr.Ishibashi did a great job giving a presentation on Hado. When the training course ended, he was mobbed by instructors eager to learn more. They asked Mr.Ishibashi to hold another more admnced seminar.

The Hado theory that I wrote in “Studies of The Human through Hado” derived from the thoughts from Hado analysis with MRA, but the theory was not for the professional academic or scholars as my terms were more emotional and literature-like because of my background.
Yet, more than 40 years earlier, a scientist had conducted research and had published the results ten years earlier. Maybe it came out a little too early, so not many people took notice of his book. But with that book laying the groundwork, my book is receiving considerable attention now. And the content of Dr.Ohashi’s book covers far more fields and in much greater depth than what I wrote. I am sure that this book will be a valuable text book for my further studies. I recommend this book to all my readers as a way to study more about Hado.

I would like to express my sincere respect and appreciation to Dr.Ohashi for leaving such wonderful research results, and I make a vow that I will do my utmost to let as many people as possible know about Dr.Ohashi.s book.
Lastly, I would like to present the following excerpt from the epilogue of Dr.Ohashi’s book:

The biggest concern for me in publishing “The Introduction to Hado Science” is that this hypothesis might be seen to lie within the range of current physical science.
Physical science is the science of physics (body). Hado science is a science of phenomena (soul, spirit). It is also a science of the mind of God or Buddha. I would like the readers to realize that this hypothesis is not my original thinking.
It is a revelation from God or Buddha. Therefore, if you approach Hado science as a physical science and stick to self-interest and greed, it will not lead to happiness for the human race any more than the atomic bomb.
Hado science will probably contribute most directly to human beings in the discovery of atomic waves. This energy is the energy of life. It is also the energy of God and Buddha. The essence of gravity was never revealed until now perhaps because there was the danger of it leading to total disruption in the thinking of physical thoughts. Atomic waves have unlimited possibilities. I would like to request that the atomic waves be utilized for the happiness of all human beings.

The primary objective of Hado science is to prove that physical science and the spiritual world are bound with the same energy, the atomic waves. I can never forget the following phrase written in the book “I Saw The Spiritual World”, written by Swedenborg, a phrase which Swedenborg heard from a spiritual being:
“Let it be known to the people throughout the world about this spiritual world, and about spirits. There is no other way to save the world”.
It is said that there will be a big global change at the end of this century. If that it true, and if there is a way to prevent that from happening, then the above sentence is the answer. Because when the above is truly understood, then the viewpoints and perspectives of people toward the world will change.
(“New Introduction to Hado Science” written by Masao Ohashi July, 1994)

(To be continued)

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