The Truth of Hado [6]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.



The other day, I found a book called “Changes of Climate Altered Language” in a bookstore close to our Research Institute. It is a book published by NHK Books, written by Dr. Hideo Suzuki, a professor of Geology, Tokyo University.
Dr. Suzuki was inspired as a geologist to notice that language and climate have some kind of relationship.
Since his insight, he has made thorough research for almost 10 years. The result of his studies was compiled in a book about three years ago.

The method of his research was to take several basic words, Romanize the pronunciation of those words, and research similarities in pronunciation in various areas.
The logic here is, for instance, the Japanese word SHITA (tongue) is expressed as SHITA, and words which mean tongue in another district is expressed in another way.
He made a language distribution chart. and clarified the relationship between climate and dialect.
In this case, climate is naturally connected to temperature difference. Now I would like to suggest that we consider exactly what TEMPERATURE is. The concept of temperature or heat is most often associated with FIRE. When we are close to fire, we feel physiologically that we are hot. When we are too close to fire, we burn ourselves.

The phenomenon of HOT or COLD is felt only when there is a discrepancy between the energy volume of two substances. If I may share an extreme example, there would not be any perception of hot or cold for substances with 1,000 degrees centigrade and another with 999 degrees centigrade.
Energy is materialized Hado, so temperature and heat are a part of Hado. In other words, each substance has its own unique Hado, meaning any substance has its specific temperature in a specific situation. It is said that our average body temperature is around 36.5, but this differs according to where you live. And each person has an energy source within in forms of emotion. The body temperature of each human being should be different if micro measurements are used.

In this way, I came to realize that questions as why there are more than one language on this earth, and why each race has different color hair and eyes and skin, should all to be considered in the same level. In other words, these differences all come from locale. People take traits from these places in which they live. People differ due to differences in temperature in local climates.
When considering differences in temperature as the differences in energy, and the differences in energy as the differences in Hado, these issues become easier to understand.

The average body temperature of human beings is 36.5 degrees centigrade. If the body temperature rises two or three degrees, and if that condition continues for more than a week, the person’s health would greatly deteriorate. Eventually such a person might lose his/her life. This fact is applicable to the surface temperature of this Earth. It has already been mentioned in science magazines and other printed media that if the temperature of Earth rises by an average two degrees, the Arctic and the Antarctic ice would melt and most of land will be under water.
These two facts prove that man can only exist within a very limited energy range.

Explaining this from another angle, I can say that if the planet Earth was a little closer to Sun or a little farther from the Sun, or if the Earth shifts in its position, the human species would quickly die out.
Therefore, we must be grateful for the stable climate of this Earth which has been protecting and nurturing our ancestors for such a long, long time. At the same time, we should do our best to maintain this climate. Even with a stable climate, people have been hating each other, and killing each other to this day because of slight differences in Hado.

The fact the planet Earth has maintained such a stable climate is a miracle. I think about the reason why such a miraculous thing has continued for hundreds of thousands of years, but I still have no clue. I did find the following clause in a book called “The Day That Lightning Chased The Housewife” (The American Association for the Advancement of Science), under the title “Why is climate stable?” Even after reading this page, I could not understand the real reason (translation from the Japanese version):

However, it was really lucky for us because approximately 2 billion years ago, some blue green algae absorbed carbon dioxide from the air and found a way to produce organic carbon compounds. We call that reaction photosynthesis. Since then, for an unlimited range of time, as algae and its descendants in other words, plants, evolved and flourished, the ratio of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere decreased. That came in hand in hand with the Sun raising its temperature. Biologists say that is how life itself made this world safe for life.

This of course cannot be proved. As it is a wonderful theory, it might be even sad if it is true. What I mean is, if the existence of life on a certain planet is influenced by coincidences in evolution that result from its harmony with the warming Sun, it would mean that there is little hope of finding intellectual life in other parts of the universe.
But, this theory is probably wrong. The fact is, no one knows why the global climate is so stabilized.
(The Day That Lightning Chased The Housewife. Edited by Julia Leigh, David Savold; The American Association for the Advancement of Science)

I believe that we cannot solve this issue because we do not have proper understanding of temperature. The definition of temperature is the most difficult one of all. What on earth is temperature? I will make this one of my top priorities for research.Uulv, 1993)

(To be continued)

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