The Truth of Hado [7]

Masaru Emoto

“The Truth of Hado” —Published by PHP Kenkyuujyo in 1994.
Sold 65,000 prints, a bestseller in that genre at the time.



Day after day, each time I read the newspaper and watch the news on TV, I feel sad to think of how we human beings seem to like arguments and contention so much. In analyzing all kinds of news from that prospective, you realize that more than half the news is about conflicts between people arising from different opinions and stances.
Looking at this from the Hado perspective and real happiness can only be acquired by sharing . Yet it seems that the actual level of evolution in our society is still very low.

When we consider why people argue so much, we come to realize the difference between truth and reality.
According to the Kojien dictionary:

“Truth is:
1) The true thing, the sincere reason

2) (Philosophy) a) An objective propriety of judgment expressing absolute existence, actual relation, or situation. Therefore, a mere concept is neither true nor false. The judgment of truth or falsehood is made only when the concept is affirmed or denied. In this case, truth is the affirmation of the actual, and is the denial of what is not actual. That in general, is the coincidence between with the judgment and the actual. There are many views of this coincidence and actual concept;
b) Superficially, the truth is the correctness of thoughts in the sense that the thinking is in accordance to the law of thoughts.
Reality 1) No lie, no falsehood . The real thing, the faithfulness.

2) (In adverb use) very, extremely 3) (Buddhism) Not temporary. The extreme, the absolute truth, the quintessence of the universe.
However, this explanation is still confusing, and not very clear.
According to my own interpretation, I believe truth and reality should be defined as follows: Truth The Laws of the Universe and Nature by which man and animals and minerals generate and develop in an orderly manner.
Reality The footsteps and present status of the man, animals, minerals mentioned above as they actually carve out their mode of existence.

When considering definitions for these two words, we come to understand that there is only one truth, but there are an unlimited number of realities. Therefore, all realities based on the Truth should resonate with each other according to the Hado theory. If based on Truth, there should be no disputes. But we have not been seeking earnestly for the Truth. Therefore, not all the realities existing now are based on the Truth. That is why the boundless realities contend with each other, each asserting that it is the only reality.

“Mr.A and Mr.B started quarrelling. You want to help the two get on well with each other. When you listen to Mr.A’s reasons, you agree with his opinion, but when you listen to Mr.B’s reasons, you also feel you agree with Mr.B as well. In this case, both Mr.A and Mr.B are speaking about reality. Neither of them is telling a lie. Both are telling the truth, as they see it, so neither of them compromise. Now you don’t know what to do.”
I’m sure many people have experienced this situation. Conflicts between realities are very difficult to solve, the more so as the problem gets larger.
All the disputes taking place throughout the world are because of contending realities. The problem is even deeper for ethnic issues because those conflicts are brought about because of differences in the historical realities of each ethnic group.

To solve these disputes arising from conflicts of realities, we must perceive everything on this Earth in accordance with the Truth. For example, one of the largest elements would be to consider how we can promptly disseminate the truth of Hado, and this is the raison d’etre for the International Hado Membership Association.
However, this will take time. So what is needed until we reach that stage is the semiconductor concept and the existence of semiconductors.

Let us look up the word semiconductor in the Kojien dictionary:
Semiconductor Substance which has electrical conduction rate in-between a conductor and an insulator. Semiconductors do not conduct electricity at low temperatures, but as temperature rises the electrical conduction rate increases.
They are categorized as a group of oxides including silicon, germanium, selenium, and heavy metals. Semiconductors are used in rectifiers, transistors, and optical batteries.

To settle quarrels between Mr.A and Mr.B and between ethnic groups C and D, a mediator is necessary. If people around them just let things go, they are like water and oil and cannot get on well with each other at all.Mr. A and Mr.B may not be a large problem, but if the dispute is between nations, the problem may escalate in a terrible direction. However, not anyone can be a good mediator. You have to be able to play the role of a semiconductor. As a requirement for that you have to know about the two parties to the dispute. Also you have to have the ability to understand the realities on both sides. If such a person earnestly endeavors to help all parties, the heat in the semiconductor itself will rise and the conduction rate will increase.

Eventually the two insulators A and B will be able to exchange currents via the mediator. Positive opinion exchange will be possible, with necessary compromises on both sides leading to solution.
Until we develop a Utopia society, we will need people in the semiconductor role. I wrote about this issue in my first book “Prelude to the Hado Era” as follows:
“No matter how hard I try, I cannot think that the two societies (present society and future society) can transmigrate based on Hado science beginning on a certain date.
If change happens abruptly, it would mean a huge natural disaster turning everything on this Earth up side down, starting wars, turning a majority of the human race into victims.
We cannot let that happen. If the modern society is truly a dangerous place, we need a leader or a group to make a smooth transition to the future society.

Luckily, we have seen an example of such a person Mr.Gorbachev of the former U.S.S.R. Mr.Gorbachev was the semiconductor for the U.S.S.R. to transform from socialism to liberalism. He knew both socialism and liberalism.
If people desire to make Hado science the basis of future society, we need a leader who understands both societies to lead the rest of us. Hado science cannot be seen or felt. The transition from a tangible society to a non-tangible society would be a big project for the whole human race, one that we will be experiencing for the first time in history. If this project is led by someone who does not deeply understand the Hado science, there will be a huge friction.”
Let me propose that what is required now is to learn and understand about as many realities as possible, and become semiconductors in many fields.

(April, 1994)

(To be continued)

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