Why are we now experiencing massive earthquakes, huge rainfalls and increased temperatures that we have not experienced before? [Part 1]

Why are we now experiencing massive earthquakes, huge rainfalls and increased temperatures that we have not experienced before?

Masaru Emoto

Japan Meteorological Agency has recently been issuing alerts for the weather conditions mentioned in the title. It started on 11 March, 2011 when we experienced a severe earthquake – the likes of which we had not before experienced. We also suffered the unanticipated big tsunami that accompanied this earthquake.
Since that time, we have continuously been experiencing guerilla-type heavy rainfalls and extreme heat with temperatures over our body temperature. (This article was written 15 August, 2013)

Why has such phenomena occurred?
I have assumed it is because Mother Nature finally got furious.

But what were the reasons that Mother Nature became furious? I wondered if Mother Nature has the same human emotions including anger and gentleness. Of course I am sure that the answer is “Yes”. Let me explain my beliefs.

GOD’s existence

Firstly, we must consider what makes up the Universe, human beings and Mother Nature. It is very difficult to find an exact answer, and since the dawn of time, I do not think that anyone in this 3rd dimensional world has been able to answer this entirely.

We have hypothesized that the answer is X. Unless we hypothesize a mathematical equation, such as X, we cannot proceed further in our thought. This is the reason why we have substituted X to indicate “ GOD“.

I have no doubt that no one thinks that such a complex, accurate and beautiful Earth was accidentally created. Therefore, it is natural that the existence of GOD be hypothesized.
The thinking that all things were created by GOD, and that all was GOD’s wish, led to the formations of religions. Various religions were established across the Earth as the way to find GOD. Human beings firstly tried to find GOD in Mother Nature. This made sense as humans relied on Mother Nature to provide their needs for living. However, as Mother Nature differs across the Earth, this also meant that GOD was different across various locations. This would explain why there are numerous religions across the World.
However, if we shift our focus to a higher thought, then the target becomes the macrocosm. If we think about why this macrocosm exists, and who designed it, then we cannot possibly even imagine the answers due to our limited perceptions. We must consider this in the terms of a higher dimensional world which is extremely far from our own dimension.
Thus, I think that it is unavoidable to be able to continue to find the answer to X on Earth. However, once we obtain the answer to X, I assume that we can think of the existence of God over it.
If it is thought of in this way, I wonder what GOD, who designed all the things on the earth, is like.

What energy source did GOD use?

Everything that we do, or make, requires energy. I think that GOD asks the thermal energy from the sun to be continually used to provide energy.

Needless to say, thermal energy from the sun is sunlight, or light. Light is vibration, Thus, GOD started to design all things using vibration as the energy source. (“Shinto“ (Shintoism in Japanese) might be “shindo“ (vibration in Japanese). Also, vibration originates from “Hado”. As I am known as the global pioneer of Hado, I have tried to think from GOD’s perspective as to how the earth was created.

Five principles of Hado

The following five points can be considered as Hado principles;

  1. Resonant phenomenon: Persons who have the same frequency attract each other.
  2. Purity: The more the frequency is purely the same, the more that the power of attraction reaches perfection. If the frequencies are slightly different from each other, it weakens. Moreover, if it differs to a certain degree, they interfere with each other and can lead to a conflict.
  3. Law of Similarity: or the “Do-re-mi“ theory. Vibration is a repeat of “ Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti“. The more the higher toned frequency is produced, the smaller the range of frequency becomes. The less the lower toned frequency occurs, the bigger the range of frequency becomes. In other words, all things existing in the world, no matter if they are big or small, are crested by the same theory.
  4. Shape: The efficiency of the vibration depends on the form of the material being used to produce the vibration. For instance, the pyramid and the cube represent one of the good and bad forms respectively.
  5. Yin-Yan (positive and negative): Transmitted vibration is cancelled by the vibration which carries the exact opposite wave form.

If I were GOD…

“Alright! I will try to design the world using sunshine and vibration!“ Then I thought of the following concept:

  1. I create an extremely beautiful earth!
  2. I project my will as a designer into every corner of the world.
  3. If a situation occurs that is against my will, I will modify my design.
  4. For completion, life must be created.
  5. I establish a system whereby all lives help each other. Specifically, I create an independent planet whereby all lives that I create will help, and support, each other and do not need any support from other planets.
  6. I create a system whereby only one individual cannot exist.
  7. If I make a mistake, then I will design a method to cancel the world that I have created if that world is inappropriate.
  8. I set the exact opposite energy up for all created things.
  9. All things that I send to earth are fundamental materials of which all existences are composed.
  10. I will send 108 types of fundamental materials to earth and name them, as a whole, “element”.
  11. I create so that each element can work forever in a well-balanced way that follows the design.
  12. I send my representatives to the earth so that the design will penetrate into every corner of the earth.
  13. I create “water”.
  14. “Water” will not have one specific form so that it can spread everywhere.
  15. I design life in a way that cannot survive without “water”.
  16. I arrange steps to ensure that “water” comes from the existence of a higher dimension (universal GOD) in outer space.
  17. I arrange “water” to ensure that it can transform its shape into various dimensions.
  18. As “water” is the origin of life, I allow “water” to convey states of all existence to each other on the earth.
  19. Furthermore, I make “water” report to me about all states of existence.
  20. The fundamental energies of “water” are love and gratitude. The energy of gratitude will be twice as strong as that of love to enable the energy cycle to be smooth and semi-permanent.
  21. I create a big pool of water – the sea- so that lives are born from it. I will do this so that water can perfectly convey my design and will.
  22. At first, I create simple organisms by combining simple vibrations. Gradually, advanced organisms will be created by using complex vibrations.
  23. As vibration produces a sound, I will make sound by producing a word by combining vibrations. In the beginning was the Word.
  24. The first in existence becomes food for the next born in existence. Therefore, I create the food cycle.
  25. All in existence will have fertility to ensure the conservation of all species.
  26. I create an existence that represents me.
  27. I also give eternal life to the existence of my representatives. However, I do not offer any guarantee if there is an error made in the path of life.
  28. My representatives are the human beings. Thus, they are made of almost all “water”.
  29. As all things are made of vibration, I hope that all follow the “5 principals of Hado”, help and understand each other and lead the planet to permanently shine beautifully in a harmonious way.

The above idea may be eccentric for masters of the subject and there may be many contradictions. However, I believe that as GOD exists in myself, and although these ideas may seem childish, I think it is very important to have some idea about creation as if I were “God“.

What is the current situation?

I think that various phenomena, particularly natural phenomena are alerts from mother Nature – or more precisely, from its origin, water. In fact, guerrilla-type heavy rain and abnormal weather conditions are orignally caused by water. Additionally, I suppose that even earthquakes are caused by unbalanced conditions of water in strata.

The reason such phenomena has occured is that people gave up, or could not help investigating the fundamental principles that I have just described.

Pyramid of Capitalist SystemMy experiences are what has brought me to this conclusion. When I published my book, “Messages from Water”, almost all scientists ignored or abandoned my work by saying, “It’s absolute nonsense”. Some even went further in their condemnation. However, this book became widely spread into the world – like water ripples. All native spiritual leaders and thoughtful religionists, regardless of sect, warmly welcomed my work. Some native Indians took their first airline flights to come to Japan in order to express their gratitude. They said, “Finally, we found you who have revived our ancestors’ teachings with a modern method”. This was indeed high praise for me.

Similar thinking people were from all over the world. Whenever my discoveries in “Messages from Water” were welcomed, my confidence was deepened as I was not the first person to discover this knowledge.
Why is it that my discoveries cannot be accepted by scientists in Japan and in other countries? I assume that one of the reasons is that the thought that is produced by modern society have been fixed. It goes back to the year 1492 and the discovery of the New Continent by Columbus.
Caucasians first discovered the rich energy source of gold in the New Continent. They plundered huge amounts of gold and took it to Spain. As gold is a source of revenue, the gold industry became active and various types of industries were established. The next required step was labor. From 1600, each European country began to invade in order to find gold and labor (slaves) and of course they had a huge amount of weapons.

The most difficult step for them was the existence of spiritual leaders who taught resistence against invasion. Spiritual leader is equal to philosopher. In order to shake the positions of the spiritual leaders, I assume that a brand-new value that could overthrow their beliefs ie, the theory of Mother Nature, would need to be introduced. As the Roman Catholic group was easily controlled by Imperialists, they sent missionaries to each area as an advanced guard to justify their egos. They brainwashed by forced modern scientism instead of returning to Mother Nature. As a result, the calendar was changed, native nature worship was banned and everything that did not show reproducibility was thoroughly excluded. In simple terms, the worst thesis that modern science has was introduced.
Why was no reproducibility admitted as science? It may be because they did not hope that scientific theories, which are full of fiction, would be overturned. This way of thinking lasted for 500 years – until the end of the 20th century. However, if I dispassionately try to consider the idea that until “no reproducibility is admitted as science” is contradicted and does not fit the divine providence, then no reproducibility means that any progress will not be made.

Translation : Ayako Yamamoto
(To be continued to the latter part of next issue)

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