Why Photographs of Water Crystals are Welcomed by Religions All Around the World [1/3]

Masaru Emoto

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is still continuing and the disturbances in Gaza do not seem to cease (2014 September). It may be said that this is a conflict between religions namely Judaism and Islam, as many religious groups such as Hamas, an Islamic organization are consolidated in the Palestinian area. Dr. Emoto, however, said that Judaism and Islam originally worshiped the same god and that it is important to note that water created beautiful crystals after several words from both religions were shown to the water.
A religion, Dr. Emoto said, should be a sacred place where people could truly feel salvation. Nothing comes out from violent conflicts which not only kill each other but also make people attack innocent civilians and kill them. What changes the world is not armed forces but people’s consciousness. In this issue we would like to look into the reasons why religions around the world love the photographs of water crystals.

(By Editor in Chief of “I.H.M. World”, Akiko Hojo)

I mentioned in the previous issue about the TV news which reported the views of The Japanese Society of Snow and Ice on the shapes of snowflakes. According to the report by both institutes the snowflakes, that fall on the Japan Sea side of Japan, are mostly formed in perfect hexagonal shapes whereas the shapes of snowflakes in the Pacific Ocean side, where avalanches often occur, are distorted (please see the August issue of “I.H.M. World” for the details). It was rather good news for me. After working on the photographs of water crystals for the last twenty years, this news is very encouraging. Snowflakes in a normal environment should form beautiful hexagonal shapes. But if the shapes of snowflakes are disturbed for whatever reasons, do they cause natural disasters and damage to people? I wonder. All the external causes such as global warming, pollution in the air and water systems, damage to the environment caused by humans, and disturbances in human consciousness be influencing the structure of water.

Military power struggle by Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip“Water contains certain information and water also has ability to send out the information.” This is a concept that has been repeated for some time by some scientists. Texts of different religions in the world also mention similar ideas. However, this concept has not quite penetrated into people’s mind in the modern society. Does that mean there is something inconvenient about this for those who control the modern material world, if this concept gets officially accepted? I have said this repeatedly in the past that if water becomes the alternative solution to modern medicine, that would be extremely inconvenient for pharmaceutical companies because their production turnover would be drastically affected. Moreover, if the fact that water can be a new energy source is officially revealed, this would be a huge damage to those who control the fossil fuel industry. Therefore, I wonder if the infinite possibility of water is kept secret to protect the control and profit of big investors and powerful people.

In order to prove my hypothesis, which is that water contains certain information and water also has ability to send out the information, I came up with the idea of taking photographs of water crystal, and have been working on them for a long time. I have long been suggesting the relationship between human consciousness and water through the photographs of water crystal. Amongst various problems that humans have in modern days, one of the most fearful things is water disasters, and these are happening more often around the world. If water is in fact hugely influenced by human consciousness, then we may be able to reduce water disasters by simply changing our consciousness and perception.

By recognizing the current state of our consciousness, we can minimize the amount of serious natural disasters around the world.

The Reasons People Around the World Invite Me

From the 4th of August I will be touring for two weeks in the US and Europe. In fact, I am writing this article on the day of departure! It is worth paying attention to the fact that there will be three events at different Kabbalah Centers including New York and Miami. A year ago I had an opportunity to talk at the Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills, thanks to Lindsay Kemp, a Hado Instructor, who arranged the seminar for me. 300 people came to the venue and they all seemed to be very moved by my talk. People asked me if I could give talks at other Kabbalah Centers. That is how this tour was realized.

As many readers may know already, Kabbalah Centers follow the philosophy of Judaism and are trying to spread the wonderful teaching of Judaism to the whole world. Being invited to Kabbalah Centers I thought I might be able to contribute something to the issues between Israel and Palestine. Afterall the conflicts between those two peoples are the differences between Judaism and Islam.

Photos of Water crystals Show the Universal World Beyond Religions and Races

What solution can solve the conflict between Islam and Judaism? A long time has passed without any solution being realized. Many of the public might think the conflict is there because of the differences in their dogma between Islam and Judaism. In my opinion, however, there is only one God among Christianity, Judaism and Islam. People in such faith must have believed in the same God at the beginning. When we consider that “Message from Water” has been accepted by both Islamic countries and Jewish countries, I think there might be a solution in this fact.

I get many requests of interviews from Islamic countries. The other day TRT, the national broadcast company of Turkey came all the way to interview me. The photographs of water crystals are passionately welcomed and embraced in Turkey where 99% of the population is Muslim.

My connection with Islamic countries began in 2002. I was in a French city to give a talk there. A young couple approached me when I was sitting at the hotel lobby. There was no appointment made to meet these people. The name of the hotel where I was staying was not revealed to the public. It was strange that they knew where I was. The couple handed me a plastic file, which contained the data of ninety-nine sacred names of Allah (In Islamic faith the absolute God is described as Allah).
“ What is this? “ I asked them.“ Our teacher told us to pass this to you, Dr. Emoto. Our teacher told us to just hand this file to you and said that you can use this in any way you like. “ The couple answered.

I took the file back to Japan but left the file in my desk draw for a while as I never knew the significance of the contents. Two years later, I started getting Muslim visitors quite often at my office. By talking to them I began to understand how important the ninety-nine sacred names of Allah were. Then I thought what will the results be if we showed all the ninety-nine names to water and take photos of crystals. So I asked the staff to do it.

Two years later the work was complete. All the ninety-nine names of Allah were shown to water and the photos were taken. To my astonishment, every one of the ninety-nine names created beautiful water crystals. How can it be possible! I started investigating this phenomenon by asking Muslim people. They told me that written in the Koran is an ancient custom in which words are poured over water, which is then drunk by people as medicine. That blew me away, because it is exactly the same theory as Hado water. The Islamic idea of water is very much the same as Hado. The concept that I have been telling people for a long time is the same as the idea of this ancient text. This sent a shiver in my spine.

Crystal photos of water after showing words of “99 beautiful names of Allah”

Since then I have been giving talks in many Islamic countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei etc. Everytime I show the photos of water crystals of those ninety-nine names of Allah, people are always so moved.

When I was staying in Cairo, Egypt, I had an opportunity to appear in a special TV program by the Al Jazeera TV for an interview that lasted an hour. The program was well received by people and since then my relationship with Islamic countries grew and continues to become deeper.

Judaism and Islam, Don’t They Share the Same God?

This time I have been invited by Kabbalah Centers whose faith is in Judaism which is at the moment, in the current conflict, opposing Islam. Both Muslim and Jewish people welcome my water crystal photos and support my concept. This makes me wonder what is the reason they acknowledge my work. My answer is that the water crystal photos show the truth about our world and both the Muslim and Jewish people feel that those photos advocate what they believe.

This could be a common factor amongst the issues of Israel and Palestine. I wonder whether this could lead to a peaceful solution to the problems they face. Fighting is never a solution. Everyday children and vulnerable civilians are hurt and killed. These things don’t make sense and should never happen. Both Israelis and Palestinians must acknowledge this tragic situation and seek an alternative solution.

The only way to solve international conflicts is people’s consciousness, not armed forces. Negative and destructive energy attracts the Hado of even stronger negative energy. This kind of energy amplifies itself. What will happen to the world if both parties amplified such negative energies? I just pray for both peoples and wish this conflict will end soon.

(To be continued)

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  1. Hi everyone, can you please send me photos of crystals after reading the ninety-nine names of Allah, and some crystals after reading some quran verses. by the way great article!

  2. It all is observation. The creator tells us everything by showing the sign. It is people wisdom who can understand this as you have spent more then 20 years on just one this. You are doing great to create a world better and peaceful place.

    Muhammad Naeem ul Fateh, PhD

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