Why Photographs of Water Crystals are Welcomed by Religions All Around the World [3/3]

Masaru Emoto


We Can Solve and Realize tons of Stuff with Our Consciousness.

I still have many dreams that I want to see happening. I started getting photos of water crystals taken twenty years ago. It would be ideal if there were facilities for getting such photos taken all around Japan. At the moment it is only at the Tokyo office where people can look through the microscope and experience this mystical sight of water crystals. If people were able to do that more easily in their own areas, it would change many people’s world. I also have more ideas about workshop tours on water and Hado. My ideas never end.

The photos of water crystals have been useful for showing natural disasters in some ways. Some of the photos of water crystals have actually succeeded to predict earthquakes. We reported the results to the relevant institutes but none of such institutes took us seriously. They just dismissed our report without properly examining it.

The famous Cloud Erasing Game is a fun game which shows that human consciousness can affect the changes in weather. When people master this game they not only erase the clouds, but also produce them. If we can change the weather by our consciousness, and if we can collectively use our positive consciousness, the results show that it must be possible to lead many of the problems on Earth toward solutions.

Japan Can be the Standard Bearer to Change the World.

Probably I am the only Japanese who works for the world peace through my work with water. Some of Japanese scientists strongly deny my research. I would like to emphasize here that what I’m doing is nothing to do with a cult or a newly established religion or any organization of that sort. We believe that our consciousness affects the people around us and the world itself. Our wish is to realize world peace.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been talking about water, Hado, and human consciousness for many years. My concept has been supported by a vast number of people beyond nationalities, religions and races. That is because water is universal and we cannot live without water. Water is absolutely essential for the lives of all living things.

Fortunately, I have been invited to give a talk in many different countries but I wonder why there is a huge difference between Japan and other countries. There must be a variety of reasons to cause the difference. One of the reasons is probably that in other countries people are more aware of God through their faith and religions. God is closely related to their everyday life.

Of course Japan has been a very spiritual country. People in Japan have always lived with gods. However, in recent times this relationship with gods have been scarce. People are not very aware of the connection to the realm beyond the visible world. People are too busy with their work and everyday life. The information that comes through the media and internet is so overwhelming that it is too much for people to take in. News on overseas countries seem something far away, distant or unrelated, and it doesn’t seem real to people. In a way people are more or less controlled by the mass media and many people are immersed into the material world as a result.

Despite such a modern tendency, Japanese are in fact very spiritual people and have the quality to be able to lead the world toward world peace. Our spirituality is in our DNA. Therefore, I believe that my concept of water, consciousness and Hado will be supported by more people in Japan in the future. The leading people of such moves are the members of the International Hado Membership. I would like to thank the members for their support and help, and would like to continue to work together in order to realize peace in Japan and the whole world.

Concept of “Message From Water” Gets Recognized by Water Scientists!

Dr. Gerald Pollack , Dr. Luc MontagnierMy schedule of the latter half of this year has been already quite filled up with seminars and Hado Schools in the US, Europe, South America including Chile, and Asia. Amongst these events there is something I am personally looking forward to attending. That is the International Water Conference which is going to be held in October in Bulgaria. I am one of the keynote speakers of this event. Another one of such speakers is Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington who is one of the foremost water researchers in the world.

I wrote in the last month’s issue that Dr. Pollack mentioned my research on a radio program in the US and expressed his very positive view on my concept. While my research has been severely criticized by academics, to have the support from Dr. Pollack, a prominent water scientist, is a great encouragement for our work.

Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur Institute, France who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 will be also at the same conference. Dr. Montagnier has been actively reporting his research on homeopathy. I am quite hopeful for the fact that water has ability to hold information will be officially recognized in the near future. It will be wonderful to meet such scientists who tackle the universal problems through their work on water. It is my great wish to work together with them to find the way of leading the solutions to the many problems that the world faces. I will report the result of meetings with them after I come back from the International Water Conference.

Right now I must finish writing this article then depart for Narita for the China tour and after that Europe and USA! The reports on those tours will be in the next issue. Please wait for it!

*This article was written on Aug, 2014.  Unfortunately, Dr. Emoto became ill in China and past away on Oct. 17th, as you know. This was the last “Masaru Emoto’s Hado Talk” he wrote in his life. You can understand that he was really working hard for his mission until the end.  Thanks for your understanding..

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