Let’s fill the earth with love and gratitude

Masaru Emoto

It has been just 3 years since the scary huge earthquake, giant tsunami, and catastrophic nuclear disaster happened in Japan. We, Japanese people have received many a tremendous amount of support, words of encouragement and prayers from different people from different countries from around the world. I sincerely would like to thank everyone for all of heartfelt support from the bottom of my heart on behalf of local people in Tohoku.

There is a Japanese saying, “Three years on a stone” (meaning perseverance prevails). This means staying on a cold stone for a long time is very hard, but if one stays on the stone for 3 years, one will no longer feel hardship and suffering. Since we have been receiving a lot of support for the past 3 years, I believe we are now headed in the right direction.

Since the disaster, we became very worried about the worst case scenarios. The most worrisome thing that I feel everyone became so concerned with must be the health damages to the local children in Fukushima. For this great concern, our foundation the Emoto Peace Project has been distributing special HADO water to these children in Fukushima. The special HADO water called “Angel Water” has the HADO from love and gratitude to help neutralize radiation toxins. So far, we have only had the means to distribute 50,000 bottles. Even though our efforts have only had a marginal impact, it is the Hado from ‘Love and Gratitude’ in each bottle we give out that really can fill those with tenderness.

On a global scale, in the past 3 years, there has not been another disaster of the same size as Tohoku. I believe the reason for this is that people heart’s have connected all over the world, and we have come together recognizing the Tohoku Great Earthquake as entire global issue that all nations need to address together for the future of all living and planet Earth.

So let’s connect together. We still have many political issues, but in order to avoid these problems positively, we should recognize ourselves as an Earthian and do life activities as an Earthian.

The key word for our bright future is “Let’s fill the earth with love and gratitude” Please join us for this activity.

I will be explaining more about this topic on this website.

Thank you all very much.

masaru emoto

Masaru Emoto
Emoto Peace Project
March 11th, 2014

42 thoughts on “Let’s fill the earth with love and gratitude”

  1. Gentile Masaru Emoto, grazie per il suo lavoro sulla cristallizzazione dell’acqua, sull’acqua strutturata e sulla energia positiva applicata alle molecole d’acqua oltre agli studi e agli esami e test sostenuti sui benefici di un’acqua informata per l’organismo. Io apprezzo tantissimo il suo enorme lavoro per far conoscere a tutti come ottenere un’acqua informata ed energizzata. Sono rimasto molto colpito dal fatto che migliore è l’informazione nell’acqua che si beve e maggiore sarà la salute per l’organismo.
    I benefici sul corpo che si hanno bevendo un’acqua depurata ed energizzata sono noti nel mio paese, tanto che spesso cerchiamo di ottenere dall’acqua dell’acquedotto un’acqua rivitalizzata, viva, strutturata e quindi un’acqua informata.
    Dear Masaru Emoto, thanks to his work on water crystallization, water structured and positive energy applied to the water molecules in addition to the studies and the exams and tests on the benefits of informed water to the body. I very much appreciate his enormous work to let everyone know about how to get informed and energized water. I was very impressed that the better the information in the water you drink and the more health will be for the body.
    The benefits on the body that you have drinking water purified and energized are known in my country, so that often we try to get from the water aqueduct water revitalized, alive, structured and then informed.

  2. I am from a country, which peace is more in need than other countries so ,AFGHANISTAN. Sir I have read enough about you and I wish this project which is continued should help world wide peace.
    Thanks alot.

  3. quisiera tener mas conocimiento sobre este tema recien en este momento me entero de su existencia. por medio del doctor jose luis perez alabela de peru

  4. Sr. Emoto, o Sr. partiu para outra dimensão, mas nos deixou informações de grande valor sobre a água, pois o amor e gratidão é a chave para um mundo melhor. Obrigada pelos seus estudos, e por divulgá-los a todos nós. Um dia há de chegar em que, não haverá mais
    pensamentos ruins, palavras ofensivas, doenças, guerras, só o amor reinará !
    Vá com Deus !
    É de gente assim que Deus gosta !

    1. someone marked your comment as spam. Who do;18&#n2s7et want people to see the truth about what is happening with Americans having theior homes STOLEN bhy banks that have NO INTEREST in the Notes. These banks diod not LOAN A DIME of their own money and are simply stealing! Learn how it was done now! Our country was ROBBED!

  5. Mr. Emoto, I am brasilian and I am at your command to do anything to bring more people to this moviment. I can translate your texts to portuguese, so more people will be aware of them. Count on me for anything, it is a great honor to know you.

  6. Es hermoso todo lo que hacéis . Que la paz y el amor de Dios se irradie por todos los rincones de la tierra . Concentremos nuestro amor y nuestras oraciones para la curación a todos los niños enfermos de la Tierra y para que cambien los corazones de los hombres y mujeres de este planeta . Mucho amor y gratitud

  7. I send not only love and healing light
    to the Japanese people but on a routine basis send gratitude and love and I’m sorry please forgive us to the water still being polluted from power plant.

  8. thank you Mr Masaru, I’ll join . Spread our love and gratitude to the Earth and every creature

    1. I’m Michiko, staff of Dr. Emoto’s office. Thank you so much for joining! We hope you enjoy the website. Please give us your feedback. with love and gratitude

      1. Hy Michiko, I am writing a book about environment and good thoughts, Dr. Emoto does great job for people . I need the permission for using to crystal pictures and also I want to know how to give donation to the project.
        Dr. Gaétan Brouillard md, holistic médecine

    2. Thank you, Christi! Let’s make this world the peaceful place together! with love and gratitude

    1. Thank you, Anne Murphy! You are with us to make this world a peaceful place. We are appreciative of your working together with us. with love and gratitude

  9. If u could only see what all of us are doing u too will know we are supporting the same thanks to everything we eat in my community

    1. Davi Shy, thank you for your comment. All foods have their own vibrations and our appreciation to them are transmitted to them via water. What we give purely comes back directly to us, doesn’t it. with love and gratitude

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  10. Uv blood irradiation can help the body in getting rid of nuclear radiation

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  11. Your message and work speak to my heart in such a profound way. Thank you. Peace and love.

    1. We are pleased to know that Dr. Emoto’s message and work speak to your heart! with love and gratitude

  12. Much Love and Light to our earthly people…may we find the strength and courage to come together and support you on this profound peace project.

    1. Dear Mr. Masaru Emoto San, Thank you for creating this Website and Plattform. From the whole world now we come together for your unique Emoto Peace Project and your Hado World Project. Now it is time to open a donation account for world wide micro donate so that you can buy the needed clean water for the children in Fukushima. In Love and Gratitude.

      1. Hello Rita, thank you so much for your kindest thought and consideration for Fukushima. Helping children in Fukushima with Angel Water is another major activity of EMOTO PEACE PROJECT as well as distributing the children’s book of The Message from Water. We have an account that people around the world can donate by PayPal. It’s info@emotopeaceproject.org We would appreciate you very much if you could help us spread this project and help und-raise for this project. Thank you so much, Rita! with much love and gratitude

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