[News] Documentary movie, WATER, THE MYSTERY OF LIFE will be on TV in Croatia!


The documentary movie “Water, the Mystery of Life” will be on air at 20:55 on March 25, 2014 on HRT 1TV, Croatian national broadcaster, in Croatia!

A Croatian producer made the movie in 2011. The producer was inspired by Dr. Emoto’s findings and made the movie. He interviewed Dr. Emoto in the laboratory for the film. It received Silver Screen Award at Nevada Film Festival 2012, Award of Excellence at International Film Festival For Peace, Inspiration, Equality 2012, and Official Selection Porec Dox at International Film Festival Croatia 2011, and Official Selection at New York City International Film Festival 2012.

About the movie:

Simple water we drink is the greatest mystery and wonder of nature. None of the known substances is shrouded in so many veils of secrets, strangeness and paradox as Water. It plays a key role in all religions and in many stories and legends in which we talk about the amazing properties of water such as those in Lourdes and Talcote in Mexico, whose springs heal thousands of incurable patients, and the springs of youth of tribes of the Iroquois in Florida or Hunza in Pakistan…

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