25th July is a day to offer up love and gratitude for water

Dear everyone,
How are you? I am Masaru Emoto.

I would like to sincerely ask you again concerning coming 25th July.
Please offer up your love and gratitude for water on 25th July.

So far, I have conducted ceremonies to offer up love and gratitude for water in many areas in the world. Since ceremonies have conducted since over 10 years, I had a feeling that my role has been completed. Thus, I did not intend to hold a ceremony this year in public.
However, if we see this world, abnormal weather fluctuation rages in each area of the world and many phenomena with water problems have been observed.
Moreover, there are some places where people can hardly obtain safe and clean drinking water, and thus are about to lead to wars to scramble water.

Why are we tossed by water so much?

Since I used to be just an ordinary man long time ago, I did not have a special thought for water at that time.
However, I encountered my calling, “vibration and water” in an unexpected way in my life.
I established the technique of water crystal for the first time in the world, published the results in my books, and they were destined to be accepted by people in the world.
What I strongly felt was that “water is love and gratitude”.

Although I am sure that I have conveyed such messages in my books and lectures, I would like to make sure here that one love and two gratitude make water.
If you receive one, you give two. Water conveys such a message to us.
Let’s see our society.
If we receive one and give two, no war happens.

Unfortunately, our modern society takes totally opposite situation, and always thinks of more receiving than giving.
If you keep such a thought, beautifully harmonized water crystals can never be made.
Returning the issue to water ceremony, I would like to tell you why we conduct water ceremony to offer up love and gratitude for water on 25th July.

Over 20 years ago, I met the late Dr. Jose Arguelles who was a Mayan researcher and advocated 13 Moon calendars. Since then, I have been a very good his friend.
As his will, I was entrusted with a crystal skull by him, which is supposed to be one of 13 crystal skulls
According to 13 Moon calendars, 25th July is “Day Out of Time”.

On 25th July, various prays as well as ceremonies are conducted in the world. I determined that 25th July is a day to offer up love and gratitude for water.
Human body is made up of 70% of water.
Namely, we are the very water.
Water is too familiar and ordinary for us to think of. Why don’t we express our love and gratitude to water?

If you sympathize my message, please express your love and gratitude to water on 25th July.
It is nice if you can take your friends or acquaintances to seas, rivers, or lakes near your place. Of course, if you are very busy, you have only to express your love and gratitude to a glass of water. Let’s offer up love and gratitude for water in the world!

Please send us photos which show such scenes as well as impression essays. Let’s share them each other!

In my case, I always do as follows.

Firstly, I convey following messages to water.

“Dear water, I am sorry.”
“Dear water, please forgive me.”
“Dear water, thank you.”
“Dear water, I love you.”

Next, I chant the following Great Declaration by Dr. Shioya whom I sincerely respect.

“Infinite power of the universe will be concentrated, and bring true peace to the world.”

After chanting, I meditate for a while. Then, I offer up love and gratitude for water in the world.

I appreciate your kind cooperation.

Water missionary: Masaru Emoto
with Love and Gratitude
Translation : Ayako Yamamoto

3 thoughts on “25th July is a day to offer up love and gratitude for water”

  1. I am grateful for your presence in this world. Love and gratitude to water on this day, and every day. I send blessings to all of Creation.

  2. Dear Dr. Emoto, I was planning to take my beloved Mother to a sacred spring near my house, for ceremonial cleansing this Friday. We are doing healing ceremony to help her move forward with love, self-worth, and a fresh new start. This is perfect — to find that it is already a Day to Offer Love & Gratitude to Water. And also, because I am connected to the Mayan peoples and their knowledge systems through my work as a medicine woman, can relate to the auspicious date. Now, we will incorporate a broader view for our ceremony, one that embraces the entire World. We join you energetically from the East Coast of the U.S., near Washington, DC. WITH LOVE, GRATITUDE, AND AN ALL-PERVADING HAPPINESS AND PEACE FOR ALL. I am so happy! -Keleigh

  3. When I read your way of praying for water, I feel inside me thait it is thé right way to do.
    Thank you for this to you and to thé water.
    I changed instantanly m’y relation with water. It’s very deep inside me.
    I contacted spirit of water, at same time , spirit of air, of earth and of all nature, trees, …..
    I am so happy.
    All my gratitude , and so mych love .

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