Legendary Water Researcher, Author and Emissary for Peace Dr. Masaru Emoto Passes Away at the age of 71

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Dr. Masaru Emoto, world renown water researcher and New York Times Best Selling author of The Messages from Water The Hidden Messages in Water, The Shape of Love, The True Power of Water and Love Thyself has passed away at the age of 71 in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Emoto became ill in Shanghai, China, while on a world speaking engagement tour. His illness rapidly progressed to pneumonia and he was placed in critical condition for several weeks before he was declared stable enough to be air transported back home to a Tokyo hospital. He passed at 12:50 am on October 17th, with his wife Kazuko at his side.

The Emoto Family’s announcement read, His last word was Arigato, which means thank you in Japanese. We believe his last word was to the people who shared his vision for peace, the people he met along his journey, and everybody who came into contact with his lifes work.

He was so grateful for the friends he made throughout his life. He thanked you all so very much. said his wife Kazuko Emoto. In his last book, ‘Hidden Messages From Water and The Universe’, he wrote, Life is love, which is a gift from God and parents, and death is gratitude for going to a new dimension. So now he is in another dimension and continues to look over us warmly with love and gratitude. she said.

Born July 22, 1943 in Yokohama, Japan, Dr. Masaru Emoto was widely considered one of the most influential leaders of water research, spirituality and consciousness. He brought this generation a new understanding of the power of our thoughts, words, and intentions, and our ability to influence the quality of our personal lives and our environment.

He gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and the discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. His water-crystal resonance research consisted of exposing water to different vibrations and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting water crystals with microscopic photography.

His stunning water-crystal photographs have enchanted millions of people across the globe. His documented research has shown that thoughts, words, emotions, prayer, and music have a direct effect on water-crystal formation, and since our bodies and our planet are mostly water, our thoughts and words affect not only ourselves, but also the world around us.

For over 30 years he shared his message of the power of love and gratitude in creating peace on our planet through his understanding of water’s true nature. The message of his work is that waters memory and resonance, and the connection to the water in all of us, and our planet, will help bring peace to all humankind.

As a long-time advocate for peace in relation to water, Dr. Emoto acknowledged his role as a messenger, teaching and conducting seminars throughout the world. He has given over 1000 lectures in 75 countries, and since his first book release, has successfully published over 3 million copies of 30 titles, in 46 countries.

Dr. Emoto was also dedicated to sharing this knowledge with children, and authored two childrens books; The Secret of Water for the Children of the World and The Message from Water childrens version, which was printed in over 75 countries and is available free of charge on his web site.

In 2012, he was listed number 18 of the world’s 100 most spiritually influential people on the planet. He was also featured in several documentary films such as “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, the Russian documentary, “Water the Great Mystery”, “The Invocation”, and has done thousands of interviews both on radio and television.

Dr. Emoto was passionate about peace on the planet and sharing his Messages in Water, and has trained over 350 certified HADO instructors around the world to carry on his message and teach his work to future generations. (HADO means subtle vibration or wave in Japanese) In 2005 he was invited as a special guest keynote speaker at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, to speak on his findings with water for The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness Subcommittee.

Over his lifetime his work has been recognized and embraced internationally by leading scientists, physicists, dignitaries, celebrities, world leaders, and the Dalai Lama.

Dr. Emoto is survived by his wife Kazuko and his three children, Yoko, Kentaro, and Hiromasa, as well as two grandchildren, Riku, and Sora.

4 thoughts on “Legendary Water Researcher, Author and Emissary for Peace Dr. Masaru Emoto Passes Away at the age of 71”

  1. It is an honour and with deep respect to read and understand Dr Emotos exemplary dedicated work through many decades in helping to bring peace to individuals and to the planet.I am grateful to God for this being!

  2. Dr Emoto has done a great service to humanity by demonstrating the power of benevolent thoughts and setting in motion a world wide interest in researching about the effects of words and thoughts in our relationship. We ask students in our school to do the same experiments and young people become aware of the effects of their own words and thoughts.

  3. This year we will be celebrating Earth Day once more. We will be sharing the wonderful research that was conducted by Masaru Emoto. We feel so blessed that we had someone like him sharing our reality and teaching us the power of love in such a tangible way. We hope that his medicine will someday influence all of humanity.

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