Celebrating 20th Anniversary of “Frozen Water Crystal Photographs” [1/3]

History of Water Crystal Photography and its significant meaning of “unseen world” to “visible world”.

Masaru Emoto


Resonant magnetic field waterThis year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary since I obtained water crystal for the first time in the world. I’d like to write about the back ground of how we came to capture the water crystal photos and what the deep meanings of this technology to the world. I’d like to share it with you because the significance of water crystal photograph technology is much more than I thought before and I would you to understand it.

Firstly, how did I come up with the idea to take water crystal photos? It’s for a very simple reason. I wanted to make the unseen world visible. As a tool for such a purpose, I felt that water crystal photo is easy for everyone to understand and thus it can be an appropriate material.

I first had had an encounter with water before I came to think of water crystal photographs. I established the company named “IHM” in 1986 to import and sell low-frequency therapy equipments. Since then, I often went to the United States on business, and I met Dr. Lee. H. Lorenzen there and became good friends.

He has a doctorate in biochemistry, and was doing a business of something like an agent for the company that produces and sells a low-frequency therapy equipment called “Acuscope” which was the major sales product in my company. Dr. Lee H. Lorenzen was at the same time doing a research on special water, Micro-cluster water, with two friends of his. I happened to have a severe pain in my leg while I was playing golf with them in the USA. He gave me the water in the spray and said, “Use this!” I only half believed it and sprayed it to the painful part of my leg. Then immediately I became free from that severe pain.

This experience made me very interested in that water. I invited Dr. Lorenzen and his 2 other researchers to Japan and organized a major symposium in 4 places, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, in Japan. We sent invitation letters to large corporations where we mentioned “Innovative water has been developed in the USA. We’d like you to take advantage of obtaining the information on the water that will be an important key word in the 21st century.”

With Dr. Lorenzen and 2 other researchers, it was quite a large scale event back then. I spent a lot of expenses for the symposium, but that’s how much possibilities I felt in this water and I trusted it. Total of 650 people came in 4 places, but it ended in a fiasco. Because the content was difficult, the translator had difficult time translating special terms, and the most of the participants had difficult time understanding the contents of seminars, and many of them ended up falling asleep or leaving the venue.

I never thought it was failed, but I became even more eager to study water, and to learn about the truth, and want to spread it to others.

Encounter with “MRA”, the machine that changed my life

As I consulted a water researcher on this issue, he said, “The reason why the research on water is behind may be because there is no measuring instrument to study the physical property of water.” I thought “Aha! I see.” “Then I will look for such an instrument.” I asked for a help to Dr. Lorenzen.

Three months later, he contacted me mentioning that he found a device to research on water property. At that time, I had my own Acupuncture healing center called Itami no Chiryoushitsu (meaning Pain Treatment Room) in Akasaka, Tokyo, so I went to the USA with the director of the healing center. Mr Ronald J. Weinstock was the person whom Dr. Lorenzen introduced us.

Magnetic Resonance AnalyzerIt was when I encountered with the magnetic resonance detector and analyzer “Bio Cellular Analyzer” (later on introduced as MRA). It ended up changing my life significantly. Originally it was the device to make remedy of homeopathy, but as I had the director of the Acupuncture healing center tried it. He thought it was a great device, so we bought 3 of them and returned to Japan.

We decided to present it at an imported equipment exposition. I named it “MRA” (Magnetic Resonance Analyzer) so it is easier for people to remember the name rather than “Bio Cellular Analyzer”. Several people bought it even though it was an expensive machine, about 6,500,000 yen ($6,5000 US).

I was very involved in MRA myself and did many tests with different waters. I did not have any difficulty in handling the machine, and it rather easy for me, when other staff sometimes had a hard time. It must have been because I was good at playing musical instruments even without learning how to play since I was a child. I enjoyed using MRA, and treated it as an instrument (like a musical instrument) but not as a measuring device. I managed to use 4 codes out of 3000 kinds, and tested many things besides water. The only problem with this machine was that we had to insert all the information into my own body in order to investigate whether resonant and non-resonant, so it was hard on my body. (There is no such problem with today’s devices.)

I was deeply into testing many samples by using MRA every day at that time. As a result, I learned that tap water in Japan had a lot of toxins in it. I also discovered that I could distinguish good water from bad water. I learned how to check people’s health condition and began to give the Hado treatment service. So many people with intractable disease like cancer and patients who were hopeless with their treatment by Western medicine and their families would come to me for my Hado treatment.

The more Hado treatments I gave, the more new findings I learned, and thus I came to have desire to share the wonderfulness of Hado with many people in the world.

In 1992, I published my first book entitled “Prelude to Hado Era”. Many readers of this book were inspired and became interested in the world of Hado. As a result, I had 500 Hado Instructors all around Japan, and opened a new era of Hado.

However, there appeared some people who would not affirm “Water has memory” such as scientists and medical doctors, which prevented it from spreading widely in this society. Because I was convinced that “Water, the source of everything, retains information and can carry it” through my experiences of Hado treatments, and I told myself that I would make invisible thing visible to prove it for all people in the world.

(To be continued)

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